Wait…What’s Left?
Looking Forward to E3

Nintendo Media Summit 006

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of the year.

Quick recap of what we know and possibilities:

  1. MotionPlus Zelda Wii is coming late 2010 or early 2011 (guaranteed to be shown off, most likely with playable demo).
  2. Vitality Sensor will be shown off with accompanying software.
  3. Golden Sun DS was announced last E3 and we haven’t heard ANYTHING about that since (I’m guessing fall release on this one).
  4. New DS successor is in the works and in the hands of developers (my bet’s on an E3 announcement, and a early 2011 release).
  5. Pokemon Gen 5 game is in the works (would make a great launch title for DS2, at least in Japan).
  6. Pikmin 3 is in the works (this one has been around for a long time, I bet they announce it with early 2011 release).
  7. Luigi’s Mansion & Eternal Darkness both have had their licenses renewed (Um…well I guess stranger things have happened).

As Cammy always says, “We love surprises!” (Oh Cammy…) Without a doubt, there will be something that we weren’t expecting. New Star Fox? Donkey Kong?