Miyamoto interested in console and handheld cross-play

Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down for an interview with Kotaku to speak on various topics related to Nintendo’s future. One of the topics reflected on the possibility of Nintendo’s future titles running on both a home console and a handheld. While Miyamoto didn’t specifically confirm the existence of said project venture, he did state that they are interested and would explore t...

Some guy on the internet: “3DS will be $99 soon and likely discontinued”

PROLOGUE: If you think everyone should share your view of reality, or if you become enraged when encountering a difference of opinion, I advise you to skip this post. In other words, hang on, Nintendo fans. This is gonna hurt: Nintendo is expected to pull a Netflix and and pile on even more crap numbers this Thursday, adding to the already crappy quarterlies they’ve posted over the last ...

The 10 most gameplay enabling Nintendo systems

Nintendo has a rich history of innovative and gameplay contributing hardware. You know: new hardware twists that improve the way we interactive with games. Having played all of the company’s systems since 1986, here’s how I’d rank ’em in terms of most gameplay enabling to least gameplay enabling: Nintendo DS. Whose to blame for the ongoing touch gaming revolution? This litt...

Did Nintendo just admit the death of dedicated handheld gaming?

Like many of you, I awoke to news yesterday that Nintendo had cut the price of the 3DS by an unprecedented 32% in one fell swoop. Wired Magazine called it a “fire sale.” More unprecedented was how quickly it happened; only four months after the 3DS launch. (NOTE: Nintendo’s other slow selling systems, N64 and GameCube, saw 25% price drops six months after launch. Virtual Boy was ...

Looking at old Nintendo hardware makes me smile

We play for the games, that’s for sure. But it’s hard not to hold a soft spot for the last thing you see before escaping. 

Poll: Do you play video games on the toilet?

You know, like with a handheld or smartphone… {democracy:144} (Thanks, ghettoska)

Survey: Smart phones “fast outstripping” stagnate gaming handhelds

Interpret, a leading entertainment, media and technology market research firm, today released its Interpretations report, The Phone Gaming Revolution: Do the DS and PSP Stand a Chance?, which found the number of consumers playing games on their phones increased dramatically, while gamers appear to be abandoning their DS and PSP devices. Interpret’s New Media Measureâ„¢ data shows 43.8% of th...

Would you believe it? A cellphone game is being ported to consoles

Console games have been ported to cellphones for nearly a decade. Heavily stripped down, and nary a likeness, but still ported. The reverse, on the other hand’cellphone games being ported to consoles, that is’rarely, if ever happens. Until now. iPhone Hit Angry Birds Coming to Consoles, read the latest headlines. In no way am I trying to undermine Angry Birds. It’s a fun little game. I’...

Let’s all start freaking out about the 3DS!

Rumor has it Nintendo will launch the 3DS this November in Japan. Since Nintendo releases hardware within the same year across all regions these days, that means the rest of us could get our grubby mitts on the thing in time for Christmas! So what say ye, Infendo? Could it happen? In any case, how excited are you about this thing? Any unbridled enthusiasm you care to share?

Nintendo 3DS just keeps getting better and better

Our intrepid trio of Infendo editors will surely have video impressions of the 3DS up later, but for now I just had to do a quick post on some of the stuff I’ve read already. Tell me if this sounds as awesome to you as it did for me:

Nintendo 3DS could arrive by October

According to CVG, Nintendo’s next gen handheld, the 3DS, could land in gamers hands as early as October 10. Surprised? Don’t be. Nintendo has dominated the handheld scene since they all but invented it with the Game Boy, so what else would this industry titan use to deflate its rivals new motion control toys than the next sure thing? Nintendo is also famous for revealing new stuff and ...

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