Metroid: Other M running two months behind, now launching Aug 31

Metroid Other M Wii screenshot

Nintendo today delayed Metroid: Other M on Wii from its original June release to Aug 31. I would say bummer, but I’ll still be playing Mario Galaxy 2 and whatnot. Carry on.


  1. I still say bummer, but yes, Mario Galaxy 2 will fill the larger gap nicely.

  2. Nice. Are they taking out all the cutscenes?

  3. The sign of a good Nintendo game! Wouldn’t be Nintendo if their hardcore games didn’t have delays lol

  4. definitely a bummer. there goes my plan to beat it during my summer break!

  5. I hope we’ll still see Zelda before the end of the year

  6. Wonder if being close to galaxy 2 was the reason for delay. August a popular month for metroid, both prime3 and trilogy came out that month. Maybe that month should be metroid month 😀

  7. Sin & Punishment was moved into Metroid’s original release slot, so it was delayed too.

  8. I’m relieved. This gives me the time I need to pace my gaming and not feel so guilty I’m ignoring something I already have. I’m working on Red Steel 2, have Sky Crawlers still in celaphane, and Another Code:R has been giving me angry looks.

  9. 3 games I wanted were all bunched together, so I don’t mind, nor does my wallet.
    Also, I hope this time is spent adding nun-chuck support, wii-mote only is novel, yes, but I’d appreciate the option.

  10. ewwwww i would much rather take other m over sin and punishment…..

  11. Ah well. Good for me because I may need some time to enjoy SMG2.
    I don’t want to rush through it

  12. Are they taking out all the cut scenes

    I don’t know Jack, did they take out all the cut scenes in Super Metroid’s VC release?

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