Tweets from Nintendo’s 2010 Media Summit!

Infendo TwitterIn 2008, Infendo brought me on board to cover Nintendo’s 2010 media summit in San Francisco – this year, a newer, younger, bolder Sean is covering the event!  Introducing my old buddy Sean Hollister, former editor of Gamecyte and all around great guy.  “Other Sean” will be digging up the facts for us at this year’s media event, and we’ll be delivering quotes, commentary, and insight on his findings shortly.

For up to date snippets of what he’s finding out, check out his personal twitter page!

UPDATE: Full Twitter Transcript available after the jump!

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  1. gamecollector44 says:

    PhotoDojo, DSi shop this spring. Finally, a real reason to buy a DSi. #NintendoSummit

    There already is a reason to own a DSi! The absolutely cool and hilarious videos on flipnote studio!!! Give the DSi some respect!

    (Oh, and monster hunter tri? Free online play? YES!!!)

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