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Poll – The price of Wii U

Last month, 84% of you said that Nintendo should change the name of Wii U before it goes on sale. Taking into account that Nintendo has yet to make final announcements about all of the console’s features, we want to

Poll – Should Nintendo change the name of Wii U?

Who knows if Nintendo will say anything about its name today, but I’m curious: {democracy:165} [UPDATE] Nintendo didn’t announce a new name for the Wii U, nor did they even mention it during today’s video press release. Anyway, I think

Poll: Which Nintendo are you playing the most right now?

If you’re playing more than one system, just pick the one you’re playing most. Thanks for voting! {democracy:164}

What is your favorite edition of Mario Kart?

With the 7th edition of Mario Kart about to launch on Sunday, we want to know: {democracy:163} And tell us why in Comments!

Poll: What do you think of Nintendo right now?


Poll: Which color GameCube do/did you own?

{democracy:161} Hat tip, Nintendo Power.