Mixed results: Infendo reviews Metroid Other M


Metroid: Other M is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year, but does it live up to the hype? In this critic’s opinion, no. Although a beautiful looking game and at times rewarding, it’s the other stuff that makes Other M a top contender for “weakest Metroid ever.” Primary among them: the developer seems to have been more concerned with making a movie rather than making a good game. And we all know game makers should stick to their day jobs and get out of the movie business.

Hollywood-inferiority complex aside, Other M has moments of brilliance. The majority of the game is played with a fixed camera angle from behind, as you move from room to room. Some rooms are designed like a 2d sidescroller, and others are like a 3d free roam, similar to old Crash Bandicoot games. Using the D pad while holding the Wiimote sideways like a NES pad, Samus can move in any direction. At any time, you can point the Wiimote at the screen and you are instantaneously taken into first person perspective. The effect is really polished and slick. Team Ninja obviously spent a lot of time on making sure this effect works properly, and it shows.

Once you are in first person perspective, you can shoot baddies and scan items. However, you cannot move Samus in any direction. The B button pulls triple duty in this mode. It scans items, locks on enemies and also locks you into first person perspective. This becomes handy as you are looking around rooms because you will switch out of first person as you look to the sides of the screen if the Wiimote loses contact of the Wii sensors. So B is used to lock you into first person.

Because the game only requires the Wiimote, you have a limited amount of buttons for a very complex character. But Team Ninja did a good job of simplifying the controls to take advantage of the shortfall of buttons. Jump is mapped to the 2 button. Fire is mapped to the 1 button and morph ball is executed by pressing A. When in morph ball, 1 and 2 buttons work the same. To get out of morph ball, press A again. By holding the 1 button, you power up your arm cannon or bombs. Upgrades are automatically added to your arm cannon and there isn’t a need for a hud to switch between various upgrades or cannon types as in Metroids of old. I like this a lot, as the controls really need to be as simple as possible given the decision to play with just the Wii mote.

The controls aren’t perfect, however, and do lead to some frustrating moments. When battling rank and file enemies such as flying aliens or ground crawlers, the controls work fantastic. When you are battling medium to big bosses, the controls are about as frustrating as any game I’ve recently played. The reason, the smaller enemies can be killed easily by button mashing in any perspective. You can just run around and slam the 1 button all day and kill all the baddies you want. The gun auto locks on the nearest enemy and without any troubles, you pulverizing the aliens to oblivion.

The bigger enemies are a different story. These baddies require you to switch between the normal perspective and first person perspective. The big problem, you can’t move while in first person mode. This is immediately frustrating as you battle the first main boss. You are required to lock onto him with missiles and that can only be accomplished in first person mode. However, you are a sitting duck in first person mode because you can’t move. It takes too long for your missiles to lock on and in the meantime, you just get man handled by the boss. It seems as if the timing is just not right between the amount of time between attacks from the boss and the amount of time that is required to lock on with you missiles. The boss can move that much faster than you can lock on. If the lock on was a little faster, this would not be as frustrating as it currently is.

I think Team Ninja was aware of this shortfall and they seem to have included some gameplay mechanics to compensate. First, you have unlimited missiles and potentially unlimited health. When you want to replenish your missiles, you hold the Wiimote vertically and hold the A button. It takes a few seconds and once the charge is completed, you have all of your missiles back. No longer do you need to find missiles laying around the room. You just make your own at any time.

Health is almost the same. Once you have taken the beating of your life and are on the verge of certain death, the screen informs you that you can hold the Wiimote vertically and hold the A button to replenish your health. It’s like drinking a red potion in Zelda. But like I said, you can’t do it all the time. This only works when you are below 25% health. It takes a little longer to replenish your health and it requires a full charge. If you get hit while charging your health, you have to start over with the charge. You can and will die while attempting to recharge your health especially during the boss battles. If so, just continue and try it again.

Overall, the controls work well and the new mechanics are welcome and relevant to Other M. But the switching from 2D to 3D, as impressive as it is, doesn’t always empower the player with the best available controls (that is, split second speed).

As for presentation, Other M looks and sounds fantastic. The graphics and effects make for one of the best looking Wii games to date. Samus is highly detailed and very shiny. (She is wearing metal after all) The lighting is dark at first, but as you restore power to various areas of the game, the atmosphere lightens up. Details emerge and the world becomes vibrant and lively. The sound works well on a stereo TV. I don’t have a surround sound system, but I can imagine it sounds good if you do. When you hit a save point, little sounds start spewing from the Wiimote speaker. I always like when developers find a way to use that little guy.

Now, I want to discuss the main complaint I have with Other M. Unfortunately, it is so big and glaring that it really takes away from what would otherwise be a great game: THE CUT SCENES. Giving Samus a voice was the worst idea in the history of ideas. I know Metroid fans have been clamoring for this for a long time. All I can say is, be careful for what you wish for. Team Ninja has turned a video game fantasy into a nightmare. Samus is a whiny soul searching brat. Instead of coming across as the sexy confident bounty hunter we all thought she was, she turns out to be nothing more than a rebellious and insecure teenage girl with a daddy complex.

The worst part, you can’t bypass these cut scenes and are forced to listen to this dumb blond as she tries to figure out who she is and why she is. And there are a lot of these cut scenes. The first hour of gameplay is at least a third cut scenes. Reportedly, players can unlock a two-hour film presentation of every cut scene somehow upon completion of the game. But I don’t know why you would even want to torture yourself with that, though. The computer-generated acting is that bad, and detracts from gameplay in a disappointing way.

The linear level design is also questionable. In fact, I believe I may have overlooked an important part of the game while exploring, with no way back to the area that I need to access in order to advance the game. If so, I will have to reset my game and start over, forcing me to sit through the heaviest of the torturous cut scenes. If I can’t find a way around this, this will go down as a major design flaw. I have spent over an hour and a half trying to figure out a way back without success. Lame.

Even if I can successfully find a way past this point, it’s still a design flaw in my opinion, as clues aren’t properly given. Not that I like games that are overly easy, but I’m way past the point of acceptable problem solving. It’s a line Team Ninja should have steered clear of.


Other M is a weird game. I don’t see it appealing to anyone other than hardcore Metroid fans. Also, I’m not sure the hardcore Metroid fans will enjoy Other M like some of the other games in the series. Some will, but I think the flaws in the game are going to be enough to turn off a good chunk of hardcore fans, especially as word of mouth spreads. If you are on the fence, rent Other M or wait to hear reviews from friends with similar tastes before spending $50. If you’re already set on buying Other M, don’t say I didn’t warn you of its shortcomings.

Three stars out of five. (more here)

Review based on incomplete play-through (50%) of retail copy of the game provided by Nintendo.


***** = A masterpiece. Not to be missed by anyone, including veterans and newbies. Furthermore, it advances the medium. Think Wii Sports.
**** = A great game but more of the same. Would be enjoyed by all that play it. Think Mario Galaxy 2.
*** = Good if not average game. Playable. Good and bad things about it. Fans will like it. But it falls short of greatness.
** = Bad game. Poorly executed. Not worth your time.
* = Unplayable. A joke. They get one star for publishing a game.


  1. A shame, but unsurprising given the overwhelming evidence leading up to launch.

    In hindsight, and as I said before, the August release was probably done on purpose. With a late summer release, Nintendo will make its money back and this game is forgotten by the holidays, when bigger, better titles will sell like hotcakes, fill their coffers, and allow everyone to forget this unfortunate footnote in the Metroid series. I’ll save my $50 for Donkey Kong or Kirby.

    Prediction: 2D Metroid (game or at least an announcement) by next Christmas.

  2. From what it sounds, my worst nightmare has come true. They have turned Samus into a real housewife of the galaxy. I would have been ok with the cutscenes if Samus’ character stayed in tact.

  3. I’m not even reading this garbage, nor the snarky comment that Jack will inevitably leave here.

    I’m just posting to ask, why are YOU doing “Infendo’s” review of Metroid: Other M instead of Blake? Also, I wonder if you’re playing the same game as Nintendo Power and Famitsu, who gave it a 8.5 and a 35/40 respectively.

    Truly, this has rocked me to my core.

  4. So another Wii game I will be picking up in the cheap bin is what your pretty much saying. Dammit had high hopes for this one. I was waiting to see if I wanted this first or Mario Galaxy 2. I guess I will get Mario Galaxy 2 first.

  5. “So another Wii game I will be picking up in the cheap bin is what your pretty much saying. Dammit had high hopes for this one. I was waiting to see if I wanted this first or Mario Galaxy 2. I guess I will get Mario Galaxy 2 first.”

    Here’s an idea: rent the game and decide for yourself what it’s worth rather than listen to whatever *poo* people are going to say about it online!

    Thanks, Mark.

  6. @Poochy,

    If you don’t want to read the review, maybe you shouldn’t comment on the review. Also, since you haven’t played the game, maybe you shouldn’t comment on the game.

    Once you have read the full review and have played the game, come on back and make a real informed opinion. Until then, your opinion doesn’t really matter.


    I actually do agree with Poochy on this one. Mario Galaxy 2 is a more polished Galaxy 1, but more of the same. With that said, rent this one and check it out. It’s a different enough game that you might really enjoy it. If you consider yourself a hardcore Metroid fan, I still think you will like this game. It’s the no Metroid fans or fence sitters that I think will pass on this one.

  7. @ Poochy

    “Also, since you haven’t played the game, maybe you shouldn’t comment on the game. ”

    No, because I know that I’ll love the game. I know from the opening paragraph that you were complaining about how movie-like it was, but that happens to be one of the key selling points for me. I am definitely one of those hardcore Metroid fans you mention; I can’t imagine this game being meant for anyone else.

  8. Also it sounds like you yourself aren’t a hardcore Metroid fan. Again, why no “official Infendo review” from Blake?

  9. @Poochy,

    “I am definitely one of those hardcore Metroid fans you mention; I can’t imagine this game being meant for anyone else.”

    If you would have read the full review, that was exactly what I was saying. This game is for hardcore Metroid fans and I think they will still like this game. My review does not take away from that. It merely suggests the flaws that in my opinion will keep the non-Hardcore fans from really enjoying it.

    After you play it, I am interested in where you would place it in the Metroid series. Is it in the middle, bottom or near the top. Come back and let me know what you think.

  10. Will do, general.

  11. Will do, general. 🙂

  12. Can’t say I’m surprised. The game is still sitting comfortable at the top of my list on Gamefly, but it seems like all the fears and worries I had about the game have been confirmed. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about people accusing me of just hating change anymore.

    Out of curiosity though, any word on how long the full game is? I noticed you mentioned that the cutscenes total to about 2 hours, which is usually long enough to beat a Metroid game. Is the game really that cutscene heavy or is it just much longer than the average Metroid game?

  13. Nintendo will release a Metroid game for the 3DS similar to this to make the most of the engine by Team Ninja but will probably focus on 2.5D gameplay and no zooming.

    I have Other M pre-ordered so I’m set. Hope the game sells well as I see it doing 500-700k worldwide by the end of the year.

  14. [i], but it seems like all the fears and worries I had about the game have been confirmed. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about people accusing me of just hating change anymore. [/i]

    Seems like you were determined to hate the game anyway if you’re so willing to take one negative review (in the midst of positive reviews coming from Famitsu, Game Informer, and Nintendo Power) as gospel.

  15. I have a couple of problems with this review. I mean if the reviewer doesn’t like the game, so be it. My gripe comes with a few things the reviewer totally missed. For example, the way you can’t move in first-person view. Obviously you can’t, the game is not meant to be played that way. Otherwise they could’ve just called it Metroid Prime 4. As for the slow-reaction time that makes it hard to avoid hits since you “can’t move”, did you not know that it is possible to dodge by tapping the D-pad even in 1st person mode? Not to be too harsh, but you should know these small details when reviewing a game, especially if you’re criticizing the slow-reaction of Samus while in first-person mode.

    As for the part where you got stuck, that’s not a design flaw. The game can hold you by the hand for the story mode, but it doesn’t have to tell you where every single secret is. I’m pretty confident that if there’s a power-up at some place, you should be able to reach that place somehow. Linear level design would be more along the line of something like Gears of War. Of course this is not a “move forward, kill stuff” experience, this is Metroid. It should be rewarding to find those extra upgrades, but obviously you have to work towards them.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  16. Go on tell me, how much angry fan comments have you deleted? Nintendo Fanboys be crazy.

  17. Everything I’ve seen of this game tells me this review is probably right on. It’s glitz before substance and I’m really disappointed. I’d like to give the game a shot but I just don’t think I will.

  18. I’m surprised that no one complained that this guy is unqualified to review anything.
    If the game is as linear as he says the he couldn’t have missed something important to the progression of the game…

  19. “Seems like you were determined to hate the game anyway if you’re so willing to take one negative review (in the midst of positive reviews coming from Famitsu, Game Informer, and Nintendo Power) as gospel.”

    I haven’t read those reviews yet. All I’ve seen are the scores, which I don’t care about. I never do. I’ve read this one. And unless he was lying/mistaken about certain things in the review then yes, certain fears I had regarding design choices in the game have been confirmed. Could this be contradicted by future reviews? Of course. That’s why I used the word “seems” instead of “are”. Because they seem to be based on this review.

    And as I said, I will still rent the game and make a final decision for myself. I’m just not expecting it to be a positive one.

  20. So because you can’t get the timing down and because the game doesn’t hold your hand when you get lost (i.e. exactly what games SHOULDN’T do) it sucks? Yeah, no, kthanxbai.

  21. “Reportedly, players can unlock a two-hour film presentation of every cut scene somehow upon completion of the game.”

    Wait, what? There is a review up but the reviewer didn’t complete the game?

    @Mark: The game is reportedly 15 hours long on first play through. Yoshio Sakamoto – oh, the review also missed the mark on this, Team Ninja developed it along with Nintendo… the story is not theirs, refuting the following: “Team Ninja has turned a video game fantasy into a nightmare. Samus is a whiny soul searching brat. ” – went on record and said that you would only find approximately 35% of the upgrades upon the first completion.

    Again, I don’t want to sound rude, but I think this review is unfair for the game. Not because it is negative towards a game I’m hyping, but because it is based on obviously limited playtime with Metroid Other M. People read this Web site, and I think it is misinformation to judge a game that the reviewer did not complete and for which the game mechanics were not fully understood or covered. It’s as if I wrote a review for Uncharted 2 after only playing the slow opening sequence where Drake is injured and can’t move fast, and said that the game was slow and unresponsive. It’s totally irrational.

    The developers have given 3 years of their lives for Metroid Other M, I think you owe it to them to at least finish the game once before passing judgement on it.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  22. How to improve Metroid: Other M’s controls. v4.0

    It’s simple, really. Just use Metroid Prime 3’s controls.
    Change -/+ from Visor/Hypermode to a First/Third Person toggle.
    This allows for:
    -Full movement in First Person.
    -Greater movement control in Third Person.
    -Missiles to be fired in Third Person.
    -Replayability as you have two completely differnt ways to play the game.
    -The removal of Auto-Aim: Just have Samus point where the Wii Remove is pointing on-screen while in Third Person. Heck, have an option to disable this and continue using Auto-Aim just for the hell of it, for those who don’t like that kind of system. What’s that? You’re leading ahead to compensate for movement but instead Samus is aiming 45 degrees in the opposite direction? Silly Anon, that’s not how it works! You have to aim at the enemy and the game will lead for you. A limited degree of auto-aim would have to remain in a full 3D environment. Playing like it were Geometry Wars wouldn’t work!

  23. Poochy:

    You’re a fanboy. You said “No, because I know that I’ll love the game.” You’ve already decided that it’s amazing and that anyone criticizing it must be attacked. There have been other reviews mentioning the flaws that were pointed out in this review. I’m not exactly sure how reliable it is to trust Nintendo Power, Nintendo’s own magazine. And Famitsu loves anything anime.

  24. @Lord_Vynos

    “There is a review up but the reviewer didn’t complete the game?”

    Yes, I have spent around 5 hours with the game. Plenty long to have a solid opinion on the matter and the main criticisms outlined in the review. I plan on finishing the game as well. If at the end of the game my opinion changes, I will update the review. But since the game came out today and we know how interested people are in it, we felt justified in publishing the review as is.

    “did you not know that it is possible to dodge by tapping the D-pad even in 1st person mode?”

    Yes, I do know that you can do this. It is still a very frustrating mechanic. I have died over 20 times while playing this game. Not that I don’t mind dying, but that should tell you about the difficulty level of the game.

    Finally, to all those that want to flame on the review. Notice the star rating. We try to be as unbiased as possible when reviewing a game. If we let one of you hardcore fans review any game series that you are a fan of, you would give it five stars because of your bias. That doesn’t do anyone that is looking for an unbiased opinion any good.

    This is clearly a game that Hardcore fans are still going to play and probably like. But as you can tell from the non-hardcore comments, a lot of what people perceived in the game is a reality. Hence a 3 star rating.

    What I am interested in after anyone has played the game is to come back and let us know where in the series you would rank this game. It is a solid Metroid game, but I think it will end up being towards the bottom of your favorite Metroid games of all time.

  25. team ninja makes the WORST cut scenes ever!!! lol ninja gaiden was soo tight and the cutscenes were so bad it was funny and kinda awesome! but them doing their horrible acting magic on my space fantasy babe samus?? noooooooooo

  26. weren’t you supposed to wait till friday to publish this review?

    i guess you really wanted to get your negative opinion out as soon as possible.

  27. weren’t you not supposed to publish this review till friday?

    i guess you really wanted to get your negative opinion out as soon as possible.

  28. @joe: Team Ninja is not responsible for the cinematics.

    @bonch: “Nintendo Power magazine is a monthly news and strategy magazine formerly published in-house by Nintendo of America, but now run independently.” The magazine has increased in quality over the last few years and I think their reviews are thrustworthy.

    @mark: I understand the star rating of this Web site, it is pretty simple. That’s not my issue. Nor is the fact that you don’t really like the game so far. My problem is that it’s pretty much inconsistent with everything I’ve read so far about the game. I also dislike that some information, such as the dodge system in first-person, were not mentionned to get your opinion through. I think there is a certain logic behind the game design, and it’s overlooked in your review. Basically, I can’t possibly be favorable to this review because it’s based on a game which you didn’t complete and for which you didn’t explain all the proper mechanics available to the player; you even went as far as to criticize the game for your inability to find your way towards a secret.

    Obviously I can live with the negativity, I haven’t played the game myself so I can’t judge it. But considering you’ve only scratched the surface with 5 hours of game time (allegedly 1/3 of the game), I think it’s unfair for you to pass judgement right now as well – and most of all to publish such an opinion to the masses.

    And the game is not being released until August 31, 2010, in North America, with first reviews from major publications set to hit the Web this friday.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  29. I have always imagined Samus as a complex, multifaceted character. Sounds like they turned her into the atypical existential anime woman. Let me guess, she never smiles even once, does she? I blame Neon Genesis Evangelion for popularizing this type of character in Japanese entertainment.

    Oh well, there’s always Super Metroid and Metroid Prime.

  30. Im sorry but you fail @ life and deserve to burn in hell for the shame you put on the whole revier community.
    I hope you suffer serious injuries -.-

  31. Wow it heated up since I last posted. But I decided to wait for more reviews. Infendo being my favorite Nintendo site. Rarely does reviews for whatever reason. So I cant really say to much about how they rate games. I dont have any place to rent it all Block Busters and Hollywood videos have shut down. The game fly thing I dont like I just dont feel comfortable with companies automactically taking money from me. I like to give under my circumstances. Im gonna read more reviews than make a decision on Mario Galaxy 2 and this game. Its just that Ive been waiting to play this badly it was on the top of my list this year. The first review gives it a mediocre review.

  32. this is a reputable website? what?

  33. Also who lit a fire under Poochy???? lol Im just kidding with my friend. I hope you enjoy this game. Seems you were geared up for this one also.

  34. i wonder how it plays- it def looks action packed.

    at the very least it was a great experiment trying to marry a lot of different elements not even seen in metroid before. i gotta respect that initiative.

    that said, i see we’re using stars for reveiws. is that how the whole numbers do or dont matter debate ended? to use stars instead? man… that debate seems so long ago now…

  35. I think it could be stars, smileys, numbers or chocolate chips, it’s not the rating that matters in a review. It’s the way the review is written and the information used in the review. I understand that judging a videogame is entirely subjective, and I don’t pretend it is possible to do otherwise. However, when information is dismissed with the clear agenda of backing up the reviewer’s opinion, then it isn’t a fair review.

    It should also be noted at the very beggining of the review that the game hasn’t been completed. With the current playtime of the reviewer, this fits more as impressions than as an actual review. The rating altogether should be taken out of this review until the game has been properly played and completed.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  36. Its funny how you described a non linear game after calling it linear.

    Its also funny you whine about immobility in First person mode, which led to you getting your butt handed to you, yet you CAN dodge, and you failed to mention that in the review, but then happen to say you know of said ability in response to a comment that brought it up OUTSIDE the review.

    Also, I found this part funny: (and im surprised no one has brought it up!!)

    “Upgrades are automatically added to your arm cannon and there isn’t a need for a hud to switch between various upgrades or cannon types as in Metroids of old. ”

    Hmmm…. let me guess, your first Metroid game was Metroid Prime, wasnt it? Because Beam has been in Metroid, Metroid II, Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Prime 3. Prime 1 and 2 are the only ones where you select your beam type via HUD. The HUD usage is not “Metroids of old”

    You clearly started playing Metroid with Prime. Clearly.

  37. It sounds like the biggest complaint is the cutscenes, so hopefully that is the worst that’s wrong with it. I can overlook bad voice-acting or overlong cinematics, as regrettable as they are, but I cannot ignore bad gameplay. I’ve been obsessed with the series since Metroid Prime so I think I’ll still enjoy Metroid: Other M.

  38. You people are idiots. I have some slight problems with this review, but this guys is entitled to his opinion. It’s the people who think that a reviewers word is god that pisses me off. The game has gotten great reviews just about everywhere else. Make your own d*** opinion! Stop following other people’s!

  39. Beam STACKING**

  40. When a reviewer or gamer complains about the lack of a certain type of control then it usually means that the game sets up that ype of expectation but doesn’t deliver on it. We knew that Samus couldn’t move in first person, but he said the mechanics of that mode are not well-balanced for the challenge the game presents. he felt as if he should be able to move or have the timing rebalanced so that the game would be better.

    This review has confirmed what I’ve feared. Nintendo released an unfinished game just to strengthen the relationship with a 3rd party developer. Poor voice acting? Fire Emblem is arguably a much smaller game, but they didn’t screw that up. They rarely screw up anything in their major released. Heck, Flagship only made Zelda better, Square expanded the Marioverse greatly. Rare kept Donkey Kong alive and Amusement Vision made the greatest version of F-Zero evr. Team Ninja seems to have shipped their game too early if it’s really as lacking as the review makes it out to be. NOA knew this so they didn’t give the game the amount of attention that it could have used to help make it a more cohesive whole. 🙁

  41. @ Sam

    I only buy the games that the magazines tell me to buy.

  42. Wow, it seems as though a 13 year old got his hands on this game early…You bitch about being stuck in a Metroid game??? Have you ever played a Metroid game before…?? If it is true that you are only 1/3 through this game and passing a review on it, then you are the biggest joke on the internet! Also, there are embargo’s for the review that do not expire until Friday…why the hell is this up???

  43. I don’t feel that a single reviewers word is the endpoint, but he’s mirrored some complaints that many other reviews have shared. Eve some of the larger ones that tried to gloss over certain issues. This was just the final nail in the coffin of doubt.

  44. Wow Mark, you F’d this one up bad.

    how does one get lost in a linear game? complaining there aren’t enough hints to help you through? complaining about the difficulty?… how ******* old are you!?

  45. @Sam: I don’t mind the opinion. I can make an opinion of my own as well. But when information is dismissed, or even false, to serve an opinion, then I have a problem. The camera in Metal Gear Solid has consistently altered my enjoyment of the franchise, save for perhaps the last installment. I wouldn’t hide that there is some sort of camera control, or that you can reverse the X/Y axis, to back my point.

    “However, you are a sitting duck in first person mode because you can’t move.” You see. That’s wrong, because it isn’t true that you can’t move. You have the ability to dodge. However, this was dismissed for some unknown reason. I wouldn’t even have a problem with it if the reviewer just added something along the lines of: “there is an option to dodge, but I didn’t find it very responsive or useful.” That’s an opinion, and it doesn’t try to hide information as well. Subjectivity cannot come from thin air.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  46. It’s very unprofessional for any professional writer to get defensive online with readers who have different opinions. Everyone, even the writer, is entitled to their own opinion.

  47. Hey trolls (lord_vynos, Kuribo1985, Captain, CrazyLink),

    Congratulations on criticizing a critic. Kudos to you. I have news for you. A lot of reviews are published before the reviewer finishes the game. You don’t honestly believe that all reviewers finish every game they play do you? If you’re so dead set on trashing this guy, take his review with a grain of salt and go latch on to some some other reviewer that sees the game as you do.

  48. @Steve…Oh look a knight in shining armor. Look I don’t care if he doesn’t like the game. But if you want to be titled a reviewer, then finish the goddamn game first. Oh and these reviewers that do not finish games, please give me a list so I can stay away. If they do exist I’m sure they are living out of their parents basements with a 56k connection.

  49. This is an impression, not a review. Please remove the score.

  50. @Marcus: You mean like Roger Ebert? He responds to people regularly, and has famously responded to the game community at large.

    I’m no real fan of Metroid, and while I think some legitimate points have been brought up here, it’s likely anyone who denigrated this game was going to be crucified for doing so.

  51. “Giving Samus a voice was the worst idea in the history of ideas. I know Metroid fans have been clamoring for this for a long time.”

    Nobody wanted that. NOBODY. This is conjecture on my part but it seems like they asked people who didn’t like Metroid what they could do to make them like Metroid and then they did it.

  52. I want to know how you can possibly write a full review of a game that you have not finished, then state this is my opinion so far, that is called a preview bud. But ole well your using the “this is just my opinion of the game” excuse, well you shouldn’t be stating it as a review.

  53. @Steve Actually, I do believe that most professionnal reviewers actually finish a game before reviewing it. Prior to that, they write impressions. As a matter of fact, Starcraft II reviews only started to appear 3 to 4 days after the game’s release, because the reviewers received the copy at the same time as everyone else and hadn’t played through the campaign/multiplayer.

    Consider me a troll if you will, I do not really care. So far I think I’ve formulated my opinion more soundly and more efficiently than the actual reviewer – and I’ve been quite diplomatic in doing so. I’m simply trying to clear up some facts for people that might’ve been misled by this “review”, I’m not trying to judge the game, as I didn’t get to play it yet… it’s just a shame that some people who barely touched it didn’t reserve judgment as well.

    Thanks for publishing my comment.


  54. To Steve…

    You don’t absolutely have to finish every game, but you should:

    -play for more than five hours
    -not make contradictory complaints
    -not complain about problems that only exist when you haven’t discovered all the game’s controls.

  55. @ Steve:
    Well this is my opinion of his review, it is unreliable. I can say that because I FINISHED reading his review.

  56. I too, am reviewing this game, and it’s clearly a mess control wise, and the story is just dreadful.

  57. Infendo.com has really gone down the pooper. Complaining about getting lost in a Metroid game? It’s a prerequisite notion that you will get lost in a Metroid game. That’s like complaining about jumping in a Mario game. I’d like a reviewer to actually play through the game before they can actually review the game. Otherwise, it’s just impressions or previews. Other videos I’ve seen of people playing this game had no problem, yet you can’t seem to get even the basics down. You either really suck or just too stubborn to adapt.

  58. @Hanyou

    It’s unprofessional of Ebert’s as well. The gamer community, eh? I guess he’s been pissed ever since they put him in that Soul Reaver game. Where’s that jaw of yours, Ebert?

  59. i know i will love this, so when i read you say the weakest metroid games i laughed then raged.

    youre just so butt hurt over the cinematic cutscenes you really want this to fail. get this through your head “OTHER PEOPLE LOVE IT” the point of this game is to look back at her past, how else would they do it without cutscenes? i cant imagine them doing it otherwise.

    no-one had spaz attacks over metroid prime. and look, it was the first nintendo game to be up to par with hardcore gamers on those game awards.

  60. i lost all respect for this site. how could you do a preview and call it a review?

    Blake your letting this slide?

  61. Wait, hold up

    His time frame doesn’t match up

    He says two hours are cutscenes, and got lost off the main story for an hour and a half, but he played five hours.

    The game may actually be bad, but this means that he played for an hour and a half of the actual game.

    I don’t think that’s right. And what of the embargo? Unless your copy was pirated and thus didn’t come with a note asking for that. Busted, lol.

  62. Getting a bit lost is classic metroid. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it is what it is.
    But I’m confused about how it can be simultaneously linear and disorienting.
    Any game that’s reducing reviewers to pulp is one I want to play.

  63. The 2 posts above are from me but since they’re copy pastes of other users elsewhere I used their nicks. Except for the last line in ShockingAlberto’s post, that’s me too. Lol.

  64. Some melodramatic mugs up in here. By the way some of you are talking—without playing the game mind you—Nintendo was incapable of releasing an average Metroid game. In any case, it’s a $50 game we’re talking about. Is a mixed review really worth raising your blood pressure over? 🙂

  65. You can’t give a game 3/5 stars and lead with a picture of the game getting MST3Ked. Even if you think this is the worst Metroid game to date your graphic implies the game is equivalent to Plan 9 from Outer Space.

  66. I’ll play the game and see for myself.


    since you restarted after 1,5 hours …

    lets add the lack of your gaming skills and its about what others would play in 3 or 2,5 hours ?

  68. @ Steve

    i made no mention of that. i realize that many do not finish games before they review them. it would be absurd to expect as much. sometimes they only get a review copy a few days before launch, and sometimes a game is 50-100 hours long. of course they wont finish it.

    but he’s said some things that cannot be backed up, and it makes him (and further, this website) very unprofessional, and incredible.

    Games journalism is bad because gamers allow it to be. these are supposedly professional journalists/reviewers. lets start demanding some goddamn professionalism.

  69. can you get someone who knows their shiz about metroid to review a metroid game? Seriously, it’s like sending a chef to fix a car. This guy know’s more than the average person about Metroid but he does not know more than the average metroid fan. He does not get what Metroid is about. Plays the game for 5 hours? That’s all it takes to qualify a review? Talk about unprofessional and treating your readers like idiots.

    You want results? WORK don’t try and pass this half-assed review as work. It is a joke and an insult to me and everyone else reading it.

  70. You guys are missing the point. It doesn’t really matter that he hasn’t finished the game. He played enough to make an informed opinion on it. How are the cut scenes going to get magically better the more he plays? How is the game controls going to get any less frustrating? How is the level design going to get any easier the more he plays? If anything, the game will likely get harder. Would it be nice if he had finished the game? Sure, but I don’t think a lot of his problems with the game would just disappear. But it doesn’t really matter what he said or what I said, you fanboys have already made up your mind on the game. The ironic thing is he has played the game and none of you have. I’m interested to see some more reviews to see if I should believe this guy or if he was way off the mark.

  71. I can’t tell if the Infendo community is normally this reactionary and mean or if the early review is inviting all sorts of hardcore fans.

  72. The Infendo Community is not normally this reactionary.

    I’ve read the review and all 70 comments, and there are names here that I’ve not ever seen before.

  73. Thanks for the reassurance llafer, just added this site to my feed and was hoping I wouldn’t have to take it off!

  74. Wow @ people overreacting.

    This is what is wrong with the industry nowadays. It’s not the ‘biased journalists’, it’s the rabid fans that jump all over anything that isn’t blind praise for something THEY like.

    Learn to accept other people’s opinions, believe me, your life will be better off for it.

    Thanks for the review Infendo.

  75. LMAO….

    You know, before this review came out, lord Vynos started a thread called, and I quote ‘The ignorance of the modern game journalist is a myth.’

    Quite frankly, you made him look quite foolish. I rather imagine he feels he may have been made a liar by you.

    Anyways…. This is pretty bad. And im not talking about your opinion.

    You dont know who made the game. You think you do, but you dont. You spend a lot of time blaiming team ninja, giving off the impression you are shooting for some manner of elite identity with the metroid hardcore. As if you have knowledge of the metroid pedigree and what is, or isnt metroid.

    You strongly give off the impression you are simply stomping on team Ninja forworking on a metroid game.

    Unfortunately, everything you complained about is Yoshio Sakamotos doing. The man who wrote the story of metroid and directed every classic metroid game (With the exception of 2)

    These are classic themes presented in a way that just wasnt feasible technologically in prior games. From the cutscenes, tot he choice of how Samus speaks.

    Team Ninja had no hands in this matter. If you want to blame someone, blame the people who made super metroid.

    Reporting facts about the game aside, you dont have your facts straight when it comes to the game.

    You can sense dodge out of first person mode, so, your sitting duck complaint is nullified. Might want to make sure you know all of a games moves before trying to judge it.

    You complain about a metroid game being linear, then complain about missing something a long ways back and getting lost.

    Contradictions like this dont have any place in a review, and complaining about getting lost in a metroid game, while pretending to have some manner of metroid elitism…..

    Metroid games are supposed to leave the player lost. Thats when they are at their best. I dont know who you are writing this review for, but it certainly isnt the metroid fans.

    You know what, Im going to stop here. These things have all been said before.

    Ive played the game at comic con and disagree with your opinion on the controls, but a lot of the younger gamers who grew up on analogs had trouble figuring out the digital controls we simply had to sweep the cobwebs off of. So a lot of kids could really dislike it for a few hours.

    You have written a review, criticizing the game for faults it doesnt have, critisized because of who made it, despite those people having no hand in what you are stomping on them for, things its supposed to do as a metroid game, and you didnt make it through a fraction of the game.

    Quite frankly, if a obviously mainstream only gamer like yourself is making these complaints about a metroid game, its pretty obvious to me that the franchise has finally had its return to form after the deviations the last two primes made.

    Metroid, real metroid, is back.

    The reason you are having such a huge influx of angry commenters is because they were all unwittingly defending you, completely unaware of how youy were abou to do everything they said didnt exist with ‘professional’ game reviewers.

    And then someone dropped a thread with a link to this review in the mix.

    They felt pretty stupid. And then, apparantly, a little ticked.

    Good job guy. Couldnt have asked for a better team mate on my side of that debate.

  76. @Burgers

    so far as i can see nobody is calling him out on his opinion of the game, they are upset about the blatant factual errors he’s made.

  77. How can you play a game for 3 hours, give it a score, and have TONS of inconsistencies? This isn’t a review, this is retardation at it’s finest.

  78. Wow. Where’d you people come from?

  79. Wow, this site is a load of shit.

  80. You really should complete a game before giving it a proper score. Regardless, it makes you look silly and unprofessional. =\

  81. Don’t you nerds get it? He has actually played a game that none of you have. Who cares if he finished it or not? Are the cut scenes magically going to get better the more he plays? What about the controls? How about the level design? No, none of those things are going to get better or less frustrating. In fact, being a metroid game, they will likely get harder and more frustrating. Clearly he doesn’t know the metroid back story nor does he know who is in charge of the putting the story together. If he did, would that make his opinion all the sudden matter to you? No, because you have already made up your mind that because this is a metroid game, it must be awesome. Hardcore fans just don’t like when someone doesn’t love their franchise. So what if this game is huge to the hardcore fans? This review shows that the fence sitters and casual fans are probably not going to like it.

    I’m actually very interested to see more reviews as them come out to see how many are similar to this one.

  82. Don’t you nerds get it? He has actually played a game that none of you have. Who cares if he finished it or not? Are the cut scenes magically going to get better the more he plays? What about the controls? How about the level design? No, none of those things are going to get better or less frustrating. In fact, being a metroid game, they will likely get harder and more frustrating. Clearly he doesn’t know the metroid back story nor does he know who is in charge of the putting the story together. If he did, would that make his opinion all the sudden matter to you? No, because you have already made up your mind that because this is a metroid game, it must be awesome. Hardcore fans just don’t like when someone doesn’t love their franchise. So what if this game is huge to the hardcore fans? This review shows that the fence sitters and casual fans are probably not going to like it.

    I’m actually very interested to see more reviews as them come out to see how many are similar to this one. Only time will tell if his criticisms are right.

  83. well mark, must have been a rough time reading reactions to your review. my advice is to dive right back in. knock that sucker out and give the masses the proper review they want, even if it’s all that you already said.

    taking some responsibility and getting it done is the best way to end this.

  84. It sounds like this… “reviewer” sucks at Metroid, as well as knowing how to write a review in the first place. First he says “this game is too linear!” and then he says “I don’t know where to go!” And that’s just one of the things wrong.

    Well, the only review I’ll truly care about is my own.

  85. Seriously have you played any Metroid before Prime? I don’t mean going back and playing them for the first time after you first played Prime.

    This game is a “thank you” from Nintendo for putting up with the FPS with a Metroid name for so long.

    Finally we get back to a TRUE Metroid game that may even surpass Super Metroid.

    As others have mentioned, you can dodge out of first-person. I have had NO issues fighting big bosses because I learned how to play the game.

    I am not your usual gamer, I am an adult with a 50 hour a week job, kids, ect that keep me busy so when I say I was immersed into this game I mean it.

    I came home, put the disc in and from the get-go I was in heaven. Yea the cut scenes annoyed me at first but the story is great and it furthers the story.

    I have put 5 hours into it today alone and took a vacation day for tomorrow to have some time with it as well.

    This reviewer honestly just tried to put out a snuff piece on one of the best games ever to hit the Wii.

  86. Wow a total of 5 whole hours. You really put your time into this huh, /end sarcasm. On a serious note, complaining about the difficulty is hilarious. This is TEAM NINJA, their games are really tough. I also agree with everything Crazylink said and you failed to put in said information (that you claim to have already known) which to me is just CRAZY. Shit review, sorry, but you should probably stick to playing a game that 6 year olds can play, like Halo or CoD.

  87. I was always on the fence about this game right from the beginning. I said if reviews come out saying it sucks or it’s just meh, I wouldn’t buy it. Well, if more reviews come out like this, it will probably be years until I play it. It sounds like some bizarre mix of Metal Gear Solid and Ninja Gaiden, two games I’m not a fan of.

    I admit, I’m a Nintendophile who isn’t a fan of some of these contrarian Nintendo games in recent years, like Warioware, Wind Waker and probably this game too,

  88. “Nintendo Power and Famitsu, who gave it a 8.5 and a 35/40 respectively.”

    Wow, Nintendo Power gave a Nintendo game a good score?

  89. The people complaining about the review have never even played the game, hold up official Nintendo reviews as counters, and say things like this: “The developers have given 3 years of their lives for Metroid Other M, I think you owe it to them to at least finish the game once before passing judgement on it. ” Ahahahahaha!

  90. To all the people who are yelling at him for only playing the first 5 hours of the game:

    Let me start by saying I’m not defending him. I agree that he probably should’ve played through the whole game before posting a review on it. However, that doesn’t completely invalidate everything he said in the review. His review is still completely appropriate: it just only applies to the first 5 hours of the game. Playing the remaining ten hours isn’t going to magically change the experience of the first five. If the first five hours are mediocre, then the first five hours are mediocre, regardless of the how the remaining hours stack up. And maybe I’m alone here, but I’d rather play a game that’s a good consistent 8/10 from start to finish then a game that’s a 6/10 for the first half and a 10/10 for the second half. Its the reason I’ll never seriously play FF13. Why should I have to put up with 40 hours of mediocre game design just to actually get to the good part of the game? I could beat 2-5 games with ace gameplay from start to finish in the time it would take me to do that.

    Similarly, with Metroid: Other M, why should I have to put up with 5 hours of sub-par gameplay, just to get to the good stuff. And that’s even assuming that the remaining 10 hours are better, which odds are they aren’t. Its most common for games to have a relatively consistent level of quality from start to finish. Games that are meh for a good chunk of the game, and then suddenly become amazing towards the end are uncommon to rare. Its unrealistic to assume that the game is going to suddenly spike in quality after the 5 hour mark. And even if it does, it still deserves to be docked points for those first few hours.

    That said, I would certainly hope that he keeps to his promise to update the review after having played farther into the game if appropriate to do so. I may have a low tolerance for poor/annoying early stages in a game (Forsaken Fortress grumble grumble) but other people are more willing to put up with it if it means a good game later on and those people do deserve to know whether or not doing so would be worth it to them.

  91. A friend of mine got an advance copy of the game, and I got to play it up to defeating the first boss. I agree that 5 hours is not an appropriate amount of time to adequately judge this game; I did it in 5 minutes. The reviewer was too generous, as everything he said was true. This game is really a 2 out of 5, and only because it’s a Metroid game. Had it new characters, same gameplay, same scenario, it would rank at a 1.

    Length played isn’t going to change that they bitchified Samus, made this a videogame romance novel, have poor controls, and simple mechanics. It’s a really bad game.

    Really, I was so excited for this game…

  92. This has to be the lowest point that Infendo has ever sunk to.
    I’m the one who linked to this review @ Metroid Database, and I’m glad I did because apparently it summoned a legion of angry Metroid fans all too eager to point out the fallacies in this so-called “review”.

    Mark: Yes, I have spent around 5 hours with the game. Plenty long to have a solid opinion on the matter and the main criticisms outlined in the review. I plan on finishing the game as well. If at the end of the game my opinion changes, I will update the review.

    If you only played 5 hours of the game, this isn’t even a review, is it? It’s your impressions, genius! Tell me, was Jack so eager to launch Infendo’s smear campaign against this game that he somehow coerced you into writing Infendo’s official “review”? A review that was supposed to be written by Blake? At least Blake is a known Metroid fan. You, however somehow got lost in what other reviews are calling a somewhat linear Metroid game….never mind the fact that getting lost is the norm in the Metroid series.

    Changing the pooping title to “Metroid Other M: Mark’s impressions”.

  93. I forgot to mention the most disgusting part of this:

    You were supposed to wait until August 27 before posting anything about the game.
    Getting a free “review” copy and then going against the publisher’s wishes is despicable.
    I wouldn’t expect that from 1UP, IGN, Kotaku, or hell, even Destructoid. But this is Infendo, where “intelligent Nintendo passion” reigns supreme, so why should I be surprised?

  94. @poochy , it was linked at the ign boards as well

  95. I am a hardcore metroid fan, metroid and super metroid are two of my favourite game and Metroid Prime (1) is my favourite fps of all time. I am not a nintendo fanboy, I pretty much all major consoles ever made and I’ve played pretty much all major ips.

    I’m about 10 hours into metroid other M and I am very dissapointed. First of all, a real metroid fan would NOT like this game because metroid is all about isolation, no story, just exploration. That is what makes this franchise one of the greatest. I don’t know about this game, sure the story seems good, but I really wish it wasn’t metroid because I don’t want to know all this about Samus, I want her to be mysterious. Also the gameplay is AWFUL, it’s fairly fun and I rather enjoy playing the game for its funfactor, but it’s not good at all. I’d say the game is worth a rent to try out, but after a few hours you’ve pretty much done everything and the game repeats itself over and over again.
    You shouldn’t critizes or defend a game you haven’t played.
    If you love Metroid you should avoid this game, If you’re out of games and want a little fun and can live with the flaws it’s worth a rent.

  96. @ Seamus

    Yeah, NeoGaf as well. I didn’t notice till after I wrote that comment, though.. 😛

  97. @ Seamus

    Yeah, someone posted it at Neogaf as well. I didn’t notice till after I made that comment, though.

    @ Markus

    LOL @

    also the gameplay is AWFUL, it’s fairly fun

    Fairly fun awful gameplay? Oh boy!

    but after a few hours you’ve pretty much done everything and the game repeats itself over and over again.

    Um. Did you actually play this game….? I find it hard to believe that the game can repeat itself over and over after a few hours of gameplay and still get a 35 from Famitsu (BUT OMG THEY ARE TEH JAPAN OF CORSE THEY ARE TEH BIASED!!!!11); they don’t hand scores like that out every day, you know.

    You shouldn’t critizes or defend a game you haven’t played.
    If you love Metroid you should avoid this game


    Seriously, is anyone BESDIES Famitsu, Game Informer Australia, and NP going to step up to the plate and give this game an honest, intelligent review? Or is it impossible to hate on the game and yet write in a clear, concise manner that doesn’t bash the game in hilariously rudimentary ways such as “If you love Metroid, you should avoid this game”?

  98. If you want to understand Poochy insistence:


  99. But he already died over 20 times. Urgh. Are you a gamer at all? And you don’t want to get lost in a Metroid game? Stop whining or go back playing Farmville.

  100. This is just the first of many negative reviews on this game. Doesn’t surprise me. Blame Sakamoto being obsessed with making a movie rather than making a game.

    I’ll rent the game, but won’t be surprised to be hitting “MUTE” and then listening to Metroid Metal and 8 Bit music artists…

  101. I miss the days when gamers weren’t so shallow, I really do.
    I must be getting old, because I can still remember when it looked like they was never going to be another Metroid game, period. In those days the Metroid fanbase would have killed for a new Metroid game, and would have settled for a Paper Samus RPG if it meant having a new game to play as Samus in.

    But now?

    [i]I’ll rent the game, but won’t be surprised to be hitting “MUTE” and then listening to Metroid Metal and 8 Bit music artists…[/i]

  102. So, why’d you break the embargo if you got a legit review copy?

  103. Maybe he never had a “legit” review copy to begin with.

  104. Toadofsky:

    ‘This is just the first of many negative reviews on this game. Doesn’t surprise me. Blame Sakamoto being obsessed with making a movie rather than making a game.’

    Well, I played it at comic con, and while I dont agree with any of these reviews with people whos game skills have atrophied over the years with slow comfortable analogs ticks…

    I sincerely thank you for knowing WHO to blame for your disgruntlement. It is indeed the creator of the franchise who made the game the way he wanted.

    You are like a god among your peers.

  105. I aim to misbehave » Blog Archive » Emperor’s New Clothes says…
    August 26th, 2010 at 5:02 pm
    […] It’s funny: The most “serious,” hardcore of gamers leave the most asinine, ill-informed and childish comments on blogs when a review doesn’t go their way. […]

    It’s funny: The most “serious” hardcore of journalists leave the most asinine, ill-informed and childish reviews when their morning doesn’t go their way.

    Seriously. STFU no one is being that serious about it. The people who don’t like it are pointing out horrible ill-informed problems with this review. It is more for the people reading the review than anything. They are doing it for so they realize just how poorly this review was written. Sure the man is entitled to his opinion, and this is just a review. But, many people do look at these things to decide if they may like a game or if it is flat out broken before they buy it. But not only opinion a review should have lots of little things called facts about the game. His ‘facts’ are so horribly wrong even someone that hasn’t played the game can point them out.

  106. @ Steve

    Well Wired’s gaming blog gave it a 9 out of 10.


  107. @baelnic

    Exactly. “MIXED RESULTS” is what this review said it was. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Gonna pass on this and finally finish Super Metroid.

  108. How is 9 out of 10 mixed results?

  109. By the way you’re talking about GeekDad’s review which and I’m talking about Wired’s gaming blog. See the link I provided.

  110. I bet those reviews Steve linked to didn’t finish the whole game. Either that or they’re not familiar enough with the series, which should be a requirement before forming an opinion on something.

    In any case, I get really frustrated when other people criticize something I was really excited for. It’s not like reviews should help me decide what I want to spend my time and money on. They should confirm assumptions.

    My life is so hard.

  111. @baelnic

    your linked to review plus steve’s 5 links equals “mixed results.” unless of course you’re saying Game|Life is the only credible authority on reviews, which most people don’t.

    As its heading, when you add all of the reviews, Other M will go down in history as a mixed game, and as mark said, a contender for “weakest metroid ever.”

    or maybe infendo and those other five sites are the only outliers, but I doubt it.

  112. This story is picking up steam on other sites. The author of the review is being rung through the coals. Can’t say he doesn’t deserve it though. At least they are getting the page views.

  113. And also, nice job deleting some of my comments. Nice to see you moderate posts you don’t agree with.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Uh, dude. No one deleted your comment and there’s nothing in WordPress’s spam folder.

  114. Reminds me of how people complained about Super Mario Sunshine back in the day. I had no problem with Sunshine and see no problem with Other M.

    A game not for everyone? Sure.

  115. @ Poochy:
    Look, if you’re saying that I should be thanking Nintendo for making a new Metroid game, yes, I am thankful at their ATTEMPT, but I’m not going to grovel at their feet. This game does not go with what some have been accustomed to with Metroid. Metroid is about exploration, and being in isolation, not a girl with “mommy issues”, shes’s a bounty hunter, heck, thinking bounty hunter brings to mind Boba Fett. Sure, she’s not as cold as he is, but you get the point.

    If I, or anybody for that matter, wants a true Metroid game, they want it done right. Maybe it was the technological limit, that prevented the story-line Sakamoto wanted, and IF that’s really the case, then Super Metroid is nothing like I thought it was, in fact, I could view it as a lesser game now. Heresy from a fan? I guess.

    @ Tired:

    That wasn’t sarcasm was it? I can’t really tell….

    There’s an underlying problem this review shows clearly with game developers. They have the mentality that their games need to be like some sort of cinematic wonder, that could barely make it as a SyFy daytime movie. The more I watched trailers for this game, and read about it, the less I liked about it.

    For all the “hardcore” fans, and how this review was handled, let it go. It’s a blog, an OPINION, if you want a “formal” review, go read a magazine/site that’ll shouts it’s praises so you can be happy. Just because some don’t see eye to eye with you or agree with you, means you need to have more perspective. And it’s a video game for crying out loud. It’s not the end of the world. Funny, you call somebody out for having preconceived notions that the game was going to be bad, but you have preconceived notions that it’s going to be good, pretty ironic eh? It’s not like the reviews are going to hurt this game any worse than Sakamoto has.

  116. @Toad, they’re saying their opinion, do the same and stfu about what they should or shouldn’t do. As for people claiming “mixed reviews” the vast majority is overwhemingly positive, from sources people may actually care about that is, like these:

    GameFan Magazine – 9.5/10
    Wired – 9/10
    Joystiq – 4.5/5
    Worth Playing – 9/10
    Famitsu Magazine – 9/9/8/9 for a total of 35/40
    Nintendo Power – 8.5/10
    IGN – 8.5/10
    GameSpot – 8.5/10
    Metroid-Database – 85%
    Digital Chumps – 8.4/10
    Eurogamer – 8/10
    GiantBomb – 4/5
    GamePro – 4/5
    Kotaku – Text, no score, but very positive.
    N-Sider – Text, no score, but very positive.
    Games Radar – 7/10
    Destructoid – 6.5/10
    Game Informer – 6.25/10
    G4TV – 2/5

    Also, Giant Bomb have made it their thing to often bash the Wii for laughs and hits like it’s 2006 all over again so it’s weird to see them rate this so highly, I thought they’d be alongside the oddballs with this. I was just as surprised with Wii Sports Resort since they gave that top marks when they’re the same people who played Wii Sports refusing to get up from that couch. I guess they didn’t wanna get railed for the same bs again though, having realised they were too obvious with the whole retarded hate thing.

    Watch a random live stream and you’ll see why some people shouldn’t be qualified to rate games though. I’ve seen players clumsily jump around obstacles when Samus would automatically and swiftly climb over them if they had simply run into them instead, players who only ever remembered to dodge by accident, players who just seemed to lack any kind of “game logic” understanding, what with taking them minutes to realise that the enemies keep spawning in certain rooms if they don’t destroy the nest structures and other similar stuff. Some seemed to be oblivious to the first person perspective or the fact you can dodge while using it. Others were apparently unable to use the finishers, and instead clumsily blasted downed enemies until they got back up and repeated the fight. Let’s hope those who reviewed the games actually took a look at the manual and/or the game hints because really, when a game uses such simple functions and yet people have trouble understanding how it all works, sheesh, it sure makes you lose faith in human ability…

    Considering the contradictions in this review (linear, got lost, combat, bleh, etc) I have a feeling this guy played it just like the paragraph above… So yeah, some people could play the game for 5 minutes and be able to judge it properly but clearly this guy couldn’t do it after 5 hours, and probably won’t be able to do it even after he finishes it, if he sucks so hard. Oh well, plenty reputable sources like Wired to check instead folks, have at it and stop biting the bait that was this “review” taken with a pirated copy breaking the embargo (since pirated copies didn’t come with a note saying not to publish until today, obviously).

  117. @ Agnates:

    I apologize if you think I’m saying those that are in support of the game should shut up, that’s not what I’m saying. All I said is just move on, it’s not the end of the world, especially if the response is positive from other websites. If they like it fine, let them defend the game that probably few us have even played (I know the whole debate is that the reviewers hasn’t finished the game).

    I’m not trying to turn it into a flame war, sorry for my lack of perspective myself, and lack of decent word usage at times.

  118. Holy shit, dudes! Steve and Toadofsky were totally right—this is only the first in MANY negative reviews:

    GameFan Magazine – 9.5/10
    Wired – 9/10
    Joystiq – 4.5/5
    Worth Playing – 9/10
    Famitsu Magazine – 9/9/8/9 for a total of 35/40
    Nintendo Power – 8.5/10
    IGN – 8.5/10
    GameSpot – 8.5/10
    Metroid-Database – 85%
    Digital Chumps – 8.4/10
    Eurogamer – 8/10
    GiantBomb – 4/5
    GamePro – 4/5
    Kotaku – Text, no score, but very positive.
    N-Sider – Text, no score, but very positive.
    Games Radar – 7/10
    Destructoid – 6.5/10
    Game Informer – 6.25/10
    G4TV – 2/5

    Hot damn, what an overwhelmingly negative set of reviews from a list of top gaming websites.


  119. @ Poochy:
    I’ll rethink what I said. I honestly think in the long run, as time goes on, the game probably won’t be looked upon greatly. And that happens ALL THE TIME. Not necessarily the Metroid series as a whole, but other games that were lauded as some great Game of The Year material, or had high praise (Modern Warfare 2), were heavily criticized later.

    Will that be the case with this game? Maybe, maybe not. But it won’t surprise me for a lot of people to later retract their feelings on the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if these ratings were notched up higher because they don’t want to have a bunch of angry fanboys flooding their pages for days on end, is that what’s going on? I can’t say, obviously.

    And to be perfectly honest, I could care less what websites really say on games anymore.
    If you want to be a smart alike, fine, I made my own assumptions on what the opinion of the game would be as of right now, and I’m very, very wrong. Sure sorry to have my own opinion and thoughts on the matter.

    I’ll just pretend to be positive and “keep in line” with all the fans, instead of speaking my mind like everyone else gets to.
    “Pleease forgive me.”

  120. @ Toadofsky

    Oh. Gee. The old “sorry I can’t have my own opinions” defense.


    Any valid responses to offer, or will you just waste more of my time?

  121. @ Poochy:

    Okay, I apologized for being wrong on reviews, what more do you want?

    You’ve been all over this review and how inaccurate it is, what else is there to add? Other than to change the review to an impression? The fact that there’s grammatical errors? What?

    Actually, I already said enough about the review and game, admitted I was dead wrong on the reviews, and, that’s about it. I’m square, you?

  122. 3 stars out of 5 = 60% right? Congratulations, you are officially the lowest score on Metacritic.

    Is there just a tiny chance, an infinitely small chance that you need to play more of the game before you pass judgement?

    Finish the game, then give us your final thoughts and perhaps a retraction.

  123. Well, seeing as everyone is throwing out comparative review scores….


    Based on the average critic rating it would seem the game does represent a low point in the series for the game. However, at the same time, the game’s score at the time of posting this (81%) certainly isn’t bad. 80% is still a B grade. An above average and respectable grade, but not particularly outstanding, which is what most reviews seem to be pointing towards.

    The next step is to wait until Tuesday and see what actual customers think. It’ll certainly be very interesting to keep an eye on user review scores on various sites and see whether they mark higher or lower than the critic review scores.

    I suppose the only other “big test” so to speak after that for it would also be its final one: sales data. I’ll be very interested (as I always am with big games like this) in keeping an eye on it and seeing how things go. Will the sales follow the trend of the review scores (a low point of the franchise)? Or will this be another case of reviewers being out of touch with the majority of consumers (Okami, the Wii series, etc.)?

  124. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metroid_other_m

    The reviews are pretty mixed it seems. Even Game Informer has criticized it for bad first person controls and cutscenes, and this is the magazine that gave Metroid Fusion a perfect score. So yeah, fanboys are even not liking it!

  125. Hn, I love and have played through every major metroid release, however, I am not sure I’ll pick this one up. I will, however, play through Metroid II again. So good.

  126. @ progressiveaudio

    LOL at citing Game Informer as evidence of this game’s “mixed reviews” while ignoring the reviews of IGN, Kotaku, Joystiq, 1UP, and Wired—all positive reviews from sources far more respectable than GI.

  127. @Rene

    >> Implying Infendo is worthy enough to be on metacritic

  128. I am sorry…. I am soooooo sorry…. But I had been facepalming myself for the last 20 minutes reading all these comments….

    Just to clarify, I am on the side of lord_vynos…. I wholeheartedly believe that the reviewer was very flawed in reviewing this game and that he needs to up his writing capabilities.

    1. Stuck in a linear game (Make sense? Hmmmm…)

    2. 5 hours into a 15 hour game (And YES, it does matter… Final Fantasy 13 was the first Final Fantasy I’ve played and I thought it was well worth the 20 hours in to finally get freedom in the game… I apologize for having patience in playing video games.)

    3. Died 20 times? Bad control scheme? Well then, at least tell everyone on the review that they can DODGE in FP mode BEFORE spouting it out on the comments….

    4. Taking this too seriously? Sure, I don’t mind this comment cuz it’s partially true and I am kinda going crazy with the argument, but dammit…. This reviewer needs to improve his points when he is trying to inform his audience.

    5. Oh yeah HE HAS AN OPINION?!?!?!? I never knew THAT!!!!!! (Sarcasm…) No $h!t he has an opinion, but that’s not what I have problems with… I have a problem with his writing and his contradictory “facts”…. As said before… And yes, he needs to finish the game in order to post a legitimate review… If he doesn’t I don’t want this guy writing for Infendo… He can still write for other people, but not for Infendo if he keeps up with the whole “I have played a good enough chunk of the game to post a decent review.

    6. Yes Games CAN get better over time…. Windwaker: Forsaken Fortress, Final Fantasy 13: 20 hours of linearity, Valkyria Chronicles: Story progression (Was corny at first, but then got better and more deep). Stories can get better over time (Plot devices, HELLO?!?!?!?) Gameplay can get better over time (New items, new playable characters?). If you think otherwise, give me some ******* evidence… PLEASE….

    I dare anyone to find my contradictions, and I bet u that I can find theirs and make them not want to write ever again. Go ahead and try…

  129. I do not care what critic thinks about a game. I will decide the game is good or bad.

  130. UPDATE:

    I just finished the game for all of those that wanted me to. I’ll post an update to my review in the next day or so. Stay tuned.

  131. @ Mark:
    Somehow I don’t think your opinion will change…

  132. Thanks for the updated review, regardless of outcome. I’m of the opinion that you should have waited and posted the full review and this column as an impression.

  133. “You guys are missing the point. It doesn’t really matter that he hasn’t finished the game. He played enough to make an informed opinion on it. ” – No…no he didn’t, sparky.

  134. “Thankfully, the entire game soars so high in the closing moments that it ends up a must play for franchise followers.”

    -Games Radar

  135. yes, yes he did Cyberxion.

    Why didn’t he? Because you said so? who are you?

    I don’t need to watch all two hours of a movie to know that it is a bad movie. The first 10 min. will tell me enough.

    The fact that he put in five hours of a 15 hour game is more than enough to give his opinions.

    Problem with facts in his review? Get over it. Each ‘problem’ you point out is easily explained without needing to be ‘defended’.

    Why so defensive? He said at the beginning that it was ‘this critic’s opinion’ which is what all reviews are. He isn’t trying to take your game away from you.

  136. Damn, BlueRocks. You have to have something severely wrong with you to have taken all of that from the five measely words that I typed out.

    Look, if you had even a passing familiarity with the concept of context, you might have noted that I simply disagreed with the guy who opined that Mark was somehow able to pull together a comprehensive, well-informed review after only playing a pitiable 33 percent of the game.

    Contrary to your assumption, I don’t even give a damn about the score that Mark gave the game. I simply would have appreciated his review a lot more had it been written after he completed it.

    While that sort of lackadaisical approach to reviewing games might fly when folks like you and I do it, we expect more from folks who get paid to review games. These guys aren’t just sharing their opinions like you and I would do, they’re also attaching a score to the end of their review. Screw me if I don’t think someone ought to be qualified to do that until he or she has played all the way through a game.

    This sort of nonsense is exactly why modern videogame journalism is considered to be such a joke.

  137. By the way, someone once said “While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not every opinion is entitled to equal consideration.” I think that applies here. Mark is entitled to his own opinion, but by half-assing the review, he ensured that nobody is going to take them all that seriously. Maybe that’s not a reality that you’re prepared to face as an obvious Infendo apologist, but it’s reality just the same.

  138. @cyberxion,

    No one on infendo gets paid. This is a fan site with volunteer staff. Although, with as much crap as I had to take for this review, I should have been paid.

  139. So, a great game gets 3/5 because of the story? What game did you think had a great story which didn’t bring it down, because all games I’ve played have had shit stories, most more so than Other M. And less than 2 hours of cut scenes in a modern game is not showing any sort of “hollywood inferiority” attitude, if anything it’s much less than usual showing they did indeed want to make a game and not a movie. The cut scenes basically come in the beginning, the middle, and the end of the game, the bulk of it is all gameplay or very small scenes like boss and area introductions which happen in past Metroid games as well. As for your issues with the first boss and locking on, what are you talking about? The lock-on happens as soon as you point to the right place while holding B down, there’s no delay whatsoever to it, just your own aiming speed, you can often start firing missiles as soon as you’ve switched to first person if you happen to aim right from the beginning. And that boss is very slow to attack. Were you trying to do it while it was in the middle of the multiple hits? Of course you’ll get hit then, it’s your own damn fault. Did you never play a game where you had to time your attacks and moves with the bosses’ attack patterns? That’s all you need here, and you can tell when it’s safe to go in first person. And even if you fuck it up, all it takes is a switch back to the third person mode. Time it right and Samus dodges during the camera switch, so while it’s not exactly dodging while in first person mode, it’s also faster than first switching and then dodging, you aren’t left completely vulnerable when in first person since you can do that basically instantly. It’s also funny that you removed all your contradictions in this rewrite, like the “too linear” “got stuck a lot” or whatever. Considering you even said you’d only edit the review if your opinion changed after finishing it, this just shows you only edited it to hide your errors, not because you really wanted to give the game the fair chance you neglected to the first time. I wonder if you even did finish it if the first boss which is so easy gave you a hard time. Since when is proviging a challenge a bad thing for a game to do anyway? Lol, what a joke.

  140. Oh. You didn’t finish it, lol. You say “reportedly” you can unlock the movie (which includes gameplay to make the cut scene transitions smoother, it’s not purely cut scenes, so the cut scenes are less than 2 hours of gameplay). If you had finished it, you’d have unlocked it and have known all this instead of both make an error and say “reportedly” lol. So why did you rewrite it if you didn’t really play it more than the first time you wrote this? You also don’t mention anything about the dodging even though you outline the controls in a couple parts, did you play without ever doing that? What a joke. And you say you should be paid? You’ll never, ever be paid with this kind of sloppy writing I’m afraid, you better find a dayjob like you say game devs should keep, lol.

  141. “Missiles take TOO long to lock on?”

    what game were YOU playing? It takes all of ONE second to LOCK ON. Obviously you don’t know how to aim.

    Ur review FAILS.

    As for the other games in the Metroid series, have YOU EVEN PLAYED FUSION?
    She talked in the SAME way in the END OF THAT GAME as she DID in the intro.

    As for your “Sham” of a review, I’m assuming… that you only played a DEMO.

    so, honestly, SHUT THE EFF UP. This game is one of the best of the series, at least it continues SUPER METROID’s storyline, which WE ALL have been waiting for.

    The way you bitched about the controls, yet you didn’t mention THE DODGING ability… you must be a fuckin NOOB at games, and don’t understand the simplest of controls.
    Seeing that you bitched and moaned “oh oh the missiles take forever” how HARD is it to POINT at something for ONE second? Are you fucking SERIOUS?

    You sir… are a fucking MORON. Seeing other people complain about you, you’re nothing more than the zit on the ass of a donkey for a reviewer.

    Don’t quit your dayjob, and I hope this isn’t your dayjob, as you sucked.

  142. To BlueRock, obviously those 5 hours he was “stuck”… I’m assuming at the BEGINNING. Cuz that’s all he mentions is the FIRST BOSS.

  143. Sigh, why are game journalists so worthless nowadays? Just enjoyed another runthrough of this game and decided to look up the later reviews and they were going good until this one.

    At least learn the basic controls before reviewing a game.

    Mr horrible non gaming journalist, you are NOT a sitting duck in first person mode, you are free to weave in and out of enemy fire and attacks with first person sense dodges It even resets your bullet time. (Oh wait, you never mentioned anything about the bullet time in the review, guess you never noticed it.)

    In fact, the game forces you to perform one while spelling the directions out on the screen before allowing you to actually engage the boss to prevent this very situation from happening.

    I think Im done reading this review, its likely more of the same, made up non existant BS to join on the ‘bash other M cause its not a metroid prime game’ bus

  144. I don’t leave a comment, but after looking at through a great deal of comments here Mixed results: Infendo reviews Metroid Other M – Infendo – Nintendo news, reviews, podcast, Wii, Wii U, DS, and retro video game blog. I do have 2 questions for you if you do not mind. Could it be just me or does it look like a few of these responses appear as if they are left by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting at other social sites, I would like to keep up with you. Could you post a list of the complete urls of all your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  145. you might have a great weblog here! would you wish to make some invite posts on my blog?

  146. I had no issues with this game, and I found it to be great. It was the Metroid game that got me into Metroid games. I have since beat every Metroid game to date, and find the lack of emotion, and story to be a little sad. I really liked Other M, because it took a character I admired, and gave her a soul, feeling, and I liked that.

    I’m disappointed by the immaturity of a lot of people online these days. It’s funny how childish interpersonal relations have become since the internet came around. Anonymity does not equal abusing your fellow people.

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