Steel Series Arctis 3 Bluetooth

Hey guys, Colt here! I picked up a new headset and I just HAD to tell you guys about them, they are amazing! Let’s do this! The Steel Series Arctis 3’s with bluetooth are a MUST especially for the Nintendo Switch if you use the Nintendo app for communication or Discord Voice Chat. The fantastic thing about these headphones is you can plug them into your switch via audio jack (or xbox/P...

Looking at old Nintendo hardware makes me smile

We play for the games, that’s for sure. But it’s hard not to hold a soft spot for the last thing you see before escaping. 

Where do you take your gaming hardware for custom paint jobs?

Anyone know a good place to custom paint a GBA SP and how much I should expect to pay? It’s hard to play my light blue AGS-101 in public because it looks like a baby sitter. I’m only kidding. But I’d still like to get a smoking hot paint job. Any recommendations, Internet?

What’s your Nintendo launch history?

To my surprise, I realized the 3DS will become only the second Nintendo platform I’ve bought at launch–the first being N64. Ordinarily, I wait until there’s a larger game library. But, just as N64’s virtual Mario universe had me counting down the days until it hit store shelves, there’s something about the AR games/3D camera/Mii integration of 3DS that greatly appeals...