Mario/Sonic demo does its job: I want the full game

Hooray for demos! Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (This is possibly my least favorite game title of all time) has just landed on eShop in demo format. It’s spectacular and a lot of fun to play through, running you through a medley competition involving target shooting, goal kicking, trampoline, swimming and BMX racing.

It’s worth mentioning again: this game is spectacular. The characters look amazing on 3DS, and the stadium setting springs to life with color, depth and detail. It’s all very sharp, smooth, and polished as blazes.

I’ve only played the first Mario/Sonic Olympics Wii game (haven’t played London on Wii), and found it mostly enjoyable with just a couple of lousy events. I’m expecting pretty much the same here, but the beautiful animation, fun use of every control scheme the 3DS has got, and portability make this version of MASATL2012OG seem pretty appealing.

Having now played through the demo a half dozen times (often getting new character rosters), I’m sold. I want to buy the whole game, due out in a couple of weeks.

If you’ve given the MASATL2012OG demo a spin, what did you  think? Enough to sell you on this new entry in the franchise?