Wait…What’s Left?
Looking Forward to E3

Nintendo Media Summit 006

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of the year.

Quick recap of what we know and possibilities:

  1. MotionPlus Zelda Wii is coming late 2010 or early 2011 (guaranteed to be shown off, most likely with playable demo).
  2. Vitality Sensor will be shown off with accompanying software.
  3. Golden Sun DS was announced last E3 and we haven’t heard ANYTHING about that since (I’m guessing fall release on this one).
  4. New DS successor is in the works and in the hands of developers (my bet’s on an E3 announcement, and a early 2011 release).
  5. Pokemon Gen 5 game is in the works (would make a great launch title for DS2, at least in Japan).
  6. Pikmin 3 is in the works (this one has been around for a long time, I bet they announce it with early 2011 release).
  7. Luigi’s Mansion & Eternal Darkness both have had their licenses renewed (Um…well I guess stranger things have happened).

As Cammy always says, “We love surprises!” (Oh Cammy…) Without a doubt, there will be something that we weren’t expecting. New Star Fox? Donkey Kong?

7 Responses to Wait…What’s Left?
Looking Forward to E3

  1. Kirafrog says:

    omg they better make another Luigi’s Mansion or i’ll be really mad.

  2. rdaneel72 says:

    While Wii and DS have obviously disrupted the videogame marketplace with much sucess, I find it even more entertaining how Nintendo has disrupted the whole online videogame “culture” that thrives on hype and demands appeasement. It is another reason the online gamersphere is so angered by Nintendo’s success.

    By curtailing the usual hype period by months or even years, Nintendo’s line-up seems constantly fresh and updated. And, there is always room for new surprises that keep Nintendo in the headlines. NSMBWii was revealed 6-months before release. The span between the reveal and release of Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M will be barely a year. While other companies hype titles in development for years before they are released, building up expectations that cannot possibly be met, Nintendo has realized that surprise is a much more effective marketing tool.

    Everything they talked about today will be on store shelves within 6 months, even the big, expected holiday titles like Galaxy 2 and Other M. We can only imagine what other secrets they might be working on. Rather than teasing us with hype for 3 years, Nintendo now announces, reveals and releases products in under a year. Expectations do not have time to become unrealisitic. It is the difference between hype and genuine excitement, and is another example of how Nintendo is changing the course of this entire industry.

    I’ve never been more excited for something I know nothing about!!!

  3. Psychedelic Sex Machine says:

    Xenoblade/Monado and The Last Story. And whatever Retro’s been working on…

  4. Mark says:

    Whatever they announce its going to be M+ related. Nintendo’s been pretty gung-ho with the thing lately (bundling it in with Wii-Motes and various games, as well as calling studios and asking them to use it) and that implies to me that they’ve got a bunch of software ready to push the thing with. Starfox perhaps? F-Zero? Kirby? Zelda for holiday release? Something new altogether? We’ll just have to wait and see I suppose, but I doubt that Zelda and Golden Sun are all we’re getting out of Nintendo for the holidays. The past two E3s have shown that Nintendo likes surprising us with their big holiday launch. E3’s going to be very interesting this year.

  5. Mark says:

    Oh and as far as a DS2 is concerned? I doubt it. The console is still selling fantastically (better than any other console on the market handheld or otherwise). As a business it would be foolish for Nintendo to abandon the thing especially after releasing the DSi XL. The DS still has a lot of life in it, and I doubt Nintendo will be so quick to let it die.

  6. cowmanodoom says:

    Zelda Wii!!!!!!!!!

    And a new Luigi’s Mansion would be cool too!

  7. cpl1701 says:

    I don’t think they will announce a new handheld since they just officially announced the XL.

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