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Monster Hunter 3

I picked up the entirely free demo disc from GameStop this week for Monster Hunter 3 (or Tri, not sure what I’m supposed to call it).  While I applaud this type of marketing, I think they missed a good opportunity to convince me to buy the game.  Based on what I’ve read or seen, this game had me very excited.  The disc comes with a fold-out control guide, which is fine, but doesn’t really tell you how you’re supposed to play the game.  A brief tutorial would’ve been nice.  As I time and time again tried hunt a beast, I felt like I had absolutely no clue what I was supposed to be accomplishing.  Was there some way I could tell how much closer to death the beast is?  Perhaps, but I couldn’t figure that out.  Still, this looks pretty awesome and I look forward to renting the full version.

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  1. Farore says:

    I’m thinking that since it’s such a huge deal in Japan, they figured a tutorial wasn’t needed for all the fans. Maybe, though a bit of a misconception for American shores at least.

    My boyfriend is SUPER excited about this game, since he first played the PSP version…. Freedom Unite or something for like…. hours and hours… like 200+ hours easy.

  2. CZsWorld says:

    The demo disc was a total failure, the gameplay didn’t feel right and there was no co-op which is supposed to be a major element.

    I am now less likely to buy the game then I was before the demo.

  3. gojiguy says:

    Monster Hunter is a game that requires experience and training/tutorials to truly understand. I reccomend checking out online tutorials and such. Once the game comes out there will be tutorials included in the package. I HATED monster hunter the first time I played it. It wasn’t until a friend of mine showed me what to do that I started to like it.

  4. gojiguy says:

    And yes, there is a way to tell you are hurting it. It will start to get very offensive, angry, and attack more viciously (like an animal would when backed into a corner). Then after a while it will try to escape from you by switching areas. Then it will start to limp/look injured. Then it will escape to an area farther away and sleep to regain health. They will usually show physical damage as well.

  5. Leon says:

    Monster Hunter has a pretty steep learning curve. When I first tied it on the Psp, it was really difficult getting the hand of. It’s one of those games that you have to get into and take the take to master it,and if the end the experience you’ll have playing the game will be rewarding.

  6. Mohan says:

    Stupid GameStop by my house didn’t give me a demo as I was suppose to reserve a copy, so I told them they can shove that demo disc where the sun don’t shine! Still going to get them game though.

  7. gameguy75 says:

    I must agree. I was pretty interested, but after playing the demo and feeling like I had no clue what I was doing or what was going on, I am now less interested. Capcom may have actually shot themselves in the foot with this demo.

  8. David says:

    Thanks, gang. Glad to hear quite a few of you felt the same after playing the demo.

  9. gojiguy says:

    yeah, the demo doesn’t sound n00b friendly.

  10. Ptolemy says:

    I like it. Good deep game, from what I’ve read in conjunction to what I played. He said the R word, in regards to what I’m told is about a 40 hour main game. *shudders*

  11. Bob says:

    People who do not understand the demo should stay away from the entire series.
    It’s a hardcore game, you need to figure out stuff for yourself, if you can’t even figure out how to beat a monster to a bloody pulp you won’t understand the game… AT ALL.
    There will be simple Tutorials at start (I’ve played the Japanese retail version) but that’s only at the start, there’s still lots and lots of stuff you have to figure out for yourself, you have to be good at adapting yourself to enjoy this.
    The reason this isn’t big in the US is because we’re all fat and lazy, we want to be lead into a game directly, tutorials, guides, lock-on systems… anything to make the game playable while drunk or possibly high.

  12. King Kahn says:

    I agree with Bob. Sadly its is true what he said about most of american gamers, but I found that I enjoyed the demo. I don’t consider myself a hardcore monster hunter fan, but I do know how to play the game with a psp. The control guide was bull I did exactly what they said and some moves did execute properly I did end up finding out how to achieve each attack and combo. I hope that they will include more in-depth tutorial with the American release of the game although I realize that this is unlikely. Even without in-game tutorials there are many good Monstrer Hunter Tutorials on the internet.

  13. King Kahn says:

    Also the 40 hours is most likely for the single player only and not the online because I have had a lot more then 40 hours with PSP and it takes effort to make a Wii game have less content then a PSP game.

  14. bacock says:

    to tell if the monster is about to die he will start limping

  15. M.Hunter says:

    The limping thing is obvious once you start thinking about it – I swear it took me ages to realise …haha!! Loving this though

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