Poll: Do you play non-Nintendo consoles?



  1. Yep!

    While I do love me some Nintendo, I also love the consoles that aren’t so hot in the sales numbers. For whatever reason, they always seem to be targeted by publishers as great platforms for very niche (and amazing!) titles!

    So…Dreamcast + PSP!

  2. You know what, i would play on all the consoles….
    BUT! the only game i find interesting on Xbox is Halo
    for Playstation(all) there’s: Spiro, Crash Bandicoot, Kingdom Hearts, and Rachet an Clank (there are a few others but i can’t think of their names for the life of me)

    so yes i would get/play all the consoles BUT there are almost no fun games for them
    [i mean why waste $300+ for something i’d almost never get to use? (not to mention one got hacked 7 TIMES! >_>)]

  3. I do own a PS3, but it’s mostly used as a Blu-ray player. I occasionally rent games for it through Blockbuster Online (good value!)

  4. All the time. I didn’t play anything on my PS3 until this year, so there is a backlog of content for me to enjoy! However (currently in Afghanistan) I hardly play anything but my 3DS (but it’s not because I am snobby).

  5. Yep, I have been a multi console owner since PS2/GC era. I like Nintendo very much but I like Sony a lot, and I think the PS3 is awesome system with great games (inFamous series, Uncharted series, GoW III, Assassin’s Creed series, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc.).

  6. I play my iPod touch more than I play my 3DS

  7. Now that I have all the consoles, and a gaming rig PC, I couldn’t imagine seeing a game and going “awww I can’t play that, because I dont have the system! :(”

    It’s wonderful having it all. While my focus is spread thinner, I do enjoy variety!


  8. I have an xbox for fps and a ps2 for kingdom hearts

  9. Real gamers don’t date Sony boys

  10. The PS2 is probably my favorite console, and the Xbox 360 has Fable and MASS EFFECT.

  11. I make it a point to play every and all consoles.
    I don’t like being a blind fanboy – so I ensure that all points are covered.

    My Wii is my baby, even though I haven’t touched it in a while (other than for Netflix). It had a good run for its first-to-mid years and its latter years is a slow retirement. My 360 is my second most played, and PS3 being my last. They both have interesting and great titles that I absolutely love: but like Derek on Infendo Radio, I agree that many of them are same-y.

    As for handhelds, I actually stopped playing my PSP… I think it’s because it was too high-maintenance (scratched easily, broke if dropped, and UMD slot was finnicky), and I tend to be VERY ROUGH with my handhelds (anything that ends up in my pocket has to endure the same amount of abuse that my body does).
    Don’t get me wrong, I love strategy games and PSP had tons of them – but it felt absolutely inconvenient to bring along with me and charge it (I always lost its charger plug for some reason).

    I have a 3DS and like it. Not love it yet, for now it hasn’t replicated the amount of fun I had with my DSi nor my DS lite despite it playing the same games (the “new” feeling lasted longer for those two longer than this). I’m just waiting for more games.

    I’ll eventually get a Vita… but like the PSP, I’ll wait several years down the road before I pick one up.
    And yes, I’m getting a Wii U at launch (I love how “new” things feel).

    Oh, and my PC is just for real time strategy games. 😛

  12. No. This doesn’t mean I don’t play them because I think they’re bad or anything, it’s just I have no interest in many of the games on the PS3/Xbox 360 and hence don’t think buying one would be much of a sound investment. Considering how few games I even want to play on Nintendo consoles, I see no point in buying a console where few/none of the games interest me, since it’d likely never get used.

  13. The only other thing I play now other than Wii and DS is iPad/iPhone games. I do not own a PS3 or Xbox360. I’ve been addicted to Pirates on iPad lately.

  14. @Nin3DS
    Well, the interesting thing is: There’s a ton of games many don’t ever think they’d enjoy until they try it. Having more than one system allows you to make “gambles” when there’s nothing to play. As in: When there’s a season with lots of games you KNOW-KNOW you don’t want, with more than one console you’re able to make a gamble on the backlog of games. Taking a risk on a random game with a slight interest can surprise you! I’ve been proven wrong so many times on genres I thought I hated, but realized it was just the popular games (the popular idea of the genres) that I disliked.

  15. Here lately, I’ve been playing my Xbox more than anything else. There are just a lot more good games available on it than there are on the Wii.

  16. Yup, I play games on any console, so long as I think they’re good! Nintendo has proven I’ll love at least they’re 1st party games. M$ has me with Halo. Sony has yet to capture me with anything so far. (though I did buy a ps2 for the .hack games, wish Ninty would take up more of the jrpg’s) I watch other company’s games, but only in glances… if they don’t catch my eye and make me wanna spend $.. then meh.. I’m content playing Zelda, Mario, and Metroid, in their different iterations. Too many consoles would overload me I think.

  17. I voted occassionally since that’s what I do. I haven’t owned non-nintendo consoles, but I enjoy the games when I get the chance to. Also, iOS games have been pretty fun so far for short burst instant gratification gaming.

  18. I had nothing but Nintendo consoles, however I eventually started playing some games on PC like Command & Conquer, Mechwarrior, X-Wing Alliance, and Everquest. Later, I got an old Dreamcast to play Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Lastly, I have OnLive. I still hardly play anything other than the Wii and 3DS, though.

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