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Poll – The price of Wii U

Last month, 84% of you said that Nintendo should change the name of Wii U before it goes on sale. Taking into account that Nintendo has yet to make final announcements about all of the console’s features, we want to

Poll – Should Nintendo change the name of Wii U?

Who knows if Nintendo will say anything about its name today, but I’m curious: {democracy:165} [UPDATE] Nintendo didn’t announce a new name for the Wii U, nor did they even mention it during today’s video press release. Anyway, I think

Why I pre-ordered Kid Icarus: Uprising

Because it’s a Nintendo 1st-party title; I played a demo at PAX East last year; it was created by the guy who did Smash Bros.; more AR cards.

How much would you pay for Mario Kart DLC?

There are only a couple dozen tracks in Mario Kart 7 for 3DS, so I got to thinking about DLC downloadable tracks for the game. I think I’d be willing to pay around $5 for each new “cup” of four

What is your favorite edition of Mario Kart?

With the 7th edition of Mario Kart about to launch on Sunday, we want to know: {democracy:163} And tell us why in Comments!

What is your favorite review site?

Folks here at Infendo will occasionally write reviews, but what we really exist for are discussions. Your opinions are what have made this site amazing. So where do you turn for your review needs? Let us know your favorite review