Poll – After the price drop, will you buy a DSi or DSi XL?


Starting September 12th, the DSi and DSi XL will each drop $20 in price. Just out of curiosity:



  1. I was already planning on finally getting one, so this was the confirmation I needed. 😀

  2. Im waiting for the 3DS

  3. No. My original fat blue DS still works perfectly, and I’m planning on getting the 3DS.

  4. I don’t have that much money, and even though my DS lite and DSi are both getting glitchy, I need to save up for the 3DS.

  5. Yes!

    …If the 3DS wasn’t coming along soon.

  6. Even though it could be over a year away, I’ll wait for the 3DS

  7. I bought a launch-day DSi and my daughter a launch-day DSi XL. I have no plans on picking up another one after discounts.

    I do plan on putting in three pre-orders for 3DS’s as soon as pricing, dates, and color selections are made public in late September.

  8. With the 3DS on the horizon, no way.

  9. Not if a 3DS is coming out.

    Since Wii Ware and DSi Ware is not linked, I’ll wait until they link their handheld and console DLC.

  10. nope watin till 3ds

  11. I’m very happy with my DSLite. It fits in my old gameboy hard case and I can play my GBA games on it, both of which I’d loose if I “upgraded”.