Poll: When will Nintendo release their next console?




  1. One question you’ve gotta ask is why they’d make a new console. To get better graphics? This generation has proven that doesn’t matter and may even be a hindrance to making successful games. For better control? They’ve already done that once with the Motion Plus add-on. It’s possible the Wii is going to be the last box we see from Nintendo for quite a while.

  2. Nintendo will probably wait for 2013. Once crazies realize that 2012 wasn’t the end of the world, their parties will need some games to play 😀

  3. I’m not voting, but I’m probably the odd duck out…..

    I would LOVE for Nintendo to, around about end of November-beginning of December, announce that they will have a “new” console out by October of next year. This new console will be NO MORE THAN $250, completely compatible with the Wii, upscaling support for the Wii, and on par SHEER POWER WISE with the Xbox 360 (which of course means no FORWARDS compatability). Basically, more than just a “Wii HD” but JUST less than a full-blown “new console”. Why?

    Think about it….

    Sony and Microsoft are hell-bent on their systems lasting around ten years. If Nintendo releases what I want now, it will more than ride them 10-16 months into the lifecycle of Sony and Microsoft’s offerings, giving them a leg up (realistically/technically a “generation” up, but whatever).

    I would gladly by said console, even if it was not hacked as easily (or hackable at all for that matter), especially at that kind of price.

  4. They’ll want to release a new console when they’ve exhausted the potential of motion controls. I remember Reggie saying as much during an interview a while back, and saying that they haven’t even scratched the surface of what you can do with motion controls (which is true). If Nintendo releases a new console before they’ve shown off the true and full potential of the Wii Remote, its going to feel like a betrayal to those who bought the console expecting a revolution in gaming controls.

    That being said, if the Wii begins to decline before then, then I suppose Nintendo won’t really have any choice. And if they want to avoid that happening they’re going to need to start really pushing motion controls, and especially motion +. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of that at E3 next year.

    All in all, its really hard to say exactly when a new console will come from Nintendo but I really can’t see us getting one any earlier that 2013 unless the Wii’s sales really start nose-diving. It really all boils down to how aggressively Nintendo pursues motion controls in the next couple years, I’d say.

  5. Oh, and the WiiMotion+ should be built into the controller, so the box will ship with:

    1xClassic Controller Pro
    AT LEAST 16GB internal memory for WiiWare and such

  6. I think that sales are already going down, maybe 2011 or the first half of 2012.
    I’m guessing a WiiMote+ and Nunchuk+

    And a modern cheap equipment, like something with Nvidia Ion or Tegra.

  7. I was all set to click “Next year”, because by xmas of next year, the Wii will almost certainly be $99 or $129. Non-licensed third-party support is stalling out. It’s time. But then I realized that by September the year before the Wii was released, they’d already announced the code name of the console and released pictures and a description of the controller. So far all they’ve done with the Wii’s successor is make vague references to being mind-blowing, which is just generic hype machine stuff you could use at any point in a console’s development. Maybe they’re just doing better at keeping things quiet, but Nintendo knows they need a lot of third party support and I think there would have been credible leaks by now if they were going to ship next fall.

    So I’m going with 2012. No first-place console maker has ever waited 7 years to release a followup in the US and Nintendo is not going to be the first with the Wii. Six years is still longer than usual; five is the rule of thumb: Atari 2600->5200, SNES->N64, PS1->PS2. Only the NES and PS2 managed to make it 6 years before their successors made it to market, and they both dominated the market to the same huge extent that the Wii has.

  8. I’m going to be bold and risk being lol’d at and say 2015. It’s clear that Iwata is nowhere near done, and so long as Nintendo is able to come up with new proposals with the existing hardware (they can), or come up with proposals using cost-effective extension hardware (they can), then it’s going to be awhile before there’s a need to put out a new box.

  9. Forgot to mention that I also think it will be 2015 because that’s around the time where Sony will launch a successor to PS3 if it comes at all, and Nintendo will absolutely respond to that. It’s very adamant to not being beaten to the market by Sony.

  10. i read somewhere ( think it was here) that nintendos second console after a realeas that changes everythinb is just an improvement on the last one. nes>snes added buttons and up the graphics n64>gc improved the joystick and graphicd so in theory wii>wii2 improve motion and up the graphics. which id be happy with. id love all my nintendo games to have the power of hd in them. unless they think of a new controller for wii2 theb thatll change the pattern, but alot does need improving as awesome as the wii is. for example the online, the power of the wii ( i want it to anyway), the motion controls can still be perfected to.
    just my opionion. i reckon 2012, cause if the world ends ill be annoied i didnt play it 😉

  11. Other: Nintendo will, if they are smart, release a new console when the market* is ready for a new console.

    *Hint: Market doesn’t necessarily mean we that frequent online video game polls!

  12. Why are so many people talking about an upgraded Wii? We all know that Nintendo will come with something new and refreshing. When? I think they’ll announce it next year, based on the fact that we’ve seen almost all major franchises on the system (Zelda next year as the last one) and that it will come out late 2011 or 2012.

  13. Some here have it right, Iwata has stated they won’t release a new console till the potential of the Wii has climaxed. Plus, I think they want to wait until 3D televisions have become the norm, without glasses. Toshiba is already working on such a TV, so when those come out, I bet we’ll start hearing more.

    If Nintendo tries to do it any earlier, they might shoot themselves in the foot.

  14. The Wii, unlike the other consoles and the DS, is never changed. The 360 and PS3 seem to have get new hardware configurations every year (or more often), as does the DS (is the 3DS a whole new game system, or just another iteration of the DS, like the DSi or DS XL?).

    I wonder if Nintendo would be willing to release a new iteration of the Wii to extend the life of the Wii platform for a few years: more internal storage (for things like Netflix), merge the Motion+ with the current remote, update the graphics and outputs to support more current TV models.

  15. Didn’t they already release a Black Wii? Doesn’t that count as a new iteration of the console? The other console makers usually shrink components but with the Wii only sucking 17 watts there isn’t much reason to make it more efficient.

    I still worry about the next Nintendo console shipping too early and it getting into a Dreamcast situation. I guess there are as many advantages to ship a year or two early as there are disadvantages but I always worry about the extra 2 years of tech.

    Whatever the console is, Nintendo needs to figure out digital downloads and online support. Buy it once on your 3ds/Wii own it in both places. Support larger files for WiiWare so that I can play Scott Pilgrim for Pete’s sake. Make it so I don’t want to pull out my hair trying to find a friend to play Smash Brothers with.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how they play it and what they come up with that’s for sure.

  16. I’m thinking a release holiday 2013 but we’ll start to get some hints about it at next years E3 with a full-on exhibit of it’s technologies in 2012. E3 2013 will show us what to expect from the games publishers plus pricing and so forth. I’d actually say 2012 if we got some of that hint type commentary from Iwata this year, but so far all we’ve gotten is that it’s going to be made better than the Wii and have some “Surprise” element that Nintendo wants to be known for. While all of that is hinty per se, I’ve grown to expect a little more direction by know. Ninty does play a little closer to the chest than most, so we may see a 2012 release date but my feeling is that they’ll let Microsoft lay down their cards first and give them that release window. That’s why I’m going to go with the 2013 date. Just to answer the the obvious, I don’t expect Sony to walk away from the PS3 until 2014.

  17. @Rob the 3DS is basically like an upgrade from a gameboy to a gameboy colour. Same line of products but with extra features.

  18. @Verius

    Barely even close in your comparison. More like Gameboy Advance to Nintendo DS Phat. While it will still play NDS games (GBA games for the analogy) and the NDS WON’T play 3DS games (NDS games for the analogy) the difference in the INTERNAL hardware and capability is so great that it is not the moderate/minor step of the Gameboy to Gameboy Color.

  19. I posted it in the Kinect topic but here it goes again: Iwata has made it clear that their main competitor is Sony and thus Nintendo will never release a console AFTER Sony but won’t release one until Sony is about ready to release theirs.

    My guess is 2013 at the earliest. In 2011 we’ll get Pikmin 3 and Zelda Wii as well as New Super Mario Bros Wii 2 and probably another 2-3 first party Nintendo games since 80% off all their resources will go to the 3DS and the end of 2010 is packed with great first party releases.

  20. @EdEN

    It doesn’t matter who you, I, or even Nintendo states is their competition, mostly because who they are competing with only slightly affects when they will/should release their console(s). The Dreamcast is a wonderful example that beating people to market doesn’t always work out. I firmly believe that if the PS3 would have been $100-$150 cheaper at launch (a year after the 360) it would have killed the 360. Microsoft’s excessive disposable cash is the only thing that would have been able to keep it alive, not because it had the support.

    Who cares if Sony comes out with the next gen first? They WILL NOT come out with something for sub-$300. When Nintendo comes out with something say….six months later, at NO MORE THAN $250, with its ALWAYS IMPRESSIVE first-party line-up, it will cannibalize the PS4X.8

    I say do a re-hash/re-invigoration now, like I described earlier, keeping it sub $250 ($200 preferably) and cannibalize the PS3slim NOW.

  21. Does anyone know how much supply might factor into this? Can IBM and AMD continue to produce the four-year old CPU and GPU for the Wii and still make a profit?

    If the production lines for these chips were shared with others that might not be made anymore, then IBM and AMD may start to loose money on the Wii product.

    If the market for Wiis is saturated and sales start to (or continue to) decline, then IBM and AMD might pressure Nintendo to change their chips (IBM more so: I doubt AMD is in a position to pressure anyone now).

  22. AMD no longer manufactures chips. That is handled by Global Foundry and is done on a strictly contractual basis: they CAN’T lose money on its production unless they choose to, and agree to do so before hand.

    IBM is huge and handles production of VERY WIDE RANGES of chips for all manner of markets, so no real worry there. Also, as chipsets get older, they become cheaper to make, and therefor MORE profitable/viable, not less.

  23. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know a whole lot of ‘upgrading’ they can do to the gameplay mechanic. I mean, other than Blu-ray/DVD support, 1080p graphics, what else do you really have to do? You have motion control, you also have button-controlled games, to even it all out. As far as I can tell, they won’t release a new system, as much as have people send them their current systems to be upgraded.