Forget game of the year. Mario All-Stars Wii a shoe-in for box of the year award.

Gift wrap not included. But everything else about the $30 collectible with four really sweet retro remakes is consumer ready. To see more, get clicky with it.

Nice. The included games aren’t that bad either. 🙂


  1. Amazon sent an email that my copy is on it’s way. Looking forward to playing these games as I haven’t played them many…many years.

  2. Picked up my copy of this limited edition box at 4 in the morning today! 😀 definitely worth the $30 that they’re offering for it.

  3. But I still have my SNES copy of Super Mario All Stars

  4. I’ll be getting mine on wednesday. Still have my SNES copy but the packaging, booklet and soundtrack make it a worthy purchase.

  5. Definitely a love letter from Nintendo to all Super Mario fans…

    But if you already have the GameBoy Advance versions, is this set worth the purchase? With these extras, I mean?

  6. How did you get the gift wrap?

  7. Hell, I still have the original SNES Mario All-Stars, in fine working order. But this is one enticing package nonetheless.

  8. ok, so i bought it. what a missed opportunity. what they should have done was rework the game to include super mario world. but not just any super mario world, but a special edition version that has super mario world using the new super mario bros engine, and try to incorporate a 2 player coop mode. then the soundtrack, should have been more than 10 tracks. get rid of the damned sound effects, and put about 25 tracks, 2-3 songs for each mario that came out. and definitely include music from super mario land 1 and 2. heck, include these features, and charge me $50. i would have been worth it.

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