Want to Win a Monster Hunter Tri Demo Disc



UPDATE: Winners have been selected during last night’s podcast.

Be sure to listen and participate in the Live Podcast tonight at 9pm/10pm EST. These are NTSC demo discs and will not work in the PAL Territory. All you have to do is be in the chat, ask us some questions and you are automatically entered to win. Three lucky winners (get it, Tri) will be announced at the end of the podcast.

You can head over to the live chat: Here, Here , or Here
ustream.tv account required.

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  1. Well that figures, I will be out tonight and I will have to miss it. I will just have to catch it on iTunes. Have fun!

  2. Just so everyone knows, these demo discs are available free at all Gamestop locations now. Just walk in and ask for one.

  3. Yeah, I tried posting that twice last night. My posts mysteriously didn’t materialize. I’m going to give infendo the benefit of the doubt and say they just got lost in the ether, but I’m watching you…

    *shifty eyed sideways glance*

  4. Oddly, I haven’t seen any demo discs despite checking several stores. Not sure why some stores have them and others don’t. (I’ve also heard numerous reports that GameStop is only handing them out as pre-order bonuses, even though that wasn’t supposed to be a condition.)

    While the demo discs aren’t rare by any means, not everyone has been able to grab one.

  5. The three that I have been into during the last two weeks have had loads of them, and they were offering them to anyone who came in the door. Just call around. I played it for a while the other night and was stunned by the atmosphere, but felt that it was terribly difficult to control, and they made it really difficult to look at all the beautiful scenery with camera controls mapped to the d-pad. I haven’t tried it with the classic controller yet (not sure if the demo even allows that) but I hear it’s markedly better being able to use the analog stick for camera control. But overall I am impressed.

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention I was using the wiimote and nunchuck configuration when I tried it.