Poll: Which color GameCube do/did you own?



Hat tip, Nintendo Power.


  1. Would have gotten an orange one, but my BF didn’t trust a used system at GameStop.

  2. Own the Black and Silver, why… just to make the purple jealous

  3. I believe it was Indigo.

  4. I loved that little purple lunchbox. I don’t care if it it finished third in that console generation. That console blessed us with Metroid Prime. Well worth it.

  5. While I have a silver one, it happens to be a special edition Pokemon XD one. Pretty awesome

  6. Still rockin’ my platinum ‘Cube. By far, my favorite console in terms of design and color.

  7. Had black, wanted silver, hated “Barney” purple.

  8. Love the Gamecube…Nintendo’s last great non-gimmick console.

  9. I had a purple one, until I had to send it off for repair, then they gave me a black one in exchange.

  10. Got black and purple, but just use black.

  11. yes, it was called Indigo Blue and I still have it…I’ve got the Gameboy Player on it!

  12. You wrote down wrong names!! I had the platinum GCN

  13. 2 blacks..one me and my brother covered in duck tape for no reason…

  14. I own a purple one that broke (kept it), then I one a silver one that lasted a long time then broke (kept it too), now the purple one works again…. they like to go back and forth apparently.

  15. Original Purple, of course! And of the original generation, with the component cable output!!

  16. Had the purple, because that was the one my friend sold me when he got his Wii (I was running a little behind on both systems, obviously). Preferred the silver one, though, if I had a choice when buying, that’s the color I would have went for.

  17. The Gamecube was released when I was 13, and I owned the Indigo model but back then I thought it was lame. Now looking back I gotta say I think the Gamecube had the best, most unique console design of any system, portable or stationary.

  18. White with a little blue light in the disc slot.

  19. Silver~ and it still looks guuuud~

    @JG: Handheld gaming’s a gimmick! Burn the gameboy!

  20. i am stunned to see that purple and black are neck and neck.

  21. Hmm. Got the platinum one last summer when game crazy (hollywood video) went out of business here. It had been sitting on the shelf for six or seven years in the back… so i was told. Anyway, got it new for 30 bucks. Woo effin hoo!!!

  22. the white one, its called the wii 😉

  23. I have an Indigo Blue one, it is NOT purple.

  24. I originally purchased the indigo, then after I bought my Panasonic Q, I also bought a platinum GameCube. I still have the Q & Platinum.

  25. I got mine for Christmas a long time ago. I asked for black, and I got purple instead. -_-

  26. The purple one, because I didn’t care for the colour and just bought the default style one.

  27. Silver! 😀

  28. Fine, fine… “Indigo Blue”! I still like that color the best.

  29. Have a Indigo Blue, but also a Orange that was imported from Japan (Wish I could have got a hold of a Panasonic Q, Nintendo dropped the ball on that one for not releasing it outside of Japan.).