Tip: The Shovel Knight OST is awesome; download it now

Jake Kaufman, music composer for games like Shovel Knight and Mighty Switch Force!, is getting to be quite well-known, and for good reason. Shovel Knight was recently released on the eShop for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and in addition to being very well received, the game has an amazing chiptune soundtrack that you can download right over here on Jake’s Bandcamp page.

I haven’t played Shovel Knight yet, but I have been listening to the soundtrack, and I can guarantee chiptune fans will really enjoy it. It also includes a few contributions from Manami Matsumae, who worked on the Mega Man soundtrack, among others, so there’s even more incentive for you to pick it up. I hesitate to say this, but you can get the soundtrack for free; let me just say, though, that it’s worth any amount of money you may want to donate! Enjoy this amazing video game soundtrack, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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