What’s your Nintendo launch history?

To my surprise, I realized the 3DS will become only the second Nintendo platform I’ve bought at launch–the first being N64. Ordinarily, I wait until there’s a larger game library. But, just as N64’s virtual Mario universe had me counting down the days until it hit store shelves, there’s something about the AR games/3D camera/Mii integration of 3DS that greatly appeals to me. I’m dying to try it, even without a Mario or Zelda title to play.

I’ve bought most of Nintendo’s platforms, and it’s gone like this:

NES – Bought it the first week of release.
Super NES – Bought to play Starfox.
N64 – Bought at launch.
Game Boy Color and GBA – Bought when funds allowed.
Gamecube – Bought for SSB Melee
SP – Recieved as a Christmas gift.
DS – Bought ol’ Fat Blue to play Nintendogs. So far, it’s my all-time favorite system.
Wii – Bought with Christmas Bonus money.

3DS – Pre-ordered and prepaid. Can’t wait!

So, Infendo readers, what’s your Nintendo hardware history like? Have you bought any previous systems at launch?