3 Reasons to Download the Bravely Default Demo Before February 7


Nintendo 3DS owners in the UK have been playing Bravely Default since December, yet here us North American gamers are again: waiting. Waiting for one of the best RPG’s on the handheld to date to be released. I don’t pretend to know why that is, but Nintendo and Square Enix have been kind enough to at least provide us with a demo of the game. As you may know, this particular demo is different from usual game demos. Given the nature of demos, many may be apprehensive  even about the expansive Bravely Default one. Here are 3 reasons to download and play the Bravely Default demo before the full version arrives on Feb. 7 (after the break):

  1. Certain things will transfer from the demo to the full version, should you decide to buy it (and you should). Playing the Bravely Default demo will unlock various item packs that will transfer to the full version of the game. Also, warriors gathered through StreetPass (yes, the demo is StreetPass-ready; but you probably knew that) will be transferred. Many things will not be transferred, such as the levels your characters gain while you play, but hey, this is only reason number 1.
  2. The demo will teach you the game’s mechanics. If you’re like me, you often start a fresh file over on many RPG’s before finishing your first, because your first is usually an exercise in trial and error. It takes time to learn the rules and quirks of a given RPG, despite how much experience you may have with the genre. The Bravely Default demo offers the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the game in preparation for the full version.
  3. This demo, like I’ve said, is unlike any other demo out there. I’ve logged more than 7 hours on my Bravely Default demo, and I still have more to do. Trying to think of another demo I could say the same for is pointless: there isn’t one. This demo offers a side story that won’t be found in the full version. Additionally, the demo is StreetPass-enabled. Considering it’s free, I would think most 3DS users would have downloaded the demo by now and would be off StreetPassing like crazy. Strangely, among the numerous StreetPass encounters I’ve had recently, only one included data for the Bravely Default demo. This only adds to my suspicion that people aren’t taking advantage of this free offer.

It would be a big mistake for any 3DS owner who has any interest in RPG’s to pass up the Bravely Default demo. It’s no secret the full version has already begun attracting praise from critics, and you won’t find a more addicting, worthwhile, and engaging demo anywhere. I think I’ve said enough on the matter, so now it’s your turn: go download the demo and see for yourself if I’m right. Also, if you haven’t already, check out the game’s latest trailer above, and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know what you think of the demo.

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