Overseas 3DS review: “Poor battery life, yet mesmerizing”

The Telegraph writes:

As prepared as you may think you are after the raucous, widespread hype Nintendo’s new video games console has garnered, the first time you peer into the screen of the 3DS –the revolutionary glasses-free 3D handheld– it catches you off guard. Your brain just isn’t ready for it, your eyes squinting and focussing, just to make the 3D ‘work’. But the best thing to try is not try at all. You do have to position the console just so, but once you relax and find that sweet spot, the experience is disorientating yet mesmerising.

The only real knock was the “paltry battery life” that could “leave a lot of commuters disappointed halfway through an important boss battle.” That said, reviewer Tom Higgins also recommending trying before you buy to ensure you’re eyes are comfortable with the glassess-less technology.