Wii U Price Cut Announced


This is the moment that seemingly everyone has been clamoring for since right after the Wii U was launched – a price cut has been announced for the Wii U.  Kotaku revealed this information today when they released details from an interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime.

As its sales have been examined to slap a proclamation of success or failure on the new console, the debate rages on about how well the console is doing.  I will not enter into that fray here, but I will state that a lower price point can only help to boost sales.  With that said, Nintendo has announced that they are cutting $50 off of the price of the console on September 20.

Reggie also clarified another point about the Wii U system, one that has been rumored for weeks.  When speaking about the white 8 GB basic Wii U model, he stated “That has largely sold through in the marketplace…There is not much of that particular configuration out and we don’t expect there to be much at all come September 20.”  The Wii U basic has officially received the axe at this point, based on what he said.

Nintendo will be offering the 32 GB “deluxe” model of the Wii U for $299.99 starting on September 20.  In addition, the Wind Waker HD bundle would offer a second console option.  It will also be 32 GB, but it will come with vouchers to download a digital copy of Hyrule Historia as well as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.  It should be noted that the WWHD bundle is also priced at $299.99, now that there is an official price drop.

Nintendo has a steady stream of software ready to launch over the next few months.  That fact, coupled with a modest price cut, should help to increase sales of the system.  Only time will determine how many systems will be sold.  Lowering the price in advance of the other next gen systems launching in November can only benefit Nintendo.  Ultimately, software sells systems, but the price of the system can not be overlooked.  A console that is perceived to be high priced will have sluggish sales, even if the games are outstanding.  The combination of strong software and a lower price help to create a more favorable market for the Wii U.  Once pre-orders are filled for the PS4 and XBox One by mid November, it will be interesting to see how the 3 consoles will sell head to head (to head) for the remainder of the holidays.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the impact this will have on the Wii U?  Do you anticipate a strong holiday season for the console?


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  1. I’ll be the first so say it. I bought a 3DS at launch, and was completely happy with it at full launch price. I was even happier when they cut the price and created the Ambassador Program (even though it really didn’t balance the cost very well and was MOSTLY garbage games, IMO). I also bought a Wii U Premium Bundle at launch and have been happy with it since launch (owning four full retail games, New Super Luigi U, and a host of other digital content). I want another Ambassador Program though. I deserve it. We are not talking a 2-3 year later price cut (as is normal for many consoles) but price cut less than a year later (and while not as drastic as the 3DS price cut, a noticeable difference).

    Just my $0.02

  2. You “deserve” another program? No, you deserve to get smarter. I bought a 3DS at launch too, and I learned that I will never buy a Nintendo product at launch again.

    Tough life lesson for you, but that’s the way the company works.

  3. @Lou – I’m going to choose to believe that you didn’t know/realize how rude/uncooth you were (for no real reason) and therefore ignore that aspect, but I will still refute your statement.

    What exactly do I need to learn?

    Not to support my favored video game company and enjoy the great games for which they are known? No, I think not.

    That Nintendo is “just another company” that WILL screw “me,” their “loyal customer(s)/fanbase” solely for their bottom line? Ok, that sounds like it MIGHT have merit, but lets look at that statement more closely. Now, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, before this price drop, Nintendo has only ever done a major/drastic price/product cut exactly twice: once on the 3DS and once on the Virtual Boy. Both handheld products and, what, nearly fifteen years between them? Oh, and they tried to make it better (for the 3DS) with the Ambassador Program. So, it would seem to me, that there is/was no previous lesson to be learned.

    What do you say now? I say, give me my Ambassador Program (I deserve it)!!

  4. You don’t deserve anything. Also, it’s “uncouth”.

    If you’re going to blindly support something, prepare for disappointment.

  5. I do think an Ambassador Program for the Wii U would be somewhat fair. It hasn’t even been a year since release, and now there are more options for the Deluxe bundle, which is a whole $50 cheaper now — Nintendo Land, Wind Waker, even Lego City Undercover in the UK.

    It’d be nice to get a little recompense for the early (and arguably well-placed) faith.

    As for the price cut itself, hooooo. This holiday season is going to be an interesting one, now that the Wii U is a whole $150 cheaper (I say $150, because it comes with a game) than the next console, the PS4.

    Add that to the fact that it’s the only console with backwards compatibility, and a few games that people are excited about — namely, Watch_Dogs and Rayman Legends — is going to have special features native to the Wii U, with a little bit of marketing, Nintendo is in a position to dominate this holiday.

  6. No need for an ambassador program. My launch Wii U has seen a ton of use since Day 1, and a $50 price cut at 10 months after launch does NOT entitle us to anything. We decided to get a console at launch, we knew that, eventually, the price would be lower.

    The 3DS ambassador program was Nintendo doing something unprecedented and nice. It does NOT mean they should do the same each time they do a price cut.

    You’re ALL also getting lots of extra things from registering your Wii U and game purchases on Club Nintendo as well as the Deluxe Digital Promotion for Wii U Deluxe owners.

    As an ex-MS employee once said… DEAL WITH IT.

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