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Getting swept up in Metroid Mania, this week we want to know:


If your favorite isn’t listed (such as Pinball, Hunters, etc) then please let us know in Comments!


  1. As much as I like the first Prime and the original this should be no contest, Super Metroid. I must’ve played through that game close to 10 times.

  2. Interesting. The poll results confirm my opinion that Prime 2 sucked compared to Prime 1. So many reviews said it was better, improved on the original, etc, but I just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I actually almost abandoned it, took over a year to finally complete it.

    I think the main problem was the light/dark theme, while it works great for a game like zelda, it’s terrible for metroid. I would frequently enter a room in dark aether and not even realize it was the same as a room i’d seen in light aether. If you can’t make that correlation then it defeats the purpose of having a light/dark theme to begin with. The environments in metroid, while perfect in almost every other sense, are far too bland to make this correlation obvious.

    Also, beam ammo was a horrible idea. And the Ing were a letdown, they should have been more humanoid, it would have been much creepier that way.

  3. Metroid: Zero Mission is the most underrated game eva!

  4. Score another one up for Blake’s opinion! =]

    I loved Zero Mission with a passion- I played it all the time =P

  5. My favorite is Metroid Prime. The game is amazing. I’ve played it so many times and the ending boss fight with Metroid Prime itself was epic. Everything was so meticulously designed and crafted. It still amazes me to this day.

    I liked Metroid Prime 2, but nowhere near as much Metroid Prime. It had really high expectations coming off the heels of MP1 and naturally, it was hard to live up to them. It was darker, longer and more atmospheric. However, it didn’t have quite the freshness and coolness of MP1 and therefore was less exciting. Having to traverse back and forth between light and dark worlds became a chore and backtracking was ever worse. And Metroid games should never have you searching for ammo, ever. I do think that Metroid Prime 3 will be the best game in the Prime series.

    Metroid Prime Hunters is my least favorite (and probably the worst Metroid game). Single player was severely lacking. The multiplayer, while fun for 10 minutes, made Metroid into something it wasn’t. I would love to see a new side-scrolling Metroid game made in the same pseudo-3D fashion as the remake of Prince of Persia on Xbox Live.

  6. Metroid II: Return of Samus

  7. Other: MP3!..(I know it’s not out yet…lol)

  8. Metroid:Fusion is my favourite Metroid game. The storyline is one of the best of the Metroid franchise.

  9. Thats a hard one, it’s a close tie in with three games for this, I really loved Fusion, I really really enjoyed Prime, and I cannot stop playing Super Metroid. MP2, is harder for me to play, because it seems like such a chore, going through light and dark. I still haven’t finished it. @_@ But I would still play it, one day ¬_¬

    I’m really looking forward to Metroid Prime 3, I think, even though it has yet to be released, will be the best in the Prime series.

  10. Can I get some Fusion please?

  11. I don’t know how, but even though I was a Super Nintendo fanatic as a kid, I completely missed out on Super Metroid. That is to say, I never even heard of it until perhaps a year ago; instead I opted the Mega Man X games, which sound similar to Super Metroid.

  12. BLAKE:

    I totally agree with you. It gets no love, but it was totally awesome. You should do a post on it. I really liked the twist that added all that gameplay at the end, especially the Bond-style sneak and shoot. Loved it.

    It also brought back the great memories of playing the original, but with gussied up graphics and a few twists.

  13. Oh, and Fusion sucked. I hated having my hand held, getting rushed through areas, while others would get closed off. That’s not Metroid! I wan to explore, not have some annoying computer bark missions at me. Boo to Fusion. Although some of the play mechanics were fun.

  14. S U P E R METRIOD for the WIN !

    One of the best games…ever!

  15. Just the title screen and the menu in Metroid Prime 1 may be one of the greatest in history (although its hard to beat the feeling of the title screen in Super Metroid) and the game itself felt more like a unit than Echoes. The last two fights in Prime 1 was way more hard and intense than the ones from Echoes which I found a little bit too easy to beat.

    And also the suit-designs, unlockables (original Metroid, yay!) and the ending in Prime where you get to see Samus face felt way more Metroidish* than Echoes with tacked on multiplayer and suitless Samus looking more like a manga/anime character.

    * The way I think Gunpei Yokoi himself imagined how the games would look and feel like =)

  16. Metroid Prime, it was the game that got me into the Metroid Series. Second place being Fusion.

  17. I loved Metroid II, Metroid Fusion, and Metroid Zero Mission, but overall I think Metroid Prime takes the cake on this one.

  18. for me its a tie between prime 1 and super metroid. theyre both flawless games

  19. Metroid Zero Mission is the best, followed closely by Super Metroid. I wish they’d release Zero Mission on the VC. I love that game. That gawd for emulators on the PC, because it’s great to play with a full sized controller on a big screen.

  20. HellFish, you could just buy the Game Boy Player add-on for the GameCube + import the Hori SNES-style controller. Brought me much enjoyment from the pack. 😉

  21. I relly like super Metroid, but found the remake Metroid Zero Mission a much more enjoyable experience. So my vote goes for it.

  22. I missed Super Metroid. My SNES was stolen right around that time. I was thinking about getting it for the virtual console, so I would like to thank you all for convincing me to download it.

  23. what if your not into metroid?…

    I have it for DS but thats about it.

    i dont know what it was, i got a 360 borrowed my buddies halo, and halo2
    something about shooting aliens in FPS just isnt interesting.

    I have never played any of the other metroids to be honest, but still.

  24. Let’s see….Metroid Prime is in the poll, Metroid Prime 2 is in the poll, and Hunters and Pinball are referenced.

    Why are you so biased towards the Prime series, David?!
    Oh, and of course Super Metroid made the list because that’s the one that all hardcore gamers like to pretend is the “greatest game of all time”.

    Here’s some friendly advice: Play Metroid 2: Return of Samus. Oh, I know, it’s for the Game Boy, which is that little “kiddy” system that all hardcore gamers are so afraid of being seen with….but it’s the direct sequel to all of these stupid Prime games you love so much. It USED to be the direct sequel to Metroid, but then Retro Studios decided the fuck with the series storylines. Then play Metroid Fusion, because it is the direct sequel to Super Metroid. Sequels to classic games = good. Mindless meandering on the subject of Phazon with very little Metroid-related content that connects it to the other games = SUCK.

  25. c’mon people, metroid fusion was the best of them all. Polished , well told story, clear objectives, the most believable of all the metroid games by far, plus they justified the respawning of enemies in a convincing way.

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