Nintendo Direct E3 Edition: What Excited You Most?


“Our competition is going to do what best serves their needs,” said Reggie. “We’re a different type of company, utilizing our first-party titles to drive our install base. We’ve done that very effectively for over 30 years. We’re a video game company. We make great games. That’s what we focus on.”

When Reggie said the above words, you just knew that despite the battle between Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo was not going to stray from its roots.  I was a little worried that Iwata, Reggie, and the rest of the executive staff would look at this year’s reveals and slowly give in to the ever-changing landscape.  Even during IGN’s coverage, just before the Sony conference, one of the hosts (I forget which one) stated that he believed this would be the last year for actual gaming consoles.  Instead, he thought the next consoles, when released between 7-9 years from now, will probably be cloud based and multifunction to the point of not being an actual gaming console any more.  With Nintendo’s statement above, I believe that they, if that happens, will still be here to give us games we love.

Now that Nintendo’s major Nintendo Direct’s at E3 are over, what were you most excited for?  What do you expect to see in the upcoming Direct’s?

For me, I was super excited (when I was actually able to view the Nintendo Direct) about, well everything!  Each game they revealed sent a tingle down my spine.  I do, deep down, wish we would have seen Zelda U (or whatever they will call it), but feel that it is best that they didn’t.  With the game incomplete, saving it for later and using it to combat any upcoming Sony or Microsoft surprises is best.  The only real disappointment is the Wii Fit Trainer in Smash Bros.  Will any of you actually use the character seriously?

Tell us what you feel about the conference so far, it doesn’t just need to be Nintendo related.  Post here, or since these articles tend to get lost as new one are posted, join us in the forums and discuss within the E3 2013 section!

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