Did Nintendo just admit the death of dedicated handheld gaming?

Like many of you, I awoke to news yesterday that Nintendo had cut the price of the 3DS by an unprecedented 32% in one fell swoop. Wired Magazine called it a “fire sale.” More unprecedented was how quickly it happened; only four months after the 3DS launch. (NOTE: Nintendo’s other slow selling systems, N64 and GameCube, saw 25% price drops six months after launch. Virtual Boy was ...

I’m buying the Nintendo 3DS

Jack made plenty of good points, all of which I had considered before his article. Nevertheless, I am buying the Nintendo 3DS; I bought two, in fact. Here’s why:

I’m not buying the Nintendo 3DS

Huh. Typing out those words was a bit easier than I thought it would be, especially for such an ardent fanman like myself. One more time, just to be sure: I’m not going to buy a 3DS. Here’s why:

Let’s all start freaking out about the 3DS!

Rumor has it Nintendo will launch the 3DS this November in Japan. Since Nintendo releases hardware within the same year across all regions these days, that means the rest of us could get our grubby mitts on the thing in time for Christmas! So what say ye, Infendo? Could it happen? In any case, how excited are you about this thing? Any unbridled enthusiasm you care to share?

The Nintendo 3DS will be $189 (titles for $40?)

So September’s the big month for 3DS. Pricing, release date, Reggie Fils-Aime jumping out of a big Nintendo is King cake just like that douche Lebron James and all will be right with the world. Or will it? Rumors and speculation have the price for this genuinely industry-energizing device fluctuating wildly, anywhere from $129 all the way up to a suicidal $300. My guess? $179 to $199, but pr...

Nintendo Spotting: Antique Game and Watch

Infendo reader Marc Cote writes, “I saw this in an antique shop. Didn’t purchase it, but I did think of you guys.” Thanks, Marc.

Nintendo 3DS could arrive by October

According to CVG, Nintendo’s next gen handheld, the 3DS, could land in gamers hands as early as October 10. Surprised? Don’t be. Nintendo has dominated the handheld scene since they all but invented it with the Game Boy, so what else would this industry titan use to deflate its rivals new motion control toys than the next sure thing? Nintendo is also famous for revealing new stuff and ...

Reggie confirms Nintendo 3DS is company’s “next handheld platform”

Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime has officially weighed in on the recently announced 3DS portable. His comments, while far from surprising given the uncharacteristic Nintendo of Japan early reveal last month, gave further credence to the belief that the device will be much different than anything Nintendo’s put forth in the space before. In a recent interview with BusinessWeek,...