Natal renamed “Kinect,” to launch with “Kinect Sports”

Various sources from around the internet are reporting that Xbox’s much hyped project Natal has been officially renamed to Xbox Kinect.  Although this in itself is not specifically Nintendo news, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s controller free revolution will be launching with a game currently known only as “Kinect Sports.” Classy Microsoft.

More on Xbox Kinect and the rumored “Xbox Slim” are expected to be revealed later this week at the Electronics Entertainment Expo.  Will Kinect cut in on the Wii? Will the Playstation Move? We’ll be sure to let you know as we cover the conference in the upcoming week.  Got any questions? Be sure to let us know in the comments!


  1. This is getting pretty funny, maybe the iPhone 4 will support 3D and Sony will announce the PlayStation Pulserometer.

  2. oh how about 360 gun or Imotion plus?

  3. hahaha. how pathetic that they can’t think of any thing better. the controller thing does look cool though

  4. KinePt

  5. It’s kinda funny that you are all bashing a device that NONE of you have actually experienced first hand. I’m a huge nintendo fan but I don’t think that Kinect is as big a rip off as Move.

    I will try out the Kinect myself when I have extra cash to blow on the device, but I’m not going to throw it out the window as a cheap ‘knockoff’ when it’s not really a knock off. In it’s own way it’s vastly different from Wii in that the device uses your entire body and can put you in the game through the camera. Besides that, why bash good games? There really shouldn’t be any console hate. People should only hate crappy games, If a console has fun titles there’s nothing wrong with it.

  6. Lance, Nobody here called it a knockoff, although the name of their Sports title is rather unimaginative. Blake actually played Natal last year when it was announced, I believe, and he had positive things to say.

    As of right now, there’s nothing to “bash,” as we haven’t seen any real software for it yet.

  7. There’s plenty to hate and bash. Take this faked demo, for example:

  8. Kinect Sports… lol. They’re not even taking a few pages from the Nintendo playback… they’ve stolen the whole manual. How pathetic. Sorry Microsoft; just like Sony’s Move, you’re a day late and a dollar short.

    And I really hate when companies give their products intentionally misspelled names to sound “cool”. Wow… Kinect? That is a really stupid name.

    lol @ the Star Wars demo. That cutscene was about as inspiring as the new Star Wars trilogy… which is to say, not at all.

  9. I don’t really believe hardcore gamers will use Kinect. Nothing beats the plastic controller!!!

  10. /changetopic
    The new Xbox 360 looks damn sweet. Doesn’t look like you can put it on its side, though. The top looks thinner than the bottom, imo.

  11. What is with the clothes in that ad? Is it the 80s?

  12. fun…………zzzzz

  13. What kind of WTF game is that?

  14. I can’t wait to build roller coasters with it! Oh, wait– that’s K’nex.

  15. this looks promising for the nontraditional audience. for me, not so much.

    and yeah… the clothes look like the old Nintendo brand store they used to advertise in old Nintendo Powers. It’s saved by the bell meets the cosby show.

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