Nintendo Issues New Super Luigi U Challenge


Masataka Takemoto, the game director for New Super Luigi U, recently announced a contest on the Miiverse for owners of this game.  Upon completing the game, the player is granted access to the secret island that stores various stats from the play through.   The first item listed is the number of coins that were collected.  Here are his words about the challenge:


“If you’ve finished the game already, I’m sure you noticed that you can now travel to a secret island and check out your game records.

What I want to see is a screenshot of that showing how many coins you picked up in New SUPER LUIGI U!  Let’s make it a competition!

…but there’s a twist.  The winner is the one who has the LEAST amount of coins.

I’m accepting entries until 18th August.   If you want to enter, just attach your screenshot to a comment on this post.

What’ s the lowest coin total?   Is it possible to complete the game without picking up any coins?  If so, has anyone managed it?

I look forward  to finding out the answers!  Good luck, everyone!”


This will definitely be difficult for even the most experienced players.  3 people, as of this writing, have already posted screen shots showing off 0 coins.  Is anyone else up to the challenge?

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