Mario/Sonic demo does its job: I want the full game

Hooray for demos! Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (This is possibly my least favorite game title of all time) has just landed on eShop in demo format. It’s spectacular and a lot of fun to play through, running you through a medley competition involving target shooting, goal kicking, trampoline, swimming and BMX racing.

It’s worth mentioning again: this game is spectacular. The characters look amazing on 3DS, and the stadium setting springs to life with color, depth and detail. It’s all very sharp, smooth, and polished as blazes.

I’ve only played the first Mario/Sonic Olympics Wii game (haven’t played London on Wii), and found it mostly enjoyable with just a couple of lousy events. I’m expecting pretty much the same here, but the beautiful animation, fun use of every control scheme the 3DS has got, and portability make this version of MASATL2012OG seem pretty appealing.

Having now played through the demo a half dozen times (often getting new character rosters), I’m sold. I want to buy the whole game, due out in a couple of weeks.

If you’ve given the MASATL2012OG demo a spin, what did you  think? Enough to sell you on this new entry in the franchise?


  1. Deleted the RE: R demo for this; it’s different, but I wouldn’t buy this.

  2. I agree! I’ve never played a game in the series but I might actually pick it up. I was especially impressed with the detail of the audience spectators. Usually they don’t look so alive.

  3. Not 100% sold, since I thought the BMX was a little kludgy at first and that worries me about events I haven’t been able to try, but I will definitely put it at the top of my GameFly queue. The soccer goal controls are very simple and incredibly creative; it’s another way to sort of use motion control without actually using an accelerometer – you pull down on the control pad to wind up your kick and then let go when the ball is in position.

    Just glad we haven’t seen a “tap the hell out of your screen with the stylus” event in this demo.

  4. Just got the demo, will give it a try.

  5. Honestly I thought it was pretty terrible

  6. @ Abdulla: Seriously? I thought it looked amazing, sounded great, and I enjoyed each event.

    I did, however, go in knowing what to expect: it’s essentially a slick mini-game collection. Well, at least the demo gave you an easy way to discover it wasn’t your thing! 🙂

  7. If there’s a free demo for a game, I will almost always download it, regardless of any preconceptions I may have about the title.

    I was iffy about this one, but when I downloaded it I was pleasantly surprised. Game looked and played great. Never thought this would appeal to me. I heard praise for the first title released on the Wii, but never tried it myself. I may have to now, along with this one.

    My only problem was the BMX race. Still do not know what I am expected to do.

  8. @Blaise:

    Press A on the jumps, tilt the 3DS to align your wheels for landing, and use the circle pad to turn and avoid mud. Getting Luigi for this event makes it 100% more fun.

  9. I like the gun part. Everything else is pretty lame.

  10. I did not find it good at all.

    Not necessarily bad, but boring and repetitive… Shut it off before I even finished the demo.

  11. MASATL2012OG? My God what an awful abbreviation. Make me want to vomit just by looking at it O_O

  12. @Battlestriker123:

    Yeah, it’s awful, but I just couldn’t make myself type the full title more than once! 🙂

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