Nintendo: Bringing all species together

Gorillas. Gaming.  Now we just need to get him pwning n00bs over Nintendo WiFi connection and we’ll have something.

(Reality: A kid at the San Francisco Zoo dropped his DS and the animals were fascinated.  And who can blame them! More primate on DS action at GIZMODO)

6 Responses to Nintendo: Bringing all species together

  1. Jake Barber says:

    I wish I knew what that gorilla was thinking.

  2. Bbelt says:

    Blue. BLUE. BREW! BAALLOOOOO! OOOH OOH AAH AAH! Then he smashed it. I saw the whole thing.

  3. HockeyGod98 says:

    This story is even more awesome if the kid who dropped it was playing a DK game at the time.

  4. Rich T. says:

    Thank you, moron parents, for allowing your kid to bring a DS into the zoo: Heaven forbid you all spend a quality afternoon together without electronics. At least the gorillas got some fun out of it.

  5. Verius says:

    what if the kid was playing a beta version of a pilot game called nintenzoo? 😛

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