Nintendo 3DS could arrive by October

nintendo3dsAccording to CVG, Nintendo’s next gen handheld, the 3DS, could land in gamers hands as early as October 10.

Surprised? Don’t be. Nintendo has dominated the handheld scene since they all but invented it with the Game Boy, so what else would this industry titan use to deflate its rivals new motion control toys than the next sure thing?

Nintendo is also famous for revealing new stuff and then launching it a month or so later, and the practice makes sense. If you are confident in your product and it genuinely provides a new experience, you don’t need to reveal a prototype a year in advance and ride the enthusiast press hype train into the station. Nah, just reveal it, prepare the assembly lines as best you can, and shove the thing out the door. Fling it right over the hater’s angry heads and into the hands of the consumers. Let them decide, and then let them do your marketing for you.

And then there’s the competition and E3. The 3DS will make its worldwide debut alongside Natal and Arc at E3 this summer, where the handheld’s 3D tech (still technically unknown) will no doubt take some, if not all, of the wind from the competition’s sails. What irony, huh? MS and Sony’s multi-million dollar forays into motion tech, foiled by a tiny 3D handheld. I’d say David and Goliath applies here, but that just wouldn’t be accurate, what with Nintendo’s massive lead and all.