Nintendo announces mobile deal and next-gen console


The RiftIn today’s press conference, Nintendo announced a big mobile gaming deal with DeNA and will release gaming apps for smart devices and will use Nintendo’s reputable stable of IPs. With this announcement, Nintendo and DeNA hope to attract new customers through mobile games and apps and onto Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles. On the note of consoles, Nintendo has announced a new console under the codename of NX. No details on whether it is a handheld, home console or a hybrid and no specs were released. I’m hoping for some more info in the next few months, especially at E3 about the new console and mobile deal.

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  1. It was a matter of time when Nintendo is going to do games on other mobile platforms and I know they aren’t removing or going away from there own mobile platforms just expanding into different areas.

  2. We better not hear more about this phone gaming stuff at E3 than any other topic. I will be very disappointed if they do that.

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