Review – Monster Hunter 3 demo

Monster Hunter 3

I picked up the entirely free demo disc from GameStop this week for Monster Hunter 3 (or Tri, not sure what I’m supposed to call it).  While I applaud this type of marketing, I think they missed a good opportunity to convince me to buy the game.  Based on what I’ve read or seen, this game had me very excited.  The disc comes with a fold-out control guide, which is fine, but doesn’t really tell you how you’re supposed to play the game.  A brief tutorial would’ve been nice.  As I time and time again tried hunt a beast, I felt like I had absolutely no clue what I was supposed to be accomplishing.  Was there some way I could tell how much closer to death the beast is?  Perhaps, but I couldn’t figure that out.  Still, this looks pretty awesome and I look forward to renting the full version.