Remember this 2006 Wii Drum Demo? That’s just a taste of MotionPlus

I had almost forgotten this classic video of E3 2006 when this incredibly observant’and disruptive’little birdie that visits me from time to time pinged me with the link. This is how Nintendo will implement the MotionPlus accessory we wrote about this morning. 1:1 movement. A completely aware controller. Motion sensing. Waggle Plus. Wii Music. Given Nintendo’s strategy of bridge games and expanding gaming, a more advanced Wiimote also makes a lot of sense, and proves that the Wii will be around for at least five years or more—technological chops be damned. It might not be exact, but don’t be surprised if you see a similar video or even a laundry list of incredibly innovative games at tomorrow’s press conference. Then remember you read about it here first. [Thanks, Mal]