What’s your Nintendo launch history?

To my surprise, I realized the 3DS will become only the second Nintendo platform I’ve bought at launch–the first being N64. Ordinarily, I wait until there’s a larger game library. But, just as N64’s virtual Mario universe had me counting down the days until it hit store shelves, there’s something about the AR games/3D camera/Mii integration of 3DS that greatly appeals to me. I’m dying to try it, even without a Mario or Zelda title to play.

I’ve bought most of Nintendo’s platforms, and it’s gone like this:

NES – Bought it the first week of release.
Super NES – Bought to play Starfox.
N64 – Bought at launch.
Game Boy Color and GBA – Bought when funds allowed.
Gamecube – Bought for SSB Melee
SP – Recieved as a Christmas gift.
DS – Bought ol’ Fat Blue to play Nintendogs. So far, it’s my all-time favorite system.
Wii – Bought with Christmas Bonus money.

3DS – Pre-ordered and prepaid. Can’t wait!

So, Infendo readers, what’s your Nintendo hardware history like? Have you bought any previous systems at launch?


  1. NES – bought in 1989
    Gameboy – 1990
    SNES – launch
    N64 – launch
    GBA – Christmas gift in 2001
    Gamecube – 2002
    DS – 2005, mainly for Mario Kart
    Wii – Launch
    3DS – preordered and paid

  2. NES – Received for Christmas in 1990 I believe
    SNES – Sold NES and games to buy it, but did not buy at launch
    N64 – Got for my birthday the year after launch
    GameCube – Bought ASAP after launch
    Wii – Camped overnight to pick one up on launch day

    Game Boy – Not sure when I got one, probably not at launch
    GBA – Never owned one
    Virtual Boy – Received as a gift in 2008
    DS – Received for Christmas the year of launch
    3DS – Not buying at launch, but will pick it up when a game I really want comes out

    So the Wii is the only one that I know for sure I got on launch day. Huh.

  3. NES – never bought until recent
    SNES – was my brother’s
    N64 – Christmas 199?
    Gamecube – Christmas 2002
    Wii the June after launch, promised it in Christmas ’06
    Gameboy – Christmas 2004
    DS – Bought April ’09
    3DS – Pre-ordered, expected to arrive Mar 30 – Apr 1

  4. NES – Never bought it
    Super NES – My father bought one for me years after it was out
    N64 – Never bought it
    Game Boy Color and GBA – Never bought it
    Gamecube – Bought it a year or so after it’s launch
    GBA SP – Bought it pretty much in 03, after I saw how cool it was when my friend had it
    DS – Bought Lite the day after it launched and DSi on launch day
    Wii – Bought it on launch day, that’s cause I camped out for it and had it pre-ordered
    3DS – Pre-ordered and waiting for Sunday to arrive

  5. NES->DS: Birthday/Christmas presents.
    Wii: Black Friday 2006, waited in line at 3AM, mostly because of Zelda and (eventually) Smash Bros.
    3DS: Pre-ordered at the Gamestop where I work, and I’ll be there at midnight! We have an employee policy, though, that allows us to “rent” games from the store for three days, so I’ll be using that until something more substantive comes out. Until then, I’m still playing Pokemon and Okamiden.

  6. I bought the DS when it launched and pre-ordered so I could get the NINTENDO DS t-shirt! Those were exciting times. Ridge Racer DS, Mr Diller DS… good times. I made it a point to NOT buy SM64 DS because I really wanted something I hadnt played before.

    Then came the Wii. pre-ordered along with Rayman Raving Rabbids and Excite Truck and Zelda. Total insanity when that came out. I was just so happy. Really something new.

    Now with 3Ds I am gonna repeat my Ridge Racer obsession and get Super SFIV.

  7. NES – Was my older sister’s
    Super NES – Never had one =(((((
    Original Game Boy – Bought it way after price dropped
    N64 – Bought it way after the price dropped as well
    Game Boy Color – Got it for my birthday a few months after launch
    Game Boy Advance – The ONLY system I got at launch!
    Gamecube – Bought it the Christmas following launch
    DS – Bought a Phat one February after launch, never bought any other iterations.
    Wii – Bought it January after launch
    3DS – Gonna wait for more games!

  8. I think I have bought all the Nintendo systems since the N64 on the week of their launch, except for the DSi (didn’t get that one) and the DSi XL (got it during the last Holidays).
    But the only Nintendo system I’ve bought on the actual morning of the launch was the Wii.
    This time around, however, I will not buy the 3DS until the Holidays… Too many DS games are still waiting to get played!!

  9. My first N purchase was DS, and it was in first month it came to stores.
    I boghut Wii at the launch day.
    I’m skipping on the 3DS, there are no good games, it’s too expensive, and the battery life is very poor….I’m waiting ”3DS lite”… There is no advantage of buying this stuff now!

  10. i got n64 gamecube, wii, ds, dsi and soon too be 3ds all at launch.

  11. NES – bought a Deluxe Set via layaway at K-mart some time after launch
    Game Boy – bought shortly after release
    GameCube – after many years of playing friends’ Nintendo systems, finally got back in the game after playing Double Dash with my in-laws at Christmas
    Wii – stood in line for launch at Target
    DS – bought a while after I had the Wii
    3DS – pre-ordered from Amazon – hoping it’s here on Monday!

  12. N64 – Received as birthday present.
    GBA – Brother and I each got one as gifts.
    GBA SP – Received as Christmas gift.
    GBA micro – Traded in GBA SP. Stupid decision.
    DS Lite – Saved up and bought at launch.
    Wii – Saved up and bought at launch.
    DSi – Saved up and bought at launch.

    3DS – Preordered and will pick up at launch on March 27th!

  13. NES – brother got for his birthday in 1987 when i was 3
    Gameboy – think i got one in 1993ish
    SNES – 1994 just got it for being good
    N64- never had one but my neighbor got it the week it came out
    Gamecube – 2003 got it because i realized how good they were
    DS Phat – recieved as christmas gift year of launch
    Wii – got at second release a week after launch by standing outside walmart for 24 hours
    DSi- launch
    3DS- picking up at launch day already paid for

  14. NES – Had to wait until 1988 =(
    Super NES – Bought at launch @ KayBee toys. First in town!
    N64 – Bought at launch. First in town again!
    Game Boy Color and GBA – Bought a Polar White GBA from Japan via mailorder catalog (thx region free!), GBC… I couldn’t justify it knowing the GBA was just around the corner.
    Gamecube – Bought at midnight launch. Camped 14 hours, first in town!
    SP – Waited and bought the limited edition NES styled SP.
    DS – Waited patiently for the red Mario Kart version, have added 3 more DS’s to the house since including one of the limited edition ones from the Nintendo World Store NY.
    Wii – Camped for 2 days (they put us outside in 30 degree weather), got kicked out twice, THIRD in town at midnight launch because after 2 days I just didn’t give a crap especially since I’ve been camping Nintendo for 20+ years yeesh. F you Wal Mart, being open 24 hours or not, my next Nintendo ANYTHING will come from anywhere but you. /rant off
    3DS – hoping for one for the birthday (soon!), but I’ll be at Target/BestBuy/wherever playing the demo units for hours on end I’m sure.

  15. NES – Christmas of 87
    SNES – Skipped for the Genesis
    N64 – Launch
    Gamecube – Skipped for PS2
    Wii- Launch

    Gameboy – Parents bought a pair for my brother and I for a Thanksgiving Trip in 1989
    GBA – Skipped until I played a friends Mario & Luigi RPG
    DS – Launch of DSLite (I thought the DSPhat looked terrible and still do!)
    3DS – Undecided still, probably will wait for revision just like the DS or a price drop.

  16. NES – Christmas 1990
    SNES – Christmas 1994
    Gameboy – April 1995 later bought a gameboy color for Zelda games
    Virtual Boy – The clearance bin at Wal-Mart in spring of 1996 for $50
    N64 – Launch day 1996
    Gameboy Advance – Launch day 2001
    Gamecube – Launch day 2001
    DS – Launch day 2004, then I ugraded to a lite when it was available.
    Wii – January 2007 (I tried to get it on launch day)
    3DS – Can’t afford it and don’t have time to play anyway.

  17. NES- Got as a birthday present when I was little
    Gameboy- Christmas present 1989
    SNES- Christmas present 1991
    N64- Brother got as a christmas present 1997
    Gamecube- never owned
    GBA- Bought at launch (at Toys R’ Us). Waited in line, by the time I got to the front they only had one left. 5 families in front of me didn’t buy it because their kids were too manly for pink and began to cry. Scooped it up. Pink GBA FTW.
    Nintendo DS- Bought at launch.
    Wii- Bought in 2010.
    3DS- Pre-oredered.

  18. never bought any system at launch.

  19. only bought ds wii and now 3ds, previous systems i was too young and had to wait for christmas or a birthday

  20. NES – Gift from some friends. Came with Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Section Z, and Chess Master
    SNES – missed out on this one… always played at friends’, but never owned.
    N64 – My dad lost a bet to my brothers and I. I convinced him to buy us an N64 as payment. 🙂
    Gamecube – My brother bought one and I mooched off of him. Bought my own controller, memory card, and games.
    GBA SP – Bought when going on an overnight business trip and for Minish Cap.
    DSlite – Bought because of the good word of mouth and game library for DS.
    Wii – Bought at launch. Twilight Princess at launch was a big selling point for me.

  21. NES-too young, but the family owned it.
    SNES-again too young, but again, the family owned it.
    N64-family Christmas present
    GameCube-Christmas present: asked my parents to get the SSBM bundle for me and my younger siblings, but they got it exclusively for me…my brother was so jealous, haha!
    Wii-family Christmas present the year it came out. Best Christmas of my life so far.

  22. I bought the Game Boy and Nintendo 64 quite long after launch, the Game Boy Color/Advance and DS at launch, and the Gamecube at launch. However, it took me until Super Mario Galaxy to buy the Wii, and I’m not sure whether I’ll buy the 3DS at launch simply due to the lack of interesting games out (I tend to buy a Nintendo console the day a Mario game comes out for it).

  23. GameBoy Christmas ’89
    GameBoy Advance imported from Japan at launch.

  24. GBC & Gamecube – Christmas, no idea how soon after launch.
    DS – Christmas the year it came out (especially awesome because my mom put it in a popcorn tin, which made me think there was nothing important inside and save it for last~)
    Wii – A couple weeks to a month after launch, I stayed home from school for a week trying to get one (so I could be at EB Games when they opened.) I finally got one that Thursday, my mom and grandpa had to stand outside in the cold at Six AM for it though, *cough*
    DS Lite – Possibly got it on launch day? I really don’t remember.
    DSi – Launch day!
    3DS – Also going to get it on launch day!

  25. all in order of me getting.
    N64_ Christmas present (don’t have now)
    GBcolor_bought it used (don’t have now)
    GameCube_Christmas present(the Zelda collectors’ bundle)
    GBA sp_bought it new, I think it was to play Pokemon Ruby
    DS phat_bought after seeing a friend playing Metroid Prime hunters
    and then not long after, the DS lite launched.
    Wii_got it on Christmas but sill had to pay for it but I did get like 3 games as presents, it was just a month after release, tried to get it around release.
    DSi_on launch(pre-ordered)
    GBA micro_got recently new
    GBA SP(backlit)_got recently used
    DSi XL_planing to get soon
    3DS_holding out for now, maybe until Zelda: OoT 3DS

  26. NES – Parents bought it two years after launch
    Game Boy- Parents bought it a year after launch
    Super NES – Parents bought it two years after launch
    N64 – Bought at launch.
    Game Boy Color – Bought at launch.
    GBA – Bought at launch.
    GB SP – Bought at launch.
    GB Micro – Bought the Famicom Limited Edition
    Gamecube – Bought at launch.
    DS – Bought at launch.
    DS Lite – Bought at launch.
    Wii – Bought at launch.
    DSi – Bought at launch.
    3DS – Will buy it either in Holiday 2012 or wait until 2013 when the first redesign is available. Might change my stance once I try it AND funds are available for it since my daughter was just born 5 days ago and all funds have been diverted her way.