Looking at old Nintendo hardware makes me smile

We play for the games, that’s for sure. But it’s hard not to hold a soft spot for the last thing you see before escaping. 

Nintendo’s first foray into home gaming: The Game & Watch

The father of modern console gaming

It cut into your palms, but we didn’t care’we were having too much fun

To the max!

All the cool kids had this

Classic (as was the orange version)

The father of handheld gaming

An overlooked update to a classic (with better controller)

Hardcore gamers cut their teeth on this thing

This controller was the first to introduce button creep. With exception to six-button fighting games, it probably only needed two face buttons in addition to left and right bumpers.

The second and last console update from Nintendo

Up-and-coming gamers hold the N64 dear to their hearts

With exception to the innovative analog stick, the N64 controller wasn’t the most comfortable thing to hold

Worst console color ever. Most underrated Nintendo console ever.

My favorite modern joypad of all time

This little guy would revitalize and reinvigorate our love for sprite-based gaming

More hi-resolution hardware photos here (thanks, Evan)