Nintendo DSi LL confirmed

500x_dsillAt a press event/earnings report in Japan this morning Nintendo confirmed that a DSi with larger, 4-inch screens would indeed launch in that country on November 21.

The new handheld will sell for about $220. It was released “at the request of consumers,” especially those who wanted to use the DSi as an Internet browser and music player.

Before you gripe about the price, remember that this is converted from yen, and that it should be lower if and when it arrives in the States. It’s already been confirmed for Europe with a “first quarter 2010” release timeframe.

The DSi LL will be available in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White.

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  1. Saltybob says:

    that thing is freaking huge! I’ll stick with mt DSi thanks…

    and “wine red and dark brown”? wtf?

  2. WII-LUIGI$ says:

    This better not have been the so called “Nintendo Fall Media Summit 2009” everyone was waiting for or I’ll be real mad. Also, that new DSi LL they’re calling it. Why should I buy that when nothing is wrong with my original DSi ? Sorry Nintendo, I’m OK with my screens just fine, thanks. Don’t really need bigger ones. The only other difference I noticed was more hole for where the speakers are at come in. That and that semi-fat looking DSi stylus pen.

  3. raindog469 says:

    If I buy a DSi, this’ll probably be the model I get. Still hoping they’ll make it in black and that DecalGirl or someone like them will put out a woodgrain skin for us old timers.

  4. Hawkeye says:

    Nintendo just shot themselves in their foot. Watch DS sales in N.America, Europe and Australia stall through the Christmas season in anticipation for this new model.

    Personally, as long as these devices are region coded, i wont be getting em.

    On a side note they increase the screen resolution by 90% or something, and they keep the resolution the same ? so basically we’re going to be seeing squarish pixely screens which are bigger? and this is supposed to be a good thing ?

  5. frstOne says:

    It’s really huge :S. I hope they drop the price for the regular DSi with the launch of this thing, that would be great!

  6. Jamie says:

    Ok, I’m annoyed, I would have loved the bigger screens”
    I bought the DSi on launch day – even though there were no games for it, I trusted that nintendo would give us something eventually.

    Instead, when DSi games are coming out, the release a new version of the console making the old one lesser. What did I get from being an early adopter? I got smaller screens, that’s it…

  7. srkelley says:

    You also got to use and experience the system about a year earlier and longer than people who waited. You got to play with the exclusive features and once again you actually had something to play with.

    The value of the system should make sense to you before you buy a system. Of course most people will want the better system if they had a choice, but the DSi was the best choice when you bought it. It had a great value to you and handed your money over to Nintendo.

    Yes, the new system does devalue the old one partly when compared, but it does not devalue the original choice. It was nowhere to be seen, no knowledge of the device at all was announced to us. Plus you must know your enemy so that you can stay ahead. In this case, Nintendo is the enem. You know how much they love to redesign things. It only grows over time. The only reason they’ve held off on the Wii for so long is because business was booming with their fat model.

  8. srkelley says:

    Since they’re making it for the media enthusiasts, I hope they increase the level of volume that comes out of the ear phones. It’s near to being low now.

  9. Andy says:

    I don’t see much of a point to the new DS, but it’s not meant for me.

    Whether it’ll actually draw in older players I don’t know, but it’s a good way to try and expand the market even more than it already is.

  10. Mohan says:

    I might skip this since I just got the DSi back in April, and the rumor of the TS with nVidia Tegra.

  11. peshue says:

    Wow, Nintendo’s really pushing it with the new DSs now. I’ll continue to use my dslite thanks, this still doesn’t add anyhting significant enough for me to consider it a worthwhile upgrade.

  12. Zac says:

    That thing is a monster! Very cool!

  13. John says:

    Amazing. This goes back to what I said months ago about the DSi. It will be a completely useless upgrade. Nintendo does a fine job making their consumers look like asses for buying a product, then mere months later, creating an upgrade to that product. This is a new twist though as the LL will be the third incremental upgrade for a system.

    You early adopters of Nintendo products must be a little disappointed. This, I believe, will teach consumers to purchase products later, waiting for the “upgraded model”.

  14. ResidentialEvil says:

    Considering I’ve yet to see a good reason to buy a DSi much less a BIGGER DSi, I’ll still continue to stick with my DS Lite.

    Call me when they announce VC for it and I’ll sign up.

  15. Brian says:

    Wow! Those are pretty “senior” colors. No?

  16. bobdotexe says:

    is it still the same resolution though???
    because you can only stretch pixels so far before the start to look

    @brian Yea, they are LOL

  17. Lord Lemmy says:

    Reading this article kind of proves Nintendo is listening to their fans: “It was released “at the request of consumers,” especially those who wanted to use the DSi as an Internet browser and music player.” New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Fawful as a main enemy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, the return of the Koopalings as main bosses? Nintendo is starting to go more into the request of the consumers with each release! I mean I see no reason in purchasing the new DSi until a year or so after I’ve used my current one… And by that time, there may be an even BETTER version of it out! But still Nintendo is trying to please fans nonetheless, so they deserve a good aplause.

  18. Frexy says:

    The colours will be gorgeous. VERY stylish. If that LL will have a llittle more features, that might be a buy for me. If not, I’ll stick with my launch day DS Phat, thank you very much =)

  19. rivany says:

    I just bought a DSi a few weeks ago and now it’s basically obsolete, I am not happy.

  20. BlueRocks says:

    btw, it will be called XL in North America, LL in Japan.

    I was holding off on the DSi until my current DS lite broke. Now I will wait longer.

    We are still planning on picking up two DS lites for my two youngest girls. 6 and 9 years old and the one they share with their brother just isn’t enough!

  21. llaffer says:


    I know that the price for North America isn’t known yet, but Nintendo’s coming really close to makeing the same mistake Sony made with the PSP Go. It will be too close in price to the console to be cost effective.

    And unless the screen resolution is increased with the screen increase, you’ll have the same problem you see with N64 VC games played in 480p: Pixelation. It’s just ugly.

    The current size of the DSi screens, I think, is spot on.

  22. EdEN says:

    It isn’t for us, it’s for the senior and those with freakishly large hands. I have a launch DSi and I’m happy with my purchase… along with 5000 Nintendo points of fun so far.

    Stop bitching. Own a DSi? Don’t buy it, it’s not for you. Own a DS or a Lite and thinking about a DSi? Then wait to see the actual resolution and price point for this in your region. If we are to go with actual prices, the new DSi will be $199, the DSi will be $179 and DS Lite $129 so people can have their pick. Own GBA games and miss the GBA Slot? Buy a Micro for $29.99 and you’re set.

  23. Used Cisco says:


    How exactly is your current dsi obsolete? Do you even know what the word means? I don’t think. Your current DSi is still totally functional and supported. Larger screens doesn’t obsolete your current unit in any way. thats like saying your 21 inch monitor is obsolete because a 22 inch monitor exists. it makes no sense since you can still use every feature of your computer with a 21 in monitor.

    That being said, I think the $220 price point is out of control. LCD screens that are larger with similar resolution shouldn’t cost much more and with the machine being larger, it should be easier/cheaper to engineer the internals. I mean, you can nearly buy a fully featured netbook for that kind of money.

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