Natal renamed “Kinect,” to launch with “Kinect Sports”

Various sources from around the internet are reporting that Xbox’s much hyped project Natal has been officially renamed to Xbox Kinect.  Although this in itself is not specifically Nintendo news, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s controller free revolution will be launching with a game currently known only as “Kinect Sports.” Classy Microsoft. More on Xbox Kinec...

Nintendo 3DS could arrive by October

According to CVG, Nintendo’s next gen handheld, the 3DS, could land in gamers hands as early as October 10. Surprised? Don’t be. Nintendo has dominated the handheld scene since they all but invented it with the Game Boy, so what else would this industry titan use to deflate its rivals new motion control toys than the next sure thing? Nintendo is also famous for revealing new stuff and ...

E3 gentlemen’s bet

Who wants to make a gentlemen’s bet? No money, in other words, just pride. The bet: Nintendo 3DS steals E3 this June and garners more hype than Natal and Move, combined.