Wii U: Franchise Rumors?

Let’s face it, with the many rumors surrounding the Wii U, Xbox720, and PS4, it is easy to get lost in the daily unconfirmed announcements.  I do  not know if this Wii U announcement is true or not but Mike Gwilliam, of Forget the Box, has announced some new unconfirmed rumors about the Wii U.

It seems as though Nintendo has plans to display ten or eleven of their own titles at the upcoming E3, with the remainder titles being from other, third party vendors.  To add to the rumor, it appears as though there are a total of about seventy new titles, four of which could release by the years end!  If the Rumors are true, then we would see the launch of the system sometime this year.  Of course Rumors come and go, so don’t get your hopes up!

“Nintendo is considering keeping the price of the Wii U lower than they want to,” according to the source of the rumors.  A lower price on the Wii U would definitely add to the sales of the system.  And with seventy rumored games as well as the success of the 3DS, Nintendo will be sitting pretty on the Money Mountain.

Another Rumor is that there are three brand new franchises in development for the Wii U.  These franchises are owned by various Nintendo owned studios, so we can be pretty safe in assuming they will have the classic look and feel of the systems roots.  The new franchises could be a great lap for the company, or possibly a flop if they stray too far from their origins.  There are many people out there that criticize Nintendo for using the same old games and re-releasing them with new features.  There are many others that wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am all for new franchises as long as they keep the old ones as well.

New Rumors surrounding the Wii U seem to pop up every day.  Whether they are true or not, only Nintendo knows.  With each rumor I hear, i get more and more excited to see what is to come.


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