Poll – Are you obsessed with Nintendo?

You stop by Infendo, maybe check a few other gaming blogs, occasionally stare with mouth agape at the increasingly Paula Abdul-esque quote factory Perrin Kaplan, tattoo yourself with a Yoshi egg, name your firstborn son Mario

Are you obsessed with Nintendo?


  1. This would be a good question for the “Everybody Votes!” Wii Channel…

    Anyway, some “degrees” of obsession would have been a good addition to the poll.

  2. Actually, you hit it on the head. I was going for that style. I really like the idea of limiting the responses as they do on the Voting channel.

  3. I think I should write the poles from now on. There are never enough answers. I don’t like “This or That” type of Polls. Too limiting…

    It’s not like a cut and dry question either, like if you like Dogs or Cats (well it could be both, but one you like more). Am I obsessed? technically, no… and I doubt that most people voted “yes” are technically that obsessed.

    Also, it’s not funny enough either! It should have an option like “Well… ‘Obsession’ is a strong word.” or “I have Nintendo cravings once in a while.” or “I buy every first party game… is that so wrong?”

    The polls have felt a bit to constrictive lately…

    Well, That’s my idea anyway, as well as my opinion. I like options.

    No Offense David.

  4. Screw Mario, I’m naming my first son Link. Also, this poll makes very little sense on a Nintendo fan blog.

  5. hahaha, indeed 😛

  6. Most addicting since n64

  7. As much as I like fes’s idea of more options, I still think you do a nice job with the poles Dave, keep it up. And, I did vote ‘yes’. I follow them to a point (if I had to choose between God (no offense to any other religions) or video games it would be God, saying that I’ll continue) where I am more into them than I am into going to church and reading the bible. I’m not going to name my child after some videogame (little grotesque… hope this is cool), I did name my.. erm, testicles as Link and Ryu, Link for left and Ryu for right. But, I would brand myself obsessed as I still have a life and much more enjoy hanging out with my friends than playing video games (although video games can and has acted as a medium between us.) I would consider myself ‘very into them’ but not ‘WoW type of addicted’, if you catch my drift. It’s hard to say you’re truly obsessed with something especially with some limited answers.

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