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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to get Expansion Pass

Nintendo announced that Breath of the Wild will be getting an expansion pack for $20 and will include the following.

Switch Extended Superbowl Ad

I’m pretty excited for the Switch to arrive in just under a month and the Superbowl ad for the Switch just stokes my excitement more!

Nintendo Switch Presentation

  Nintendo has announced today that they will be doing a presentation on January 12 to provide more details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. I’m hoping it’ll be relatively affordable as Nintendo rarely sells their systems at a loss.

Pokemon Go Is Now Available!

Pokemon Go for Android and iOS is finally here and has started rolling out in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Other countries will be getting it soon!

Twilight Princess Unboxing

Twilight Princess HD has just been released in North America and is one of my favourite Zelda titles. The limited edition physical copy includes Wolf Link amiibo and is nicely detailed.

Beautiful Pokemon Theme Song Cover

Beatrice Martin, a Francophone Canadian artist released a beautifully done Pokemon Theme Song cover in honour of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary this year. Hope you’ll enjoy it!  

Pokemon Sun and Moon officially announced

The news of the new Pokemon games comes from a new Pokemon-centric Nintendo Direct that happened today, ahead of the series’ 20th anniversary on February 27. Not much is known about the game besides a new legendary had been revealed and the game will be available Holiday 2016. Nintendo also announced that the 3DS Virtual Console re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will use the Pokemo...

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go was announced as an Android and iOS game. Developed by Nintendo and Niantic, the game allows players to explore the real world to catch virtual Pokémon. 

Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions World Tour

The Pokemon Company has announced new concert dates for Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions tour with 30 new locations in North America with stops in United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia. European dates will be in Spring 2016. For full schedule and info, head over to their official site.

Nintendo announces mobile deal and next-gen console

In today’s press conference, Nintendo announced a big mobile gaming deal with DeNA and will release gaming apps for smart devices and will use Nintendo’s reputable stable of IPs. With this announcement, Nintendo and DeNA hope to attract new customers through mobile games and apps and onto Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles. On the note of consoles, Nintendo has announced a new console und...

Third Party USB Gamecube Adapter For Wii U And PC

If you’re looking into getting a Gamecube adapter for your Wii U, Play Asia has a third party one for sale for $20 USD that’s compatible with PC by flipping a toggle on the unit. It’s compatible with the Gamecube Dolphin Emulator and works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OSX.

Let’s Name The Super Smash Bros Roster! Even though some of Nintendo’s franchises are quite well known, some franchises don’t get the same exposure and love. Albeit some of these people being asked to answer who the characters were in the newest Smash Bros aren’t the most avid gamers. Some of the responses made definitely gave me a good chuckle, li...

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