Poll: Is Sonic still relevant?

The first downloadable episode of Sonic 4 arrives on WiiWare today. Do you plan on buying? More importantly…


22 Responses to Poll: Is Sonic still relevant?

  1. bananaoomarang says:

    He is still RELEVANT, he is one of my faves in brawl, just not nearly as relevant as before.

  2. Mous says:

    I voted “Who’s this “Sonic” you speak of?” because I don’t recognize that blue character anymore… Maybe if they turned into a squirrel…

    Greetings from Madrid (Spain)

  3. Ben says:

    Sonic 4 looks promising, even though I’m horrible at 2d platformers.

  4. nin says:

    sonic should just stop existing, in my opinion. i know some people still care about him, but they haven’t made an honestly good game in an eternity. i don’t mean to offend anyone but it’s just what i think

  5. Richard says:

    Poor Sonic’s a mascot without a home platform, but I voted yes, just because the potential is still there. It’s always there, waiting: Sega just keeps screwing it up time and time again.

    Sonic at its best is like nothing else anywhere. And the switch to 3D platforming wasn’t the problem: I loved the high speed sections of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Heroes, Secret Rings and Unleashed.

    But we all know what the problem is with those games: It’s like… Say you were in the mood for a good game of Skeeball. So you took a bunch of quarters to the Skeeball machine. But after you bowled 2 balls the machine suddenly announced: Good job! Now win this round of chess to earn more skeeball rounds! And hatch this ostrich egg while you’re at it!

    That’s what Sonic’s been like ever since Sonic 3.

    Sonic Colors sure looks promising…It sure would be great if it were all about speed and tight control. But now I read an interview where the developer talks about rail grinding as if it were a new play mechanic and mentioning how they’ve made unspecified changes to Sonic in Colors to try to appeal more to Mario fans…y’know, ’cause Mario’s popular so they assume there’s something wrong with Sonic being himself…and I just think, “Uh….oh…..”

    Sonic 4? I’ll definitely try it sometime, but $15 is a bit much for a Part 1 when Kirby’s six days away.

  6. baelnic says:

    Such a weird question to me. I get kids in every month that buy the Sonic comic hand over fist. More than any other kids comic I see. Every time there is a bobblehead or toy I can’t keep them in stock. Doesn’t Sonic have a pretty successful TV show right now?

    Say what you will about the video games but Sonic is anything but irrelevant as a property.

  7. Ben says:

    In addition, what makes you think Sonic is irrelevant? He’s one of the greatest video game characters of all time. He’s anything but irrelevant.

    (of course, the poll is looking like it is the social norm to think Sonic is indeed irrelevant)

  8. While Sonic 4 does look good and I will get it on iPhone and WiiWare eventually I’m really looking forward to the extremely hardcore Sonic Colors (sarcasm).

  9. Mark says:

    Sonic is relevant. He’s still known and loved as a character. But the games suck. The series has been run into the ground as of late, with each new game struggling to break even from the looks on it. Sure I’ve been able to scrape some enjoyment out of some of the more recent Sonic games, but a quick look at VGChartz tells me I’m in the minority. Sega’s just lost their touch. They don’t know how to make a good Sonic game anymore, at least not on the quality of the original Genesis games. Honestly, as blasphemous as this may sound, I’d say the only hope for Sonic at this point is to hand it over to a more competent development team, such as one at Nintendo. A Nintendo made Sonic game is actually something I could put a lot of faith in. But I just don’t trust Sonic Team anymore. Whatever talent they once had is long gone.

  10. orange luma says:

    ive been playin sonic games since i was a kid they used to be really good but know sega keeps messin it up. i guess ill buy episode 4. sonic colors looks promising.

  11. Lord Lemmy says:

    I believe he’s still relevant, but I think the good Sonic games ended after the “Sonic Adventure” series. I think both Sonic the Hedgehog 4, and Sonic Colors are going to (at least attempt) to bring back good Sonic games, because they are the only recent ones I have been actually excited for. I think I might get Sonic 4 today, too. Also, if Sega ends up STILL not getting it right, I might agree with Mark that Nintendo could probably make a good Sonic game. Unfortunately, it seems much more likely that the series would just die down rather than Sega allowing Nintendo to have full control over Sonic. As much as I have started hating some of the recent Sonic games, I’d hate to see such a gaming icon as him die down.

  12. Al says:

    He’s relevant, just not as relevant. I mean, the games are still coming out and everyone knows about them, but he isn’t classic anymore. Maybe now he’ll make a comeback.

  13. Leon says:

    Doesn’t matter to me whether he’s relevant or not. I’m still going to get this and play it, should be awesome. 🙂

  14. Tiny kong says:

    I dont know, i have always tried to like the 2d sonic games but i just can never get into them. My favorite sonic game is either DX or adventure 2 battle.

  15. XCWarrior says:

    Sonic is not $15 relevant. Maybe $5…. maybe.

  16. llaffer says:

    meh. Passing on all upcoming Sonic games.

  17. Mr.Nintendofanatico says:

    For me Sonic is nostalgia, I really liked the first games on the Sega but any of the 3d ones never appeal to me, this new sonic colors got my attention but I will rent it first.

  18. Ross says:

    Sonic the hedgehog is one of the greatest characters in video game history, he is up there with mario, yeh i said it. He is my absolute favourite. Whilst i do not personally enjoy the games, as they are somewhat repetitive, i do still think that sonic is relevant in spectres such as re-hashes and mash ups. I think he and his friends provide something in games that others cannot. A mix between the youth gamers and those with nastalgic brains 🙂

    I felt sorry for Sega when they inevitably failed with the dreamcast and took a major dive and i am glad that sonic could continue with Nintendo’s aid. I do feel however that they need to re-invent the games and stop the senseless running….Controversial?? I think so!!

  19. Josh says:

    Sonic is not relevant anymore because the Sonic games have not successfully brought anything new and interesting to gaming since the 90s. Games like Super Mario Galaxy have kept Mario relevant.

  20. gamecollector44 says:

    I voted yes, because (much like other peoples reasons) the blue blur still has gaming potential. But for $15? Up your nose, Super Scribblenauts is out today, my money would rather be going to that. :/

  21. Steven Ziegler says:

    well if he wasn’t relevant, he wouldn’t of snagged a spot on Brawl. I still remember hearing fanboys of the series (Super smash bros) whine and complain about wanting “this” character in that game, and sonic filled the spot. As to if his games are good or bad, its 50/50. Some of his games are epic off the wall good, but way too short doesn’t begin to describe it. And other games makes me wonder what Sega was thinking of when they said yes to the development team… Anyways, i’ll be a sonic fan through and through, lets just hope that they get some game out of there that makes us able to fully agree that sonic is not just relevant to the gaming community, but a staple of it.

  22. Tai says:

    If they made another Sonic Adventure game similar to Sonic Adventure 1, with a free roaming world and awesome levels / music, then he’d be relevant. Unfortunately with the exception of SSBBrawl, he hasn’t been in any good game recently

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