Poll – The price of Wii U

Last month, 84% of you said that Nintendo should change the name of Wii U before it goes on sale. Taking into account that Nintendo has yet to make final announcements about all of the console’s features, we want to know:


18 Responses to Poll – The price of Wii U

  1. BetaDevil says:

    You should have made a $400 option, no way this thing is gonna cost $150.

  2. Artefacto says:

    I think $299 is the top cap for it to be accessible to the customer during launch.

  3. Brent says:

    I payed 250 for the original wii system and it wasn’t worth the price at the time! To me its worth the price it is now.

  4. shy_guy says:

    Hard to say since we still don’t know the system specs, but I’d say if they launch for more than $250, they might find themselves in the same situation as the 3DS at launch.

  5. stayfree says:

    Agree with some of the comments 299 max cant see myself spending more on it unless its bundled with some games.

  6. gojiguy says:

    I intend to pay $200- no more. At its current feature set, the WiiU isn’t worth much more.

    No blu-ray, no DVD, small games lineup, assuming a weak lineup of software, no gamecube support, etc.

    Personally, I’m not excited. Until we know more I won’t be able to gauge an accurate price but as it is I’m really not interested.

  7. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    Well, I said $250, cause I think that is a sweet spot for most people. Though, I’ll probably buy it no matter what. 🙂 I think it’ll be a fun system, as Nintendo’s always are.

  8. Tanner says:

    Reserving judgement until more info

  9. John says:

    Honestly Wii U doesn’t look very good.

  10. Yellow Bear says:

    im a nintendo fanboy…im going to buy anything they put out because i know im going to enjoy it

  11. Nin3DS says:

    About $250 seems about right, assuming some good games are released for it. Still, it doesn’t really matter for me, I won’t buy the system until either Zelda is released, a new Mario game is released or a new Smash Bros game is released. No exceptions.

  12. RisnDevil says:

    Easily willing to pay $300. I bought my Wii three months after it came out for the $250, barely played it for the first two years I had it and still felt it was worth it. If Darksiders II does launch with the system I won’t regret the purchase at all.

    And unlike everyone else, I am SUPER excited for the Wii U and can’t wait to throw down on this new system.

  13. MrMiyamoto says:

    $300 apparently has 7327% of the votes right now. It’s so many percents that it has to be right.

  14. EdEN says:

    @Brent: Always fun to read comments like yours. I paid $250 at launch, and have had blast with my Wii gaming.

    I voted for $300, because Nintendo might actually take a loss on each Wii U sold and up the specs of the console in order to please 3rd parties. Real cost to Nintendo will be $350-400, and this will give us a great console with all the Nintendo franchises we love as well as improved ports and exclusive games.

  15. Mohan says:

    $350 tops, it will be around $300 and hopefully it will be worth the $300 price unlike the 3DS it was not worth $250 I paid, and the market spoke (which resulted in Nintendo lowering the price).

  16. Kaherka says:

    If they let us use more than one WiiU controller at a time, I’ll definitely be picking up a second WiiU controller at launch… which I suppose will increase the price by around another 100 bucks.

  17. frstOne says:

    I believe it will cost $300 at launch. I think I’ll wait to buy mine until it reaches about $250.

  18. The Adza says:

    I paid $400 (Australian) for the Wii at launch. I wouldn’t want to pay any more than that for the Wii U.

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