Poll – Should Nintendo change the name of Wii U?

Who knows if Nintendo will say anything about its name today, but I’m curious:


[UPDATE] Nintendo didn’t announce a new name for the Wii U, nor did they even mention it during today’s video press release. Anyway, I think Villa’s comment below really nails the need for a new name since I also still meet people who don’t know how good of a brand-new handheld the 3DS is since they just think it’s “a normal DS with 3D”.

12 Responses to Poll – Should Nintendo change the name of Wii U?

  1. I don’t see any particular reason, Wii was a silly enough name in the first place! Wii U doesn’t seem any worse, and Wii has grown on me…

  2. Richard says:

    Yes. The “We/You” wordplay is kind of cute, but it’s just plain unpleasant to say aloud. Even “Wii 2” would be better.

    Maybe they should take a cue from Apple’s Mac OS name series, but instead of big cats, just start naming their consoles after their characters. This one could be The Tingle…never mind.

  3. Hyawatta says:

    Wii U’s Name Really Works

    I met up with a cousin that I don’t get to see very often. His youngest kid has a DS Lite, middle child a DSi, and oldest has a 3DS. While we were adding each other to our Friends Lists, without having to type in the codes, we talked about the Wii U.

    He was considering getting a 360 for the Kennect, but he had no idea that the Wii U was coming out at all, let alone this year! He noticeably preferred to get the Nintendo system instead, but then he started wondering if he should still get the 360 because he wanted to play games for himself too, not just for his kids.

    This is where the Wii U’s name really came in handy in explaining to him why it would be fine to purchase the Wii U instead of the 360. I let him know that the Wii was named to show that its games were for everyone, but the Wii U’s name shows that it is also intended for you. He immediately understood as I spoke these words, his eyes kindof lit up. Now, we are both looking forward to playing our new systems online together. We just need the third parties to deliver on this and bring their multiplatform games to the Wii U.

  4. Caowmanodoom says:

    Maybe it should be called the “Wii Selfish”?

  5. Tanner says:

    I’ve never really cared what the system’s name was its just not as important to me. I would get the Nintendo ultra super duper print money machine for us please system if it still has great games

  6. Villa says:

    a different name i think will be better. Some people still beliving that the 3DS is just a normal DS with 3D . Maybe this same people will think the Wii U is a Wii with a different control….

  7. Âlvärö says:

    I can live with Wii U name…but it would be great if they change it to something else. I don’t know, something “cooler”…

  8. Kaherka says:

    Most kids I know (and I know a lot of elementary school kids!) own a Wii and are aware of the Wii U, but they think the Wii U is a new controller that’s coming out for the Wii.

    So… I think they should change the name. It’s definitely a branding confusion problem.

  9. CZsWorld says:

    It’s probably one of those things that sounds brilliant if your Japanese but for our sake PLEASE CHANGE IT

  10. Alex says:

    I really think that if they want to keep the Wii name, they should at least make it apparent that this is an improved version of the Wii. Something like the “Super Wii”, like they did with the SNES, would be a good way to approach the situation. It lets the consumer know that this is something more powerful than the Wii, and not just a peripheral.

  11. InvisibleMan says:

    “Wii Revolution”!!

  12. james braselton says:

    hi there i have 3ds have wii ps3 xbox 360 4 gb flash a psp go getting vita then wii u for christmas a 3d lg thrill phone

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