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Nintendo to Invade Pax!
Brings everything except Zelda and the 3DS

Their booth number is 352, and according to the info I just received, they will be bringing a bunch of games. That includes a brand new WiiWare title called Fluidity. Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing

Atlus: A Mini Etrian Odyssey Update Video

Quests are awesome, aren’t they? They give you purpose, they reward you, and in RPGs, they’re often the heart of things. You know what’s just as good as a quest, maybe even a bit better? A side quest, that’s what.

Atlus publishing Two Naruto Titles [Wii & DS]

If you are a fan of the Naruto anime series then we have exciting news for you today! Atlus has announced that they have acquired the publishing rights to two games in the Shippuden series. One game, Dragon Blade Chronicles, 

So… Sega… Why isn’t Sonic 4 Like This?

Oh right, the Sonic cycle, never mind.

From the desk of Rosscott

Let’s see here… Bad pun? Check. Web design reference? Check. Old school video game reference? Check. That seems to be the ultimate formula. See more at []

So when’s the Metroid Movie? Other M Trailer