Review: Toss N Go (Wii U eShop Download)


Toss N Go is the third and final Wii U game in RCMADIAX’s Tabletop Gallery series. As with the two previous games in the series (Poker Dice Solitaire Future and Shut the Box), Toss N Go is easy to grasp and rewarding to play. In it, the player (or players; more on that later) rolls 10 dice, which will each show one of three simple symbols: a green plus sign, a yellow circle, or a red x. Any greens are automatically saved at one point apiece. The player can roll the remaining dice for a chance at more greens, but if all remaining dice show a red x, all points go down the drain. Successfully rolling 10 greens gives you a chance to start the process all over again for even more points.

WUP-N_ATGE_gameplay_2In Toss N Go, you must play against a CPU opponent or find a human buddy to play with, and the first to 100 points is the winner. This makes Toss N Go the first multiplayer game from RCMADIAX, and it was a genius decision. I played once with my brother, and doing so reminded me of just how fun playing a simple game with family can be. The risk/reward system works well in and of itself, but taunting or egging your opponent on in an attempt to make them lose all their points is the best possible experience Toss N Go can offer.

Playing with a CPU can be entertaining, but unfortunately the game doesn’t offer different difficulty levels for the CPU. A CPU opponent will generally employ the same strategy throughout, with the occasional small adjustment that makes the experience a little more interesting. Still, this style of play pales in comparison to playing the game with a friend or family member.

The graphics in Toss N Go are appealing, if a bit generic. The one song that loops throughout the game is actually one I like, but in the future I will probably opt to turn the volume off and put on my own music to accompany the gameplay, as I have done with many of RCMADIAX’s previous efforts on Wii U.

WUP-N_ATGE_gameplay_3Other small adjustments would further justify the $1.99 price tag on this game. The ability to enter your name in the place of “Player 1”, for example. A different skin or two would have made the simplistic visuals a little less redundant. But as a simple gameplay experience to enjoy by yourself or with a human companion, Toss N Go is pretty fun and, in the context of the Wii U eShop, unique. It scores:

4/5 Stars

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