Pause Menu: What do you hope to see in the new Legend of Zelda?

After reading Holly’s Retro Redux, I was inspired to create an ongoing feature myself. As the title suggests, it will be a weekly article that I hope will provide food for thought for you readers. So welcome to the Pause Menu (thanks goes to fellow contributor  Justin Riley for the  title).

I really cannot wait to see more of this iteration of Link

OK, let’s start by being realistic; we are not going to see the release of the new Legend of Zelda game for at least another twelve months. Regardless, it is not too early to have a wishlist. For me, I really hope the structure of the game is like the excellent A Link Between Worlds, but takes the idea of doing the dungeons in any order a step further by returning to the sense of discovery found in the very first entry in the series. How good would it feel to stumble upon a dungeon that  no one in your circle of friends has found?

Another factor of Zelda games I hope to see expanded on is the story. I know Ganon is the over-arching villain but does he have to be in almost every Zelda game? I thought Majora’s Mask had a far more interesting villain in Skull Kid and I really hope they have a more intriguing villain in Zelda Wii U then just bringing Ganon back again.

His unpredictability was what made Skull Kid so interesting

I’m going to take a turn into somewhat controversial territory now and say this game needs to have voice acting in some form, whether it’s in the Elder Scrolls style, in which the protagonist is silent, or it has the same style that Darksiders had and Link finally has a voice. I have read of people saying this would detract from the spirit of Zelda, but I think adding voice acting will give Zelda an added air of maturity.

I hope the few ideas I have put down will give you some food for thought. I look forward to reading your comments.

3 Responses to Pause Menu: What do you hope to see in the new Legend of Zelda?

  1. Justin Riley says:

    I wasn’t big on the way ALBW rented you all the tools, but I love the idea of free exploration, so if they can find a way to make all dungeons open, but make you still find all the tools, it could be great.
    As for story, I could use a change from Ganon, a side story away from him would be great.
    Voice acting would be awesome, particularly in cut scenes, I would worry about Link though, as giving him a voice could ruin people’s own personal mental image of him. Anyone who has watched the old Zelda cartoon knows it is easy to screw this up.

    Love the new feature. Keep up the great work, Colin.

  2. Greg in pa says:

    Yeah there could never be a voice that satisfies the audience for king cause over the last 25 years we have played as link everyone has a different image of him and everyone has a slightly or perhaps drastic difference of what link is thinking in every situation.
    I LOVED link between worlds however i prefer my LOZ over the top so that was really to be expected but think that game paved the way for a new way of going through the game world that Zelda wii u can expand on

  3. RisnDevil says:

    So, going to go against the grain here: first, ALBW wasn’t that great. I DID like being able to do the dungeons in any order, but I DIDN’T like the weapon rentals…I feel it cheapened the experience. I feel like the dungeons should be visitable in any order, but have gated areas that require special equipment and have special rewards.

    Also, I think I really want some RPG elements: levels, attributes, et cetera. And side quests…LOTS of side quests…

    Give me those and you can make Link sound like anything in the world and I wouldn’t care.

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