Poll: What do you think of Nintendo right now?




  1. What do you think of Infendo right now?

  2. I might want to keep my thoughts to myself on that subject…

  3. i am never going to be worried about Nintendo’s existance for it is not a question of ‘if’? but ‘how’?
    In other words what capacity will Nintendo exist. They seem to be a little off trach at this point but with their phenominally recognisable and loved characters they shall be around for many many more years.

  4. I went with option three if only because I don’t believe anything can “do no wrong,” but that is pretty close to how I feel. The 3DS is an awesome little piece of hardware. Even if no games come out that REQUIRE 3D I am and will remain happy with what it adds to the games FOR ME. And I guess I’m just not jaded enough to not see the promise of the Wii U: I am blown away by everything I hear INCLUDING the tablet. Keep up the good work Nintendo!

  5. Life comes in and goes in seasons, sometimes they’re good and sometimes not so good.

    Nintendo is sowing seeds right now, and it’s not fair to judge a crop until it’s fully grown. It just may take a little while with the lack of rain and sunshine.

  6. Been a bumpy year, but once they kill – I mean fire – Reggie from NOA, everything will get better here. That souless, anti-RPG scumbag.

  7. You really want to use this poll on your future rants, dont you Blake? “21% of nintendo fans think that nintendo has totally failed” or something like that…. very predictable πŸ™‚

  8. I voted “Will Improve Next Year,” but–for me–the improvement begins this November 13th.

  9. Nintendo’s been able to lag behind technically for a while now and still be successful thanks to their forgiving fan base and relatively new casual audience. Wii is several years behind on the hi-def thing, online never worked well, peripherals were pushed and then abandoned, and WiiConnect24 never lived up to its promise. And personally, I get a lot more game for my buck out of my iPod Touch than my 3DS.
    I’m a life-long Nintendo lover, but the world and industry has changed around them. The community is now in control of the industry, not the other way around. Their strategy needs to change, but I’m not convinced Wii U and the 3DS will be the answer.
    If anyone has a moment, please take this 3DS Owner Quick Poll: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/539127

  10. I dunno, if we vote for something postiive, are Blake and Jack going to pop out and yell at us?

  11. I just think it’s significant that, had this poll been made a year from now, I think the 20+ people who voted for Nintendo being on their lowest would have a much more positive outlook of Nintendo; and the most positive option would be significantly fuller.

  12. 3DS, I think, can rebound. It has a few good games coming up: Mario, Sonic, Mario Kart, and supposedly a bunch next year.

    The Wii U, though, is dead before it is born. I took a quick Twitter poll yesterday, and among all of my followers (largely Nintendo fans, even), zero said that they were interested in the Wii U.

  13. Every company hits a bump in the road, and Nintendo has done that. They will be fine.

  14. @monkat: It’s very hard to be interested in something that doesn’t have any details other than HD and a tablet controller.

    I think Nintendo’s going to be fine. The media/this site/other sites have blown this thing waaaaay out of proportion. I also love, how Nintendo makes a loss for one year, and suddenly everybody thinks that they’re going to go out of business…but when the PS3 was taking 2 billion dollars per year losses, everybody was fine.

  15. In bad news, the 3DS is a mess and the Wii hasn’t had a pulse since 2010.

    In better news, we’re getting new Zelda and Super Mario titles within a freaking week of each other next month. If the Nintendo community were in a better mood, this would be cause for dancing in the streets. Have two titles in those series ever been released so close together?

    Anyway, things will get better for Nintendo. And I don’t know about anyone else, but my fanhood is slowly heating back up for what will probably be a boil by year’s end.

  16. bumpy road- maybe not back in charge next year, but it’s a long run game anyways. They’ll be fine if they keep working on fun. And I’m sure they will.

  17. True of False: The 3DS has gotten off to a better start than the DS? TRUE
    It has according to this article on IGN today.

    IMO they have lost their way for sure and I’m glad that they’re paying the price for screwing their loyal fans over for years. I’m sick and tired of the gimmicks already. I’ve grown up, and Nintendo hasn’t.
    But at the same time the 3DS is apparently doing better than the DS for the same time period, so go figure!

  18. @monkat
    Judging a poll on the internet is… a bit biased.
    There’s far too many things to consider… like what’s your main audience that usually participates in polls, what information are most of these people going off of (especially when you consider that Nintendo has yet to advertise this to the main public… e3 only counts towards gamers and electronics fans – the ones who look for this kind of information. Remember that the Wii was unknown to most of the main public until a few weeks before its release) (also counting what little software was announced to make it a unique console of its own), and each website relates to one another…

    If I were to set a poll on kotaku, joystiq, infendo, nintendolife, ign, and etc – each poll would vary heavily depending on the topic. If I were to then set a poll out to the public right now regarding the Wii U, it would also be extremely biased considering how little the public knows about it.

    You can’t really say the Wii U is dead on arrival this early on. Polls right now would be biased.

    Much like this poll – except this one’s asking Infendo readers RIGHT NOW… so it’s not going to get incorrect numbers as it knows which audience it’s aiming for.

  19. @monkat
    An interesting thing to consider:
    Here in Infendo, most people have expressed that they cared little for Nintendo Power possibly being discontinued. Yet, in Joystiq, SEVERAL have expressed that they would miss Nintendo Power if discontinued.

    …this is considering that all Infendo readers are Nintendo fans (or I’d hope so, or it wouldn’t make sense), and the vast majority of Joystiq readers are anti-current-Nintendo. In fact, many of the commenters in Joystiq have said that they weren’t big Nintendo fans, but acknowledge that Nintendo Power was the better magazine when compared to the Playstation Magazine and Xbox Magazine.

    Judging from audience alone is also extremely biased, as not enough information can be gathered from them without thorough testing.

  20. @Koopa Trooper: HD is a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick. So are analog sticks, buttons, and touch screens. In short, everything attention-grabbing is a gimmick.

    Definition of gimmick – A trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business.

  21. ha, it is kind of funny but everytime someone posts an anti nintendo article all the comments say how much thay hate those articles, but then in the comments themselves people are hatin on nintendo

  22. I think 3D is totally useless and I don’t like how everyone wants to make it a entertainment standard. The DSi was just fine to me. I think the Wii should’ve gone out with a bang of good games.
    I think Operation Rain-fail.

  23. I agree with Derek B., Nintendo’s definitely in a tight spot right now (did anyone else see Reggie sweat in the latest Nintendo Channel feature?) but, with the new Mario and Zelda titles in such close proximity to each other and to us, we should be playing Nintendo for long enough until we get the next big blockbuster titles. I’m already pumped at the thought of collecting Heart Pieces and Star Coins. πŸ™‚ That said, Wii U is kind of uncertain territory for me, hopefully when 3DS picks up it’ll be so fun that I won’t have to worry about the Wii U.

  24. @skotski

    Absolutely! I’m not trying to claim that one personal poll amongst people who follow me on Twitter represents the entire Wii U market. It does say something, though, if 0 out of ~20 people, mostly heavy Nintendo fans, are so much as interested in the Wii U.


    Is it? A lot of the responses in my (very personal–not to be taken as decent scientific research!) poll, a LOT of people referenced the Vita. A few even mentioned the next Playstation and Xbox! Keep in mind that a fair amount of them have a pretty bad case of Nintendo-fanboyism.

  25. Pokemon Rumble Blast is still fun. (after probably 5 hours of play, just fyi) lol

    I’m excited for Mario 3d Land! Played it yesterday at a demo at Best Buy, and it was fun. πŸ™‚ My right contact was messed up, so I can’t say if the 3d was awesome or not though. lol It almost felt like the screen shouldn’t be able to look that good.. Idk, it was a weird feeling.. It was smooth, and controlled very nicely. Tanooki tail was fun to have again. πŸ™‚

  26. Adapt. Adapt. Adapt.

  27. If they want to make the WiiU successful, I think they need to take a long hard look at a redesign or retooling. Ask themselves, “why the hell will people buy this?”

    I want to have a reason to buy it. Nintendo, GIVE me a reason to buy it. I don’t have any evidence yet. And if it takes rolling out amazing-looking WiiU versions of your tireless properties, DO IT. Don’t show me frisbees and Miis. In the past.

  28. I still hold out hope that they’ll release Virtual Boy games as downloadable titles. But they will probably not… because of the relentless internet teasing it would cause.

  29. I think they’ve hit some hard times, but that they’ll recover shortly enough and be back to their old glories. It’s not the end of Nintendo or them as a third party company just yet, so don’t panic.