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Metroid Prime: Federation Force demo event

Select GameStop stores are set to host a demo event of the upcoming Metroid Prime: Federation Force this Friday, August 12. If you are interested, you get three hours of demo time between 4PM and 7PM. There is no telling

3 Reasons to Download the Bravely Default Demo Before February 7

Nintendo 3DS owners in the UK have been playing Bravely Default since December, yet here us North American gamers are again: waiting. Waiting for one of the best RPG’s on the handheld to date to be released. I don’t pretend

Kingdom Hearts 3D demo offers brief, spectacular fun

If you’re a 3DS owner in the mood for about fifteen minutes of Keyblade-swinging action, be sure to download the new Kingdom Hearts 3D demo. Play through the tutorial; it offers a glimpse of a great classic villain boss and

Spectacular 3DS Rayman Origins demo hits eShop

The wait is over; you’re one free download away from finding out just how good one of 2011’s best console games looks and plays on 3DS. Judging from the three levels offered (one normal platform level, one shadow race and

Demo this dog, dang it!

Look, I know Nintendogs + cats isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Honestly, I understand (animal haters!) But now that eShop has a FREE DEMO of N+c available for download RIGHT NOW, every 3DS owner should give it a spin. Why?

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D demo hits the eShop this week!

February is a busy month for 3DS gamers. Just last week one of the systems most highly anticipated titles dropped for the handheld in Resident Evil: Revelations, and in one short week we will be treated with another great game