Reggie confirms Nintendo 3DS is company’s “next handheld platform”

500x_3dds_02Nintendo president of America Reggie Fils-Aime has officially weighed in on the recently announced 3DS portable. His comments, while far from surprising given the uncharacteristic Nintendo of Japan early reveal last month, gave further credence to the belief that the device will be much different than anything Nintendo’s put forth in the space before.

In a recent interview with BusinessWeek, the outspoken executive reaffirmed that this is indeed a next-gen portable, not a XL style refresh, and that it will sport features that are otherwise impossible to implement with current DS models.

“We have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can’t do with the current DS model”, he said. “The Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform.”

So, yeah. No surprise there, really. Two months until we see this thing in action. [Image: Kotaku]