Up close and personal: Zelda Ocarina looks lovely on 3DS

As seen by Infendo’s Canon T1i last week. Too bad she’s not a launch game.

Excited for this one?

49 Responses to Up close and personal: Zelda Ocarina looks lovely on 3DS

  1. John from Leicester, United Kingdom says:

    The reason I’m getting a 3DS just got more visually appealing. Link looks way clearer than on the N64. Shame it’s not a launch title; hopefully they’ll release an Ocarina of Time edition 3DS though.

  2. Greg in PA says:

    it looks decent in 2d and i imagine it looks pretty good in 3d but not having this at launch is a major disappointment for me and even tho i want to play new games i would like to see wind waker on that screen 🙂

  3. Joel says:

    Man that is pretty. I think I am going to hold off on getting one till that game is launched….gives me a little extra time to save up for it too.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Looks pretty nice, but since I already own four version of OOT (original N64 version, GameCube bonus disc with OOT and Master Quest, and another Zelda GC collection which contains OOT), and unlike Master Quest this game is apparently not changing or adding any new content, I don’t see the need to pick this up.

    I know huge OOT fans who are excited to finally have a portable version, but I can’t justify re-buying games with no new significant features or content. Yoshi’s Island on GBA was worthwhile because it had a bunch of brand new levels. Metroid Prime Trilogy was worth it because it had new Wii play control in the first two Metroid Prime games, the addition of widescreen, a combined token system for unlockables, and was a limited edition release that is now worth a fair chunk of money. All they are adding to OOT is some (admittedly pretty) 3D revamped visuals, which is not enough to justify a purchase for me.

  5. Matthew Case says:

    I loved Ocarina of TIme. 🙂 I am definately getting this. Can ‘t wait. It wil be awesome. WHile I was at Gamestop the other day, a employee told me that Nintendo WAS adding new stuff to it. SHoudl be interesting what is included if that is the case. We shall see I guess. game look sabsoletly gorgeous now. Kind of like Twilight Princess on a portable.

  6. Matthew Case says:

    From the videos onthis from the preview event, I wonder if this wil run at 60 frames per second

  7. Matthew Case says:

    It seems to run faster and smoother than before

  8. Caleb says:

    You know, just the fact that this game was getting a remake wad enough to get me excited about the 3DS… And now we’re treated to visuals like this! It looks fantastic! Really looking forward to getting my hands on it! 🙂

  9. Sam says:

    the graphics looks so much better, i am playing through Oot right now and WOW the difference is huge

  10. z-nut says:

    It’s definitly visually appealing…very vivid and sharp.
    I hope Nintendo adds content to the game, but doesn’t mess with the core game. It will definetly be worth the triple dip then.

  11. Zalvex says:

    I want to see images like this, but from aqua blue color 3DS.

  12. Arjen says:

    It does look pretty nice, but I’m somewhat disappointed at the apparent lack of extra content.

    Remember Super Mario 64 DS? Now, that was a good remake. 30 additional stars, three additional playable characters, a multiplayer mode and a set of mini games to go with it. Why couldn’t they at least add one of the aforementioned (with the exception of minigames…) to this Ocarina of Time remake?

    Eh, I’ll probably buy it anyway, for nostalgia’s sake.

  13. _oMeGa_ says:

    I’m honestly more interested in the 3DS, those are some of the best shots of the black one so far, definitely the color I’m going with.

  14. Nickius says:

    It’s so nice to not only see Ocarina of Time in 16:9, but with almost nothing but the environment and map on the (top) screen.

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  16. Skuld says:

    So excited! Majoy annoyed it’s not a launch game. Preordered my 3DS today, but none of the games they had there grabbed me, so I just put my name down for the console. I’ll have to hold out a few mroe weeks to enjoy the proper 3Dness then – but I only believe in paying for games I really really want.

  17. Siggy says:

    > Nickius: it’s not in 16:9 but in 5:3 ^^
    But you’re right, it is really nice. I never played OoT. The only N64 Zelda game i had was Majora’s Mask so i’ll be glad to try OoT finally. And i hope there will be a Majora’s Mask version too 😮

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  19. Heyy says:

    OMG link has fingers!!!!

  20. Person says:

    I can’t tell, but are the fixed camera rooms (like the one the person is in there) moq 3d instead of the weird 2d rooms?

  21. Chris says:

    this looks so amazing! I’ve only played a little bit of this game (not even up to the first boss, actually), so I am really looking forward to playing through the whole thing for the first time with these awesome graphics in 3d! I love nintendo! 😀

  22. deepthought says:

    it does look great, but i’ve beaten this game so many times that I have no reason to play it again, especially with the backlog of great games out there i’ve never played. (i was thinking the same goes for star fox…. but that game could be fun for plane trips… hope there are some new tank levels!)

  23. SonGohan23 says:

    For comparison, Ocarina of time on n64:


  24. jjj says:

    what room is that? there isn’t any room like that with people in it on OOT, looks like there will be new fetures (im hoping it least) and ive been wanting to have a portable wind waker since i saw this pic

  25. Perrie says:

    Hey Listen Hey. Hey Listen

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  28. Austin says:

    They are redoing the water dugeon

  29. asapisaiah says:

    This game looks good just by seeing link in the Know It All Brothers house! (that is it, right?)
    Awesome 16:9 photo’s and I am WAY looking forward to this! <33

  30. dave says:

    @jjj it’s in kokori forest, the twin’s house/tree

  31. Luke says:

    @jjj and dave, it’s not the twin’s house, but the Know-It-All-Brothers’ house at the top of the hill near the training center in Kokiri Forest.

  32. Sean says:

    I’ve played this game before, but I’ll probably pick it up eventually because I never got past the water temple.

  33. Rattles says:

    c! c! Sell me something with c!

    I wonder how they’ll change that haha

  34. Left-handed Worrier says:

    It looks like we’re going to be using the touch screen a lot while we’re moving around D:? I can’t use my right hand efficiently to hold a stylis 8’c

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