What is your favorite edition of Mario Kart?

With the 7th edition of Mario Kart about to launch on Sunday, we want to know:


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26 Responses to What is your favorite edition of Mario Kart?

  1. Mohan says:

    Super Mario Kart as I played that the most.

  2. TheConquistador says:

    While I really enjoyed playing Mario Kart Double Dash for the GC, I think I’d have to go with Mario Kart for the Wii (I’ve spent many a weekend mornings getting online and racing people across the world… good times)

  3. Artefacto says:

    I like how Mario is in 7th place in the header picture. Mario Kart 64 was the last time I had genuine fun with the franchise. Ever since then it’s been glittery, but mostly frustrating racing. Probably because I was very young and I didn’t think about rubber banding or item balance.

  4. Richard says:

    It’s a close call for me between DS and Wii, but I’m picking Mario Kart Wii. The online play works so well and so smoothly that I still play it often. In fact, until Skyward Sword came along, Mario Kart Wii and Rock Band 3 were the only titles keeping my Wii alive. I love the wonderful chaos of a 12 player online race!

    The great courses (old and new), large driver roster and great character animation help, too! 🙂

  5. Andrew says:

    I was not a big fan of the GC generation of Nintendo spin-off games. When it comes to games like: Mario Party, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, I prefer the speed and control of the N64 versions. I found they tended to be a little slower pace.

    However, in terms of Mario Kart, I believe Mario Kart DS was the best. Not only did the game feel more like its 64 predecessor, as apposed to Double Dash, but it first allowed me to take Mario Kart online to play against others.

  6. HyperSonic says:

    I’d definitely have to go with Double Dash. Finally, a game where me and my brother wouldn’t come to punches! (We were young.)

    The cooperative aspect was a huge and welcome addition to the formula. Not only that, it was cooperative. I’m one of the believers that cooperative play, when well implemented, makes everything ridiculously better.

  7. Josh says:

    Mario 64 was the most fun for me. Especially the battle mode. Those battle maps are the best.

  8. El Demonio says:

    Double Dash FTW! It was super fun and chaotic.
    I’m afraid that by the time Mario Kart Wii came out, I just couldn’t go back to one rider per kart.

  9. deepthought says:

    Def Kart 64. Choco Mt and the battles were nuts. And then the college kart 64 tournament? all the glory of an athlete with none of the athleticism. awesome.

  10. GameCollector44 says:

    Undoubtedly Mario Kart Wii. Mario Kart 64 was just…bleh, and Double Dash controlled weird.

  11. FrX says:

    MK: DD for sure. Not only because of the immensely innovative formula, but also because, having 3 brothers, playing cooperatively and competitively together for the first time was a blast. We burned several hours playing that game. HyperSonic couldn’t have said it better.

    Also, it was the first time when playing together didn’t force the screen to split into four, but just in two halves. Which meant more details and lively environments.

    Going back to MK:Wii was like taking a step back from the ultimate way to play Mario Kart. If only they’d find a way to merge single karts with double karts.. That would be brilliant.

  12. Caleb says:

    That’s a tough one… I voted DS, but N64 is the most nostalgic and Wii is the best with friends. I voted DS because it’s one of the most solid versions.

  13. Greg in PA says:

    i went with ds because of the online mode but 64 was a very close second for me

  14. gojiguy says:

    Super Circuit and 64 were slippery as hell and had IMO sloppy controls. Wii was completely broken and absolutely insane. DS was great but was also pretty broken. Original is fun but basic.

    That leaves double dash. Without a doubt the best multiplayer the series has ever seen.

  15. baelnic says:

    For the love of Pete. Why can’t they just release new map packs as DLC so I can have all my favorite maps for local multiplayer?

  16. RisnDevil says:

    The N64 brings back very fond memories (it was actually my first only because I was a Sega fan during the SNES days…..sorry!!!!) but I voted Wii. I never played Double Dash and played the DS before the Wii, but after playing the Wii (which I don’t understand people who say it is broken having two-starred every race to unlock all the characters) the DS was just too slow and hum-drum. I then tried to download and replay the N64 version (from VC) and it just didn’t deliver anymore either: the Wii was just that great for me.

  17. The Adza says:

    Wii version for me. I did love the N64 version and the 4 player multiplayer battle was better in that version, but the Wii version has so many good tracks and handles sooo much better. Plus no crappy 2D sprites overlayed on polygonal tracks, I don’t think the 64 version has aged very well at all. Snaking killed the DS version and the original SNES version, as great as it was back in the day, today playing always on a half screen is terrible. So this 3DS version is looking to be the best of everything that has come before. Can’t wait.

  18. Janush says:

    That’s got to be the Wii version because of the fab online system. But, As I experience it now, MK7, will top the lot…

  19. Koopa Trooper says:

    Mario Kart Wii has such laughably cheap A.I. that I had to trade it in to game stop for a lousy 18 dollars. I hate the game. It has some great levels (koopa beach, delfino square) and the wheel motion controls like a dream, but because of the cheap blue shells it doesn’t deserve to be in my collection of games. Ill NEVER buy another mariokart game until they get rid of the BLUE SHELL. For those of you who want a great arcade racer for the Wii get EXCITE TRUCK! You actually win races because of SKILL not LUCK!

  20. cowmanodoom says:

    I find it sad that Super Circuit has the lowest number. I for one really enjoyed that one, but Wii is still my favorite

  21. Derek B. says:

    Stunned this is so evenly spread. Mario Kart DS is far and away the best of the series.

  22. Kaiser Soze says:

    I also voted DS, but only because of the track design. So many favourites. Peach Gardens, Delfino Square, Waluigi Pinball, Tick-Tock Clock, Airship Fortress and a superb Bowsers castle.

  23. Âlvärö says:

    I’ve been a fan if MK since SNES. The best to me is the N64 version, it’s fast paced races and “violence” was so much fun. Like other said the DS version was ruined by “snaking” and the Wii was fun for a while but the lucky factor ruined it too. In N64 you win with skill and mastering mini turbos

  24. Nfanboy says:

    I just can’t beleive that so many people cose Mario Kart Wii.

    It’s he worst Mario Kart EVER !!!

    My love goes for the Dash, the only Mario Kart ( with the Original ad maybe Mario Kart 64 ), where the talent is really recognised.

    Mario Kart Wii is just a fortune game, you don’t need any skills whatsover, just pure luck… Terrible !

  25. Âlvärö says:

    I hope they fix MK7 and luck factor isn’t important anymore…

  26. Dawnfire99 says:

    Double Dash!!! Wii is a close second, but I have fond memories of playing the Double Dashes with my cousin… Plush I punched Peach once!

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