Your 2012 gaming plans according to Nintendo

E3 may be long gone, but this week Nintendo has outlined the games gamers will be gaming (see what I did there?) on Nintendo consoles in 2012. Notably absent is any mention of recent Japanese releases Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, which many gamers were hoping would help fill in the gaps until Skyward Sword and Wii U. Wii isn’t totally dead in the water though, check out Derek’s list of games still coming for Ninteno’s white box.

Even though 3DS is the new kid on the block, its older brother in DS still has a very significant amount of content coming down the pipeline. If you enjoy all things strange than Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor from Atlus is right up your alley. Nintendo is still bring the games to their legacy handheld as will with Kirby Mass Attack and Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

The 3DS is the system to be excited about right now if you’re a Nintendo fan. Nintendo may be publishing the bulk of the AAA titles with Super Mario 3DS, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Mario Kart all coming from the house that Mario built; but their is a strong 3rd party presence on the list as well with tiles such as Resident Evil, Shinobi, and Metal Gear all making appearances.

If you would like to see the full lists for yourself, just click on through to see the Wii, 3DS and DS lists in all their glory.

What games on the list make you most excited. What games that aren’t make you the most sad?


Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. You listed the 3DS link twice. 😛

    The only things that have me excited on that list is Kirby Wii, Rhythm Heaven Wii, and The Hidden…nothing else really stands out as ‘important’ to me. :/

  2. @GameCollector44
    *fixed* thanks for that!

  3. N-no….No Last Story, Xenoblade, or Pandora’s Tower?

    Well, at least North American gamers get Wii Play: Motion! That’s the same…right? …Right?

  4. @monkat

    :((((( It seems that Nintendo of America doesn’t think we’d enjoy those beautiful beautiful games…

  5. I wish we had a edit function…I’m also rather excited for Professor Layton and the Last Specter, and…maybe those two House M.D. games. o.o

  6. Atlus is a great company. I’m definitely going to throw some money their way soon.

    This last Professor Layton will be my first.

  7. I am excited about all things 3DS. But my leading favorites are Ace Combat 3D, Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time 3D, and Sonic ( I can’t wait to see him in 3D).

  8. Has Nintendo reverted back to their SNES days when they would hold back vast quantities of Japanese titles from the rest of the world? It is so frustrating!

  9. I’m looking forward to every single Nintendo-produced 3DS title, Mario Kart and Super Mario most of all. Definitely getting Prof. Layton….and probably Konami’s Waluigi Layton. On Wii, (besides Skyward Sword) I can’t wait for Rhythm Heaven.

    If Nintendo really wants to sell a bazillion units of 3DS hardware, they need to get production of Smash Brothers and a Pokemon RPG into high gear. Heck, even Brawl with a few extra characters would be enough.

  10. I am honestly considering not buying Nintendo consoles anymore. The great games I want to play are NOT being released in this part of the world. Sure, they still bring Mario or Zelda, but what about those nice RPGs that I bought the console to play? What about Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora Tower? Really, if they don’t bother bringing in the games I want to play now, I will not bother buying their next console since they will likely do the same (ie, not bringing the titles I want to play).

    Nintendo of Japan should replace whoever jackass in NOA is responsible for such decisions. This will bring Nintendo down, I am sure of it.


  11. Fabio,

    To be fair to NOA, the reason they’re hesitant to bring those titles over is because those kind of non-FF RPGs don’t sell very well over here, and dialogue-heavy titles take a lot more time and money to translate. This decision, sad as it is, will not “bring Nintendo down” because we’re talking about a very small percentage of the company’s customers.

  12. i’m still enjoying 2011, but 2012 looks like:

    BF3 (pumped for this)
    lorto / old republic (should be a great way to waste time)
    IL2: Cliffs of Dover (if it ever is released and doesnt suck)

  13. @ Richard
    Those titles cater to the same demographic that Nintendo wants to bring back with WiiU. Now tell me how will I trust them to bring such titles with the WiiU (where they will have a lot of competition, theoretically) if they don’t bother bringing the titles to the Wii, which has no competition at all? Just by this fact I would assume it would sell at least a million copies, you know, just because there is *nothing else*.

    It will bring them down because 1) casual people will not buy the WiiU since it is not as novel as the Wii was; 2) the public they want back knows they don’t release the titles they want. So they will stick with MS or Sony, since they do release all their major overseas titles here (Demon’s Souls is a perfect example of it).


  14. By the way, those titles will be released in Europe. So they will already be translated to English.

    This is the same thing that happened with Disaster: Day of Crysis and Fatal Frame (likely among others) that were nice titles never released here in the US (but some of them – if not all – were released in Europe).

  15. Fabio,

    Those games would not sell a miilion copies. Bless you for sticking up for good, non-mainstream games–don’t stop that. But I really do think that bringing them over would be a money-losing effort.

    I’d be very happy to be wrong about this, and–who knows, maybe it’ll still happen!

  16. “DS still has a very significant amount of content coming down the pipeline. If you enjoy all things strange than Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor from Atlus is right up your alley.”

    I thought SMT:DS was a 3DS game?

  17. also, I’m really sad there aren’t many summer releases… SMT and one or two others pop up at the end of August…

    But other than that its pretty much OoT and RE:M3D

    man… I wish HAL could keep a release date for once in their life. Holiday for Kid Icarus is no good. It was supposed to be launch… then launch window… then summer… now holiday?? UGH.

  18. I’m really saddened about the lack of RPGs as well, in particular Firr Emblem’s absence gets me down. The last installment, Shadow Dragon, had the best sales outside of Japan of the entire series, but now they pull the plug??

  19. Nintendo’s behavior is definitely causing me to have a wait-and-see approach to their new hardware.

  20. I love Nintendo but I’m a bit disappointed that they haven’t made another StarFox game that’s for the Wii. I mean StarFox 64 3D looks awesome but I miss the awkward moments between Fox and Krystal whenever she’d try to flirt with him. I just want Nintendo to make another good StarFox game that’s for the Wii and continues from where StarFox Assault left us.

  21. Buying the Wii U of course

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