The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition dated, arrives Sept 28

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favorite green hero, Nintendo announced at E3 that they would be giving away a free downloadable Zelda title to anyone who owns a Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS. That title is aptly named The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, and starting September 28, you can grab a copy for yourself. Nintendo was kind enough to show off t...

Poll – After the price drop, will you buy a DSi or DSi XL?

Starting September 12th, the DSi and DSi XL will each drop $20 in price. Just out of curiosity: {democracy:118}

Nintendo cutting price of DSi, DSi XL on September 12

Is Nintendo dropping the price of the DSi to maximize holiday sales, or are they preparing their product lines for a $189 3DS? Time will tell, but for now here’s the official press release for your perusal:

Nintendo: Bringing all species together

Gorillas. Gaming.  Now we just need to get him pwning n00bs over Nintendo WiFi connection and we’ll have something. (Reality: A kid at the San Francisco Zoo dropped his DS and the animals were fascinated.  And who can blame them! More primate on DS action at GIZMODO)

Nintendo launching blue DSi XL this July

Nintendo today announced that starting July 11, the DSi XL will be available in “midnight blue.” Like other overpriced XL models, the two-tone black and blue will retail for $190. Never mind the successor to the XL, the 3DS, is rumored to arrive this October.

Report: Nintendo rushed 3DS announcement so Japanese press couldn’t scoop it

Announcing a new handheld a few days before your next one is scheduled to launch doesn’t make a lot of sense, as Nintendo did with the 3DS last week shortly before releasing the DSi XL. But the uncanny maneuver wasn’t planned, it was forced, reports CNBC. “Apparently, the Japanese press was all over it and talked with suppliers there and Nintendo just wanted to get out ahead by breakin...

DSi XL: A conditional two thumbs up

If you’re a heavy DS user, don’t particularly care for portability, and don’t mind reselling outdated gadgets to subsidize new purchases, the Nintendo DSi XL is for you. For everyone else, it’s a pass. Except for maybe anyone who has yet to buy a DS.

New Game Get seeks out Cave Story, Red Steel 2, and DSi XL

FINALLY, Cave Story comes out for WiiWare. Is it worth the wait and 1200 points? The big release coming this Sunday will be the new DSi XL. Along with it, Nintendo is releasing America’s Test Kitchen and WarioWare DIY. And now Nintendo is putting out Game & Watch titles for download, kinda makes me want a DSi. The other big DS releases this week are Shin Megami Tensei and Dawn of Heroes....

PhotoDojo (Formerly Photo Fighter X) and the Nintendo DSi XL: A Face-On Preview

Slowly making my way through the throng of video game reporters exiting the 2010 Nintendo Media Summit‘s newsworthy opening presentation, I climbed the stairs to the third floor of the W Hotel in San Francisco, where Nintendo’s coveted hands-on gameplay demonstrations were just getting underway. Immediately, I saw a friendly face: Associate PR Manager David Young, clutching one of the ...

Wait…What’s Left?Looking Forward to E3

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of the year.

Tweets from Nintendo’s 2010 Media Summit!

In 2008, Infendo brought me on board to cover Nintendo’s 2010 media summit in San Francisco – this year, a newer, younger, bolder Sean is covering the event!  Introducing my old buddy Sean Hollister, former editor of Gamecyte and all around great guy.  “Other Sean” will be digging up the facts for us at this year’s media event, and we’ll be delivering quotes...

Nintendo DSi LL confirmed

At a press event/earnings report in Japan this morning Nintendo confirmed that a DSi with larger, 4-inch screens would indeed launch in that country on November 21. The new handheld will sell for about $220. It was released “at the request of consumers,” especially those who wanted to use the DSi as an Internet browser and music player. Before you gripe about the price, remember that t...