Poll: How do you connect Wii to your TV?


Having recently switched from SD to HD using $6 Wii component cables purchased from a Hong Kong Ebay store, I must say I’m truly impressed with Wii’s visuals. Mario Strikers Charged looks positively gorgeous in 480p wide screen, and I exhort any who can make the jump to do so as soon as your wallet permits. It’s a whole new world. So we ask you, Infendoites:



  1. I absolutely use the component cable that enables the EDTV 480p widescreen! I actually had it also for the GameCube.

    I am lucky enough to own one of first generation GameCubes, the ones that included an EDTV output and purchased the special cable for it from Nintendo. That’s the only way to really see what the GC could do graphically, in my opinion…

  2. I bought a component cable (the Nintendo-made version) for my Wii before I had an HDTV. My old Sony 24″ WEGA could do 480p, but it wasn’t widescreen. It made a huge difference, even on a TV that wasn’t technically HD (just ED).

    When I got my 37″ widescreen, I was ready to rock!

  3. Samsung 40″ LCD + Component Cables = pure excellence!

    I can now play the old GC games that had 480p compatibility to their true potential…which is a plus.

  4. The number of Infendo readers who have EDTVs or HDTVs is the same as those who don’t? That’s kinda freaky and makes me wonder if Nintendo really did misjudge HDTV penetration among their fans.

    My brother’s Wii is hooked up to their plasma EDTV (using the cable that came with the Wii), but I’ve never seen a Wii hooked up to an HDTV in real life. In my house it’s hooked up to a 20″ SDTV, and I played it last week on someone else’s 35″ SDTV. All with plain old composite cables. The few people I do know with HDTVs don’t play video games.

    So even gamers who play mostly Nintendo systems are HD early adopters? I’m really having trouble buying that.

  5. 480p via component cables here.

    I was skeptical about how much of a difference there would be between 480p and 480i before I bought component cables for my Wii. I never owned them for my GameCube.

    I was amazed. Games look spectacular in 480p. If you have the means, you should definitely be using component cables.

  6. gorgeous? have you ever played on a PS3/360 that was hooked up to an HD screen? that’s the world of difference your talking about ….

  7. Component cables are a MUST for anyone owning a HDTV and a Wii.

    But I’m sorry to say I have yet to play a Wii game that looks gorgeous! A few look almost acceptable (Zelda, Excite Truck, RE4) but 99% of Wii games look like a large slice of ASS!

    Very disappointed with the Wii’s power, especially when budget Xbox 1 games like Evil Dead Regeneration support 720p and look 20 times better than any Wii game!

    In fact every Xbox 1 game looks better than any Wii game when upscaled on the 360. If only Nintendo released a 720p up scaler for the Wii. This upsets me every time I play my Wii.

  8. Oh and another thing, why the hell do I still get ghosting/blur around the edges of things (especially text) with all 3 different types of component cables I have tried on the Wii. I am currently using the official ones which are slightly better but I get a sharper picture from my Dreamcast, Xbox 1 and PS2! Disgusting!

  9. Starfox Assault on the Gamecube plays soooooo smoothly with component cables. The framerate and pro-scan give it an incredibly realistic feel in motion, especially when flying through space. Even though I already beat it, I might buy it used just to have it.

  10. @ EXP.menno

    I own a PS3 using HDMI and it looks incredible. That said, I am very impressed with Wii’s visual fidelity in Enhanced Definition. As I’ve said on the podcast, I think both Strikers and Mario Galaxy in EDTV rival first-generation 360 games. Call me crazy, but that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  11. SDTV + official RGB Scart and luverly it looks too.

    I haven’t voted though since that isn’t given as an option.

  12. Why isn’t there any RGB-Scart Option? It’s the beste solution for SFTV. No Vote here!

  13. I use an S-Video cable

    which is why I did not vote in your poll

  14. I have an HDTV and the component cables make a huge difference. I especially love that the Wii upgrades my GameCube too.

  15. To Parabolee:

    Check both the video settings on your HDTV and your Wii! I’m not sure if Wii defaults to widescreen and 480p when you plug its component video cable in, so check it anyway…

    Your HDTV has several settings, including the switch to interlaced vs. progressive scans, which should become available on any input that has the component or HDMI cables connected to it.

    There are also many HDTVs which have a filter that tries to sharpen the image… most video game consoles don’t need it! Turn that off!

    I had to fool around with my HDTV’s video settings for a while until I got just the right setting for my Wii.

  16. My Wii was stolen 2 weeks ago…

    I am still in mourning

  17. I have a 34” inch SONY HD CRT widescreen + $60 monster component gold tip cable… I say is a must have for the Wii, specially if you like to read the News Channel or Internet channel, weather channel the textures are more define. When playing Game Cube games or Wii games with component cables you can see the difference between 480i and p ..

  18. SD + RGB scart here as well. That should’ve been a poll option… 🙂

  19. Billman64:

    You are absolutely right!

    One of the best things about Wii has been playing my GameCube games in 480p goodness. I still have standard AVI cables connected to my GameCube, so I often play my GameCube games on my Wii. Particularly the two Starfox games, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine and Resident Evil 4…they look amazing through component cables.

  20. Someone already mentioned it above, but the coolest thing about component cables to me is being able to play my older GC games in progressive scan. Soul Calibur II is amazing.
    As far as the quality goes, sometimes, like in Wii Sports, I feel like a moire pattern seems to take over because of the lower resolution. It can be distracting at times, most noticeably in tennis. Boy, the subtle textures really come out though. I don’t own a PS or 360, but I can only imagine how nice they must look if 480p is this nice..

  21. I use RGB Scart.

    Where’s the option, ya gits??????

  22. I had to vote for SD for my TV…but I do use the component cable for my projector. 480p on a 90″ widescreen.

  23. Isnt RGB Scart cables are far more common in Europe than they are in U.S. ?
    RGB scart is not a component input, its a standard scart type connector with special pins to output an RGB signal which can improve the display image….

    component outperforms RGB Scart..

  24. 576i over component.
    PAL for the win

    (Except Resident Evil as there is a graphical bug at 576i)

  25. Why no S-video option? I know it’s ghetto but I’m not buying an HDTV anytime soon and it’s better than just plain ol’ yellow~

  26. Till now, I’m trying to land on a solid decision. Which cable to buy? The official component are up to 480p, and I found crazy cables that go for up to 1080p. but then, will Wii ever have a higher rate than 480p? any recommendations for a brand?? much appreciate it guys.

  27. @Nayef
    The Wii’s output is 480p, but Component video is capable of producing signals such as 480i, 480p, (576i, 576p. EU) 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

    It doesnt matter what component cable your buying they are all capable of 1080p, but if you go by brand and quality (gold tips) you have to pay extra..